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Sumptuary Laws France Early Works To 1800 : Letters pattents of declaration of the King of France, for the reformation of excesse in Apparell, and for regulating of the same : Published in the Parliament at Roüen the 30. day of May.; France.  1634 1
Sumptuary Laws History : Dress codes : how the laws of fashion made history / Richard Thompson Ford.; Ford, Richard T.  2021 1
Sumptuary Laws Scotland Early Works To 1800   5
Sun   18
Sun Chuanfang 1885 1935 Assassination : Public passions : the trial of Shi Jianqiao and the rise of popular sympathy in Republican China / Eugenia Lean.; Lean, Eugenia,  2007 1
Sun Early Works To 1800 : Horologia scioterica prælibata ad delineandum sciotericon declinationis solaris : quantum indies est perceptibilis / per N. Hanbury ...; Hanbury, N.  1683 1
Sun In Art Early Works To 1800 : [Illustration of the sun].  16--? 1
Sun Juvenile Literature : The sun / Denny Robson.; Robson, Denny.  1991 1
Sun Measurement : A most plaine and easie way for the finding of the sunnes amplitude and azimuth, and thereby the variation of the compasse, by logarithme / written by W.B. ; also another plaine way for the azimuth, by the table of sines in fiue seuerall cases, by I.T.; Batten, William,  1630 1
Sun Newspaper : Stick it up your punter! : the rise and fall of the sun / Peter Chippindale and Chris Horrie.; Chippindale, Peter.  1992 1
Sun Observations Early Works To 1800 : A plain declaration of the vulgar new heavens flatform : serving not onely fore this age, but also fore the future age of 100 years.; Halley, Edmond,  1679 1
Sun Ra   2
Sun Rising And Setting Early Works To 1800 : The royall health to the rising sun. : To the tune of, O my pretty little winking, &c.  1649 1
Sun Rising And Setting Tables Early Works To 1800 : To know the hour and minute of the sun-rising and setting at any time of the year, in any place of the havitable world. By Henry Philips; Phillippes, Henry,  1660? 1
Sun Tables : A table of the suns true place, right-ascension, and declination, for the present and next ensuing times : made according to many exact observations of the sunne, taken in severall years last past in the Somer Islands, in the latitude of 32 deg. 20 min., finding the suns greatest declination not to exceed 23 de. 30 m. / by Richard Norwood ...; Norwood, Richard,  1656 1
  Sun Tzu 6th Cent B C -- See Sunzi, active 6th century B.C.
Sunart Loch Scotland Maps : Loch Sunart [cartographic material].; Great Britain.  1978 1
Sunbeam Whaling Bark : Sperm whaling from New Bedford : Clifford W. Ashley's photographs of bark Sunbeam in 1904 [in New Bedford Whaling Museum].; Hall, Elton W.  1982 1
Sunbeam Yacht   3
Sund Finland Antiquities : Fornminnesinventering Sund / Planeringsrådet, Museibyrån.  1979 1
Sund Finland Social Life And Customs : I Sund : Axel Danielssons skildringar av livet i hemsocknen / sammanställda och med en inledning av David Papp.; Danielsson, Axel.  1987 1
Sund Norway Gazetteers : Sund prestegjeld.; Fett, Per.  1967 1
Sunda Expedition 1909 : Die Sunda-Expedition des Vereins für Geographie und Statistik zu Frankfurt am Main : Festschrift zur Feier des 75 jahrigen Bestehens des Vereins.; Verein für Geographie und Statistik. Frankfurt am Main.  1912 1
Sunda Strait Battle Of Indonesia 1942 : The rising sun in the Pacific : 1931-April 1942 / by Samuel Eliot Morison.; Morison, Samuel Eliot,  1988 1
Sundanese Indonesian People Social Life And Customs : Sundanese culture alive [videorecording].; Hellwig, Jean.  1988 1
Sundanese Language And Literature   15
Sunday   18
Sunday Biblical Teaching   6
Sunday Biblical Teaching Early Works To 1800   5
Sunday Billy 1862 1935   2
Sunday Early Works To 1800   93
Sunday England 17th Century Early Works To 1800 : By the Mayor. Whereas the Lords Day, (commonly called Sunday) is of late much broken and prophaned by diverse disorderly people, in carrying and putting to sale diverse victuals and other things: ...; City of London (England).  1643 1
Sunday England Early Works To 1800   4
Sunday Great Britain 17th Century : The right and due observation of the Lord's day, by all true Christians to be made use of, and practiced by them and their families. : 1. Wherein is set forth how we ought to observe this day chiefly above all others. 2. Divers excitations and admonitions for the observation thereof. 3. The sweet communion that the soul enjoys with God in his ordinances on the day more particulary. 4. With twenty two several judgements [sic] of God against some late prophainers of this holy day. Being useful for all masters and servants, parents and children. Unto which is added three calamities that we have suffered of late by fire, which have hapned [sic] upon the Lords day. With a caution thereby to pray to God that he would forgive you of your sins. / By Laurence Hall Reader of Divinity.  1675 1
Sunday Great Britain Poetry : Sunday / George Herbert.; Herbert, George,  1856 1
Sunday Legislation England   8
Sunday Legislation England 17th Century Early Works To 1800 : A declaration of the Commons in Parliament : made September the 9th 1641.; England and Wales.  1641 1
Sunday Legislation England 17th Century Sources : Ad general' quarterial' session pacis domini Regis & dominæ Reginæ tent' apud Skipton per adjour' & prale West-Rid. com. præd. decimo quarto die Augusti anno regni Domini & Dominæ Willielmi & Mariæ dei gra' Angl' Scot' Franc' & Hiber' Regis & Reginæ fidei defensor' &c. : Sexto ac per adjour' apud Leeds decimo sexto die Augusti præd' ac per adjour' apud Rotheram vicesimo primo die Augusti praed. Coram Honorabili Henrico Fairfax armiger', Johanne Kay, Lyon Pilkinton ... armiger; & aliis soriis suid justic' decor' Domini Regis & Dominæ Reginæ ad p[] in & pro le West-Ryd. Com' praed. conseruand' assignat, &c.; England and Wales.  1694 1
Sunday Legislation England And Wales 17th Century : An ordinance and declaration of both Houses of Parliament sent to the Lord Maior [sic] of London, for the religious observation of the Lords Day, commonly called Sunday. : And a command from the Maior, directed to all church-wardens and constables, in every ward in the City of London, for the due execution thereof. Also concerning the election of certaine new captaines chosen for the security of the city, in these dangerous times, with the names of the said captaines, chosen for the new militia. Also a relation of a late tumult, happening in Chancery Lane, by certaine gentlemen of Lincolns-Inne, to the great disturbance and amazement of all the inhabitants. / H. Elsing. Cler. Parl. D.C.; England and Wales.  1642 1
Sunday Legislation England Early Works To 1800   19
Sunday Legislation England London   4
Sunday Legislation England London Early Works To 1800   2
Sunday Legislation England Westminster Early Works To 1800 : Several orders made and agreed upon by the Iustices for the Peace of the city and liberty of Westminster, : vpon Monday the 10. day of March, 1655. Concerning the future licensing of all inn-keepers, victualers, & alehouse-keepers, within the said city and liberty. Putting in execution the laws and ordinances and statutes concerning the punishment and conveyance of rogues, sturdy beggers, and vagrants, to the place of their birth : with a declaration of such persons as are accounted rogues by the several statutes; and the penalties of several persons, both officers and private persons neglecting their duty concerning them. Setting forth what will be for the time to come expected from the church-wardens, overseers of the poor, constables and others, inhabitants within the said city and liberty.; Westminster (London, England).  1655 1
Sunday Legislation European Union Countries : The politics of judicial co-operation in the EU : Sunday trading, equal treatment, and good faith / Hans-W. Micklitz.; Micklitz, Hans-W.  2005 1
Sunday Legislation Great Britain   3
Sunday Legislation Great Britain 17th Century Early Works To 1800 : Die dominico 8 Aug. 1641. Resolved upon the question by both Houses of Parliament, : nemine contradicente, that this ensuing declaration shall be printed.; England and Wales.  1641 1
Sunday Legislation Great Britain Early Works To 1800   12
Sunday Legislation Ireland Early Works To 1800 : Public General Acts. 1695. 7 Wil.III.c.17.; Ireland.  1695 1
Sunday Legislation Massachusetts Early Works To 1800   2
Sunday Legislation Scotland Edinburgh Early Works To 1800 : Act against profaness. : Edinburgh, the 9. of August 1693.; Edinburgh (Scotland).  1693 1
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