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245 04 The discipline of the eye, :|bas, advancing the eye; 
       grounding the eye; resting the eye; priming the eye; 
       cocking the eye; and giving fire with the eye. Also the 
       uses and abuses of the melting, or languid eye; the 
       brilliant, or sparkling eye; the wanton, or loose eye; the
       leer, or artificial squint; the ogling eye; the disdainful
       eye; the devout eye; the rowling eye; the pinking-winking 
       eye; and the majestick eye, inscrib'd to the ladies. 
260    London :|bPrinted, and sold by J. Baker, at the Black-Boy 
       in Pater-Noster-Row,|c1712. 
300    [1]+ p. 
500    Fragment: title page only. 
500    Reproduction of original in the British Library. 
650  0 Conduct of life|vEarly works to 1800. 
650  0 Self-control|vEarly works to 1800. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
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