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245 00 Obama and the biracial factor :|bthe battle for a new 
       American majority. 
260    Bristol :|bPolicy Press,|c2012. 
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505 0  Part I; 1. Obama and the biracial factor: an introduction;
       Roots of racialization, structuralism, and power in the 
       United States; The Iowa primary: toward a new American 
       majority; Bill Clinton, South Carolina, and neoliberal 
       narratives of race; Yes we can: toward a "more perfect" 
       union--New Hampshire and Reverend Wright; What's in a 
       name? Barack Hussein Obama and anti-Muslim discourse; You 
       lie: on "post-race" and mixed race representations; The 
       biracial factor in America. 
505 8  Beyond black and white identity politicsThe battle for a 
       new American majority; 2. Race, multiraciality, and the 
       election of Barack Obama: toward a more perfect union?1; 
       The rule of hypodescent: some theoretical considerations; 
       Black and more than black: toward a more perfect union; 
       Race and whiteness: the politics of inclusion; Black, 
       white, and multiracial: a more perfect union; 3. "A 
       patchwork heritage": multiracial citation in Barack 
       Obama's Dreams from My Father; Self-representation; The 
       limits of self-representation; Citing stereotypes; 
505 8  4. Racial revisionism, caste revisited: whiteness, 
       blackness, and Barack ObamaPart II; 5. Obama Mamas and 
       mixed race: hoping for "a more perfect union"; 
       Introduction; Methodology; Findings; Obama as a visible 
       representation of African Americans, people of color, and 
       people of mixed race; Mending social, political, religious,
       and economic divisions in the U.S.; Easing international 
       political tensions; Mixed race as a metaphor for healing; 
       Conclusions; 6. Is "no one as Irish as Barack O'Bama?"; 
       Commentary on Obama's racial and ethnic identity; Obama's 
       own racial and ethnic claims. 
505 8  Irish America and the importance of O'BamaObama's 
       reception in Ireland; Conclusions; Appendix: Lyrics to 
       'There's No One as Irish as Barack O'Bama' by The Corrigan
       Brothers (with Shay Black); 7. Mixed race kin-aesthetics 
       in the age of Obama; Developing a kin-aesthetic; 8. Mutt 
       like me: Barack Obama and the mixed race experience in 
       historical perspective; Mutt, mongrel, mulatto: the 
       significance of race and etymology; Black and mixed race: 
       Obama's public and private identities; Mixed race identity
       and the mixed race experience. 
505 8  The contemporary mulatto: multiraciality and the 
       multiracial movementAuthenticity and identity: African 
       America and the fact of blackness; Conclusion: Obama's 
       multiraciality and hybrid blackness; Part III; 9. A 
       different kind of blackness: the question of Obama's 
       blackness and intraracial variation among African 
       Americans; Introduction; Intraracial variation among 
       African Americans; The salience of racial variation in 
       African American lives; Implications; Conclusion; 10. 
       Avoiding race or following the racial scripts? Obama and 
       race in the recessionary period of the colorblind era. 
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651  0 United States|xRace relations|xPolitical aspects. 
700 1  Joliv├ętte, Andrew,|d1975- 
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