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100 1  D'Atri, Alessandro. 
245 10 Interdisciplinary Aspects of Information Systems Studies
       |h[electronic resource] :|bThe Italian Association for 
       Information Systems /|cby Alessandro D'Atri, Marco Marco, 
       Nunzio Casalino. 
260    Heidelberg :|bPhysica-Verlag HD,|c2008. 
300    |bonline resource. 
347    text file|bPDF|2rda 
505 0  Introduction -- Is Theory and Research Methodologies -- Is
       Development and Design Methodologies -- Organizational 
       Change and Impact of It -- Is in Engineering and in 
       Computer Science -- Governance, Metrics and Economics of 
       It Track: Education and Training in Information Systems 
       (IS) -- Information and Knowledge Management -- E-Services
       in Public and Private Sectors. 
520    Chapters of this book offer a careful selection of the 
       best contributions to the Italian Association for 
       Information Systems (ItAIS) Annual Conference, that took 
       place in Venice, San Servolo Island, in October 2007. The 
       main goal of this book is to disseminate academic 
       knowledge, both theoretical and pragmatic, in the 
       information systems community. Recognizing the relevance 
       of many different disciplines, the book takes an 
       interdisciplinary approach to the subject of information 
       systems, thus providing a comprehensive and current 
       coverage of this important area. ItAIS (http://
       www.itais.org) is the Italian chapter of the Association 
       for Information Systems (http://www.aisnet.org). It was 
       established in 2003 and has since been promoting the 
       exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge among both 
       academics and professionals committed to the development, 
       management, organization and use of information systems. 
650  0 Economics. 
650  0 Management information systems. 
700 1  Marco, Marco. 
700 1  Casalino, Nunzio. 
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