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245 04 The development of institutions of human rights
       |h[electronic resource] :|ba comparative study /|cedited 
       by Lilian A. Barria and Steven D. Roper. 
250    1st ed. 
260    New York :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c2010. 
300    xvii, 224 p. :|bmaps ;|c25 cm. 
490 1  Perspectives on comparative politics 
505 0  Mechanisms of transitional justice / Lilian A. Barria and 
       Steven D. Roper -- Argentina. Argentina's proceso : 
       societal "reform" through premeditated terror / Timothy 
       Wilson ; Successes and limitations of the CONADEP 
       experience in the determination of responsibilities for 
       human rights violations in Argentina / Emilio Crenzel ; 
       Recalling the legacy of the 1985 trial of the military in 
       Argentina / Mario Di Paolantonio -- Bosnia-Herzegovina. 
       Violence born of history/history born of violence : a 
       brief context for understanding the Bosnian war / 
       Christina M. Morus ; Transitional justice in Bosnia : the 
       international criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia 
       / Janine Natalya Clark ; Home court advantage? Domestic 
       trials and transitional justice in Bosnia-Herzegovina / 
       Ryan M. Lowy and Patrice C. McMahon -- Sierra Leone. 
       Genesis of the Sierra Leone conflict and its human rights 
       violations / Abu Karimu Mboka ; Addressing impunity in 
       Sierra Leone : the Truth and Reconciliation Commission / 
       Zoe Dugal ; Mixed justice, mixed legacy : the special 
       court for Sierra Leone / Ellen Emilie Stensrud -- East 
       Timor. East Timor and the struggle for independence / 
       Clinton Fernandes ; Promoting human rights through hybrid 
       courts : the serious crimes process in East Timor / James 
       DeShaw Rae ; Unfinished business : the Commission for 
       Reception, Truth, and Reconciliation in East Timor / Wendy
       Lambourne -- The quest for justice : lessons learned / 
       Steven D. Roper and Lilian A. Barria. 
520    "During the transition to democracy, states have used 
       various mechanisms to address previous human rights abuses
       including domestic trials, truth and reconciliation 
       commissions and internationalized tribunals. This volume 
       analyzes the transitional justice choices made by four 
       countries: Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), Sierra 
       Leone and East Timor. For each country, there is a chapter
       which provides a historical overview concerning the causes
       of the conflict and two subsequent chapters which 
       highlight a different method of transitional justice 
       implemented. The volume highlights the opportunities and 
       the constraints faced by states and the international 
       community to provide accountability for human rights 
       violations"--Provided by publisher. 
650  0 Transitional justice|vCross-cultural studies. 
650  0 Human rights|vCross-cultural studies. 
650  0 Conflict management|vCross-cultural studies. 
700 1  Barria, Lilian A. 
700 1  Roper, Steven D. 
830  0 Perspectives in comparative politics. 
856 40 |uhttps://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-0-
       230-10948-3|zFull text available from Palgrave Political &
       International Studies Collection