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245 04 The papers of Samuel Martin, 1694/5-1776, relating to 
       Antigua|h[microform] :|bfrom the collections of the 
       British Library. 
246 33 Papers of Samuel Martin relating to Antigua 
260    East Ardsley, Wakefield :|bMicroform Academic Publishers,
300    3 microfilm reels. 
440  0 British records relating to America in microform 
500    Online guide by Natalie Zacek. 
520    These papers detail the commercial, political, and 
       personal lives of the Martin family of Antigua and 
       Berkshire from the mid-eighteenth through the late 
       nineteenth centuries. The volumes included in this 
       microform edition are the letter-books of Samuel Martin 
       (1694/5-1776), planter of Antigua, and related documents 
       (British Library Add. Mss. 41346-51 & 41353). As one of 
       the largest and widest-ranging surviving collections of 
       West Indian planter family papers, the letter-books of 
       Samuel Martin constitute an important source for the study
       of eighteenth-century West Indian planters, and of the 
       island societies which they shaped and were shaped by at 
       the height of the era of sugar and slavery. As such, they 
       offer an unparalleled picture of social and economic life 
       in one of Britain's most important plantation colonies at 
       the time of its greatest prosperity, and offer the 
       historian an outstanding opportunity to understand both 
       the day-to-day management of a successful sugar plantation
       and the patterns of life in a mature plantation society.  
600 10 Martin, Samuel,|d1694 or 5-1776. 
650  0 Sugar plantations|z|xHistory|y18th century|vSources. 
651  0 Antigua|xHistory|y18th century|vSources. 
700 1  Martin, Samuel,|d1694 or 5-1776. 
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