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Mark   Media Year
The textbook of non-medical prescribing    
      BJL; RM 138 T3   BOOK 2011
      Online materials  EBOOKS 2011
      Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
      Online materials; RM138   EBOOKS 2020
A textbook of nuclear physics. : Smith, Colin Michael Holt.     
      BJL; QC 776 S6   BOOK 1965
Textbook of obesity : biological, psychological and cultural influences      
      Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
Textbook of obstetrics & gynaecology    
      BJL; q RG 101 D5   BOOK 2007
      BJL; q RG 101 D5   BOOK 2018
Textbook of obstetrics and gynaecology for postgraduates.    
      BJL; q RG 101 D5   BOOK 2007
      BJL; q RG 101 D5   BOOK 2018
Textbook of oncology      
      BJL; q RC 254 O9   BOOK 1995
Textbook of organic chemistry. : Ferguson, Lloyd Noel.     
      BJL; QD 251 F3   BOOK 1965
Textbook of organic, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry.      
      Departmental Locations; RS 403 T3   BOOK 1977
Textbook of orthopaedics and fractures : Hughes, Sean P.F.     
      BJL; RD 731 H8   BOOK 1997
Textbook of orthopaedics, trauma, and rheumatology      
      BJL; RD 731 T3   BOOK 2008
Textbook of osteoporosis. : Kanis, John A.     
      Departmental Locations; RC 931 O73 K1   BOOK 1996
Textbook of paediatric emergency medicine      
      BJL; RJ 370 T3   BOOK 2006
Textbook of paediatrics      
      BJL; q RJ 45 F7   BOOK 2003
Textbook of pain    
      BJL; RB 127 H2   BOOK 2003
      BJL; RB 127 T3   BOOK 1999
      Online materials  EBOOKS 2013
Textbook of palliative medicine    
      BJL; q R 726.8 O9   BOOK 2010
      Online materials  EBOOKS 2011
      BJL; q R 726.8 O9   BOOK 2015
Textbook of pathology      
      BJL; RB 111 M9   BOOK 2008
Textbook of pediatric rheumatology      
      BJL; q RJ 482 R48 T3   BOOK c2005
Textbook of pediatrics    
      BJL; q RJ 45 F7   BOOK 2003
      BJL; q RJ 45 F7   BOOK 2008
      BJL; q RJ 48 B4   BOOK c2004
      BJL; q RJ 48 B4   BOOK 2011
      BJL; q RJ45 .N4 2020   BOOK 2020
A textbook of perioperative care : Woodhead, Kate.     
      BJL; RD 32.3 W8   BOOK 2005
Textbook of petrology ; v.1 : Hatch, Frederick Henry.     
      BJL; QE 461 H3   BOOK 1972
Textbook of pharmacology.    
      BJL; QP 905 B7   BOOK 1968
      BJL; QP 905 B7   BOOK 1980
Textbook of philosophy and psychiatry : Fulford, K. W. M.     
      BJL; RC 437.5 F9   BOOK 2006
Textbook of physical chemistry.    
      Departmental Locations; QD 453 G5   BOOK 1962
      BJL; QD 453.2 A2   BOOK 1979
      BJL; QD 453.2 A2   BOOK 1973
Textbook of physical diagnosis : history and examination. : Swartz, Mark H.     
      BJL; q RC 76 S9   BOOK c2002
A textbook of physics. : Brown, Reginald Carr.     
      BJL; QC 21 B8   BOOK 1961
A textbook of physiological psychology. : Grossman, Sebastian Peter.     
       BJL, Departmental Locations ; BF 181 G8   BOOK 1967
Textbook of physiology and biochemistry.      
      BJL; QP 34.5 T3   BOOK 1976
A textbook of plant biology : Jones, William Neilson.     
      BJL; QK 711 J7   BOOK 1920
A textbook of plant physiology : Maximov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich.     
      BJL; QK 711 M4   BOOK 1930
A textbook of plant virus diseases.    
      BJL; QK 604 S6   BOOK 1957
      BJL; QK 604 S6   BOOK 1937
Textbook of pollen analysis    
      BJL; QK 980 F1   BOOK 1964
      BJL; QK 980 F1   BOOK 1989
Textbook of polymer chemistry. : Billmeyer, Fred Wallace.     
      Departmental Locations; QD 381 B5   BOOK 1957
Textbook of polymer science. : Billmeyer, Fred Wallace.     
      BJL; QD 381 B5   BOOK 1984
Textbook of practical botany. : McLean, Robert Colquhoun.     
      BJL; QK 53 M1   BOOK 1952
A textbook of practical organic chemistry. : Vogel, Arthur Israel.     
      Departmental Locations; QD 257.5 V8   BOOK 1989
Textbook of practical pharmacognosy : Hebert, Brian E.     
      BJL; RS 160 H4   BOOK 1948
A textbook of psychiatric and mental health nursing      
      BJL; RC 440 T3   BOOK 1992
Textbook of psychiatry    
      BJL; RC 454 T3   BOOK 1997
      BJL; RC 454 P9   BOOK 2002
      BJL; RC 454 P9   BOOK 2011
      Online materials  EBOOKS 2011
A textbook of psychiatry for students and practitioners    
      BJL; RC 454 H4   BOOK 1956
      BJL; RC 454 H4   BOOK 1962
A textbook of psychological medicine : an Irish perspective      
      BJL; q RC 454 T3   BOOK c2002
Textbook of psychology.    
      BJL; BF 110 H4   BOOK 1972
      BJL; BF 110 H4   BOOK 1966
      BJL; BF 110 T6   BOOK 1924
      BJL; BF 110 T3   BOOK 1991
      BJL; BF 110 H4   BOOK 1966
A textbook of psychosexual disorders.    
      BJL; BF 692 A4   BOOK 1962
      BJL; BF 692 A4   BOOK 1969
Textbook of public mental health      
      BJL; q RA790 .O94 2018   BOOK 2018
Textbook of quantitative chemical analysis : Vogel, Arthur Israel.     
       BJL, Departmental Locations ; QD 101 V8   BOOK 1989
Textbook of radiation oncology    
      BJL; q RC 271 R3 T3   BOOK c2010
      BJL; q RC 271 R3 T3   BOOK c2004
Textbook of respiratory medicine      
      BJL; q RC 731 M9   BOOK c2005
A textbook of robotics. : Shoham, Moshe.     
      BJL; TS 191.8 S5   BOOK 1986
A textbook of Roman law from Augustus to Justinian. : Buckland, W. W.     
      BJL; KA 140 B9   BOOK 1963
A textbook of social work : Sheldon, Brian.     
      BJL; HV 245 S5   BOOK 2009
A textbook of soil chemical analysis. : Hesse, P.R.     
      BJL; S 593 H5   BOOK 1971
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