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1   Dissenters Religious -- See Also Free churches
2 Dissenters Religious   15
3 Dissenters Religious Anecdotes : The Parable of the dove : being a review of the late controversie between the blackbirds and the magpies, tending to an amicable accommodation of all the differences which at present disturb the feather'd nations.  1691 1
4 Dissenters Religious Apologetic Works   3
5 Dissenters Religious Barbados : Truths in a true light, or, A pastoral letter to the reformed Protestants in Barbados : vindicating the Non-Conformists from the misrepresentations commonly made of them, in that island and other places : and demonstrating that they are indeed the truest and soundest part of the Church of England / from Francis Mackemie.; Mackemie, Francis.  1699 1
6 Dissenters Religious Bibliography Catalogues : Early nonconformity, 1566-1800 : a catalogue of books in Dr. Williams's Library, London.; Dr. Williams's Library.  1968 1
7 Dissenters Religious Controversial Literature   20
8 Dissenters Religious Controversial Literature Anglican Authors Early Works   2
9 Dissenters Religious Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800   7
10 Dissenters Religious Controversial Literature England Early Works To 18   4
11 Dissenters Religious Controversial Literature Poetry Early Works To 180   2
12 Dissenters Religious Doctrinal Works : News of a new world, or, The Mystical prison-door opened : whereby the outwardly bound are inwardly free, while the seemingly free are still really bound : declared in an epistle of love to the free-born of all sorts, not only in England, but in all nations / written by one better known of God than men, because an unworthy member of the invisible church.  1663 1
13 Dissenters Religious Early Works To 1800   47
14 Dissenters Religious England   530
15 Dissenters Religious England 17th Century : The Christian ministry of the Church of England vindicated and distinguished from the antichristian ministry of the Quakers : containing a brief reply to a false and foolish libel stiled A letter to the clergy of the diocess of Norfolk and Suffolk, &c., by a nameless author ... wherein his folly is detected, his lies confuted ... / by a member of the Church of England, Francis Bugg.; Bugg, Francis,  1699 1
16 Dissenters Religious England 17th Century Early Works To 1800   2
17 Dissenters Religious England 17th Century Humour : The true spirit and elixir of cant.  1684 1
18 Dissenters Religious England Anecdotes   3
19 Dissenters Religious England Apologetic Works   4
20 Dissenters Religious England Apologetic Works Early Works To 1800   2
21 Dissenters Religious England Bedford   2
22 Dissenters Religious England Bristol Early Works To 1800   2
23 Dissenters Religious England Caricatures And Cartoons : The committee, or, popery in masquerade; L'Estrange, Roger,  1680 1
24 Dissenters Religious England Controversial Literature   16
25 Dissenters Religious England Controversial Literature Anglican Authors Earl : Dr. Wells's treatises; Wells, Edward,  1710 1
26 Dissenters Religious England Controversial Literature Early Works To 18   11
27 Dissenters Religious England Early Works To 1800   334
28 Dissenters Religious England History : A Brief history of Presbytery and Independency from their first original to this time : shewing I. wherein and the reasons why they separate from the Church of England, II. wherein they differ from each other : with some remarks on the late heads of agreement assented to by the united ministers of both perswasions ...  1691 1
29 Dissenters Religious England History 16th Century : Charitable hatred : tolerance and intolerance in England, 1500-1700 / Alexandra Walsham.; Walsham, Alexandra,  2006 1
30 Dissenters Religious England History 17th Century   3
31 Dissenters Religious England History 18th Century   6
32 Dissenters Religious England History 19th Century : Established church, sectarian people : itinerancy and the transformation of English Dissent, 1780-1830.; Lovegrove, Deryck, W.  1988 1
33 Dissenters Religious England Humour Early Works To 1800   2
34 Dissenters Religious England Kent : A letter of religion to the Protestant-dissenters from the Church of England, of what denomination soever in the county of Kent : wherein is reported the ground of their dissent, their worship, way of instruction, and behaviour towards laws and government : to which is added a perswasive to conformity, at least an acquiescence in the religion established / by a curate of the same county.; Curate of the same county.  1675 1
35 Dissenters Religious England Law And Legislation Early Works To 1800 : Something offered to the consideration of all those who have had a hand in putting the late made Act, (entituled, An Act to prevent and suppress seditious conventicles) in execution : For the sake of such who have any tenderness towards the innocent; and also for the information of all others, who have had, shall or may have, a hand in putting in execution the said Act, I shall offer something to shew, whom and what exercises of religion are concerned in and by the said Act, and what not, according to the most true natural genuine litteral sense and meaning thereof, and no other wise.; Gibson, Thomas,  1665 1
36 Dissenters Religious England Legal Status Laws Etc : At the court at Whitehall, February the third, 1674/5 : present the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, His Highness Prince Rupert, [and 28 others]; England and Wales.  1674 1
37 Dissenters Religious England Legal Status Laws Etc Early Works To 1800   2
38 Dissenters Religious England London : Cur' special' tent' die Lunæ xxix̊ Januarij 1682 : annoque regni Regis Caroli Secundi, Angl', &c. xxxiiij̊.; City of London (England).  1683 1
39 Dissenters Religious England Oxfordshire History 17th Century Sources : Bishop Fell and nonconformity : visitation documents from the Oxford Diocese, 1682-83 / edited by M. Clapinson.  1980 1
40 Dissenters Religious England Poetry   3
41 Dissenters Religious England Poetry Early Works To 1800   5
42 Dissenters Religious England Sermons   9
43 Dissenters Religious England Sermons Early Works To 1800   5
44 Dissenters Religious England Surrey Early Works To 1800 : To the high and Honourable Court of Parliament. : The nobility, knights, gentry, ministers, freeholders, and inhabitants, of the county of Surrey, whose names are subscribed in the severall schedules hereunto annexed.  1642 1
45 Dissenters Religious England West Midlands History : Protestant nonconformists and the West Midlands of England : papers presented at the First Conference of the Association of Denominational Historical Societies and Cognate Libraries / edited by Alan P.F. Sell.; Association of Denominational Historical Societies and Cognate Libraries.  1996 1
46 Dissenters Religious England West Riding Of Yorkshire History 17th Ce : Josiah Collier of Yeadon (1595-1677) : West Riding Grindletonian and disciple of Roger Brerely / by Oliver Pickering.; Pickering, O. S.  2017 1
47 Dissenters Religious England Wiltshire History : Wiltshire dissenters' meeting house certificates and registrations 1689-1852 / edited by J.J. Chandler.  1985 1
48 Dissenters Religious Europe : Christendom and its discontents : exclusion, persecution, and rebellion, 1000-1500 / edited by Scott L. Waugh and Peter D. Diehl.  1996 1
49 Dissenters Religious Europe History   3
50 Dissenters Religious France   6
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