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1 Plague   10
2 Plague 17th Century : The surgeons mate, or, Military & domestique surgery. : Discouering faithfully & plainly ye method and order of ye surgeons chest, ye vses of the instruments, the vertues and operations of ye medicines w[ith] ye exact cures of wounds made by gun-shott, and otherwise as namely: wounds, apostumes, ulcers, fistula's fractures, dislocations, w[ith] ye most ealie & safest wayes of amputation or dismembring, the cures of the scuruey, of ye fluxes of ye belly, of ye collicke and iliaca passio, of tenasmus and exitus ani, and of the calenture, with a treatise of ye cure of ye plague. / by John Woodall.; Woodall, John,  1639 1
3 Plague Biblical Teaching England Early Works To 1800 : Some wholesome covnsells and directions : drawn up, and given out by occasion of the present plague, specially for the benefit of such poore families and persons, as either now are or have been visited therewith, and are recovered.  1665 1
4 Plague Byzantine Empire History To 1500 : Plague and the end of antiquity : the pandemic of 541-750 / edited by Lester K. Little.  2007 1
5 Plague Diagnosis Early Works To 1800 : A brief treatise of the nature, causes, signes, preservation from, and cure of the pestilence / collected by W. Kemp ...; Kemp, W.  1665 1
6 Plague Early Works To 1800   66
7 Plague England   24
8 Plague England 17th Century   2
9 Plague England Cambridge   2
10 Plague England Cambridge History : The Great Plague : a people's history / Evelyn Lord.; Lord, Evelyn,  2014 1
11 Plague England Chester Early Works To 1800 : Laws, etc.; England and Wales.  1647 1
12 Plague England Early Works To 1800   81
13 Plague England Exeter Early Works To 1800 : The graces folowyng be grau[n]ted to al the bretherne [and] systers benefactours and good doers vnto the hospytall of ye blessyd co[n]fessour Saynt Rocke fou[n]ded [and] establyssyd w[ith]in the cyte Excester : the daye that they do say a pater noster an Aue, [and] a crede it is grau[n]ted them that they shal neuer be infecte not greued w[ith] the stroke of ye pestylence as more playnly it dothe appere in hys legende how and whan al myghty god graunted thys petycyon to the sayd blessyd co[n]fessour Saynt Rocke, [and] sent yt by hys angell Raphaell  1522 1
14 Plague England History 17th Century : The preachers precept of consideration, or, Englands chief lesson and duty in this sad time of visitation : wherein is contained, 1. A catalogue and collection of all the particular capital sins mentioned in Scriptures ... 2. The author's opinion and judgment, for which and why it is, that this unparallel'd visitation is now laid upon us / delivered in the parish church of St. Katherine Coleman, London, upon the monthly fast-days set apart for humiliation, by His Majesties special command.; Dobson, Jeremiah.  1665 1
15 Plague England History 17th Century Religious Aspects : A spiritual antidote against sinful contagion in dying times : a cordial for believers in dying times with a corrosive for wicked men in dying times / at first written as a letter to private friends in daily expectation of death by the plague, and afterwards printed for more public good.; Doolittle, Thomas,  1665 1
16 Plague England Law And Legislation : A short forme of thankesgiving to God, for staying the contagious sickenes of the plague: : to be used in common prayer, on Sundayes, Wednesdayes and Fridayes / Set forth by authoritie.  1604 1
17 Plague England Law And Legislation Early Works To 1800   7
18 Plague England London   30
19 Plague England London 1665 Early Works To 1800 : Seasonable thoughts of divine providence : affording comfort to those who are in danger. Instruction to all that are delivered from the late sad visitation. Wherein we are inform'd whether our preservation be a fruit of God's special love, or of his common providence.; Chishull, John.  1666 1
20 Plague England London Early Works To 1800   81
21 Plague England London History 17th Century : Lamentatio civitatis, or, Londons complaint against her children in the countrey : shewing her weaknesse, poverty, and desolatenesse ... : as also a brief account how many died in the years 1529 [i.e. 1592], 1603, 1625, 1630, 1636,1637, 1638, 1646,1647 1648, with this present year 1665 : likewise several preservatives against the infection.  1665 1
22 Plague England London Mortality Early Works To 1800 : Londons Lord have mercy upon us. : A true relation of seven mod[ern] plagues or visitations in London, wi[th t]he number of those that were buried of all diseases; viz. the first in the year of Queen Elizabeth, anno 1592. The second in the year 1603. The third in (that never to be forgotten year) 1625. The fourth in anno 1630. The fifth in the year 1636. The sixth in the year 1637 and 1638. The seventh this present year, 1665.  1665 1
23 Plague England London Mortality Statistics : London's dreadful visitation, or, A collection of all the bills of mortality for this present year : beginning the 20th of December, 1664, and ending the 19th of December following : as also the general or whole years bill : according to the report made to the King's Most Excellent Majesty / by the Company of Parish-Clerks of London.; Graunt, John,  1665 1
24 Plague England London Poetry   3
25 Plague England London Poetry Early Works To 1800   6
26 Plague England London Prevention   10
27 Plague England London Prevention Early Works To 1800 : Golgotha; or, A looking-glass for London, and the suburbs thereof : Shewing the causes, nature and efficacy of the present plagues; and the most hopeful way for healing. With an humble witness against the cruel advice and practice of shutting-up unto oppression. Both now and formerly experienced to encrease, rather than prevent the spreading thereof. / By J.V. grieved by the poor, who perish daily hereby.; J. V.  1665 1
28 Plague England London Sermons : A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at St. Margarets Westminster, Nov. 7 : being the fast-day appointed for the plague of pestilence / by Richard Perrinchief.; Perrinchief, Richard,  1666 1
29 Plague England London Sermons Early Works To 1800   4
30 Plague England London Statistics   2
31 Plague England Mortality : A True bill of the whole number that hath died in the cittie of London, the citty of Westminster, the citty of Norwich, and diuers other places, since the time this last sicknes of the plague began in either of them, to this present month of October the sixt day, 1603 : with a relation of many visitations by the plague, in sundry other forraine countries.  1603 1
32 Plague England Newcastle Upon Tyne Early Works To 1800 : Newcastles call, to her neighbour and sister townes and cities throughout the land, to take warning by her sins and sorrowes : Lest this overflowing scourge of pestilence reach even unto them also. As also a direction, how to discover such sins as are the procurers of Gods judgments by divers methods. By R. Jenison, Dr. of D. Whereunto is added, the number of them that dyed weekely in Newcastle and Garth-side, from May 6. to December 31. 1636.; Jenison, Robert,  1637 1
33 Plague England Northumberland Poetry Early Works To 1800   2
34 Plague England Oxford : An order of the Lords, for the better direction of the overseers appoynted in the severall parishes of the city of Oxford, against the spreading of the infection of the plague.; England and Wales.  1644 1
35 Plague England Oxford Early Works To 1800 : An order of the Lords for the better direction of the overseers appoynted in the severall parishes of the city of Oxford against the spreading of the infection of the plague.  1645 1
36 Plague England Poetry : A dialogue betuuixt a cittizen, and a poore countrey man and his wife, in the countrey, where the citizen remaineth now in this time of sicknesse / written by him in the countrey, who sent the coppy to a friend in London ; being both pitifull and pleasant.; T. B.  1636 1
37 Plague England Poetry Early Works To 1800   7
38 Plague England Prevention   13
39 Plague England Prevention Early Works To 1800 : Certain orders thought meet to be put in execution against the infection of the plague.; England and Wales.  1646 1
40 Plague England Religious Aspects : A heavenly cordial for all those servants of the Lord that have had the plague ... , or, Thirteen divine maximes, or conclusions, in respect of the pestilence : which may be as so many supports, comforts and refreshing springs, both to the visited and preserved people of God in this present day : also ten arguments to prove that in times of common calamity the people of God do stand upon the advantage ground as to their outward preservation and protection ... : also eight reasons why some of the precious servants of the Lord have fallen by the pestilence in this day of the Lords anger / by Thomas Brooks.; Brooks, Thomas,  1666 1
41 Plague England Religious Aspects Early Works To 1800 : The mourning-cross: or, England's Lord have mercy upon us : Containing the certain causes of pestilential diseases; with an accompt of several modern plagues or visitation in times past, as well in other countries as in the city of London; as also, the number of those that then died, not onely on the plague, but of all diseases, Continued down to this present day, August 29. 1665. To which is likewise added, a necessary prayer for this present time.  1665 1
42 Plague England Sermons   2
43 Plague England Sermons Early Works To 1800   7
44 Plague England Treatment : Advice for the poor by way of cure & caution ... / by T. Cocke.; Cock, Thomas.  1665 1
45 Plague England Westminster Early Works To 1800 : Proclamations. 1563-09-21; England and Wales.  1563 1
46 Plague England Westminster Prevention : Wyllyam Cecill knight, high stewarde of the citie of Westminster, and Ambrose Caue, knight, chauncelour of the duchye of Lancaster, two of the priuie counsell to the Quenes moste excellent Maiestie, to the baylyffe, headboroughs, constables, and other officers within the sayde citie ... greeting : knowe ye that our sayde soueraigne lady the quene, hauyng compassion of the estate of that her citie, because of the long visitation thereof with the plague ...; Westminster (London, England).  1564 1
47 Plague England York Sermons Early Works To 1800 : Jeremiahs teares.; Pullein, Thomas.  1608 1
48 Plague Europe History   3
49 Plague Europe History 16th Century : The structure of plagues and pestilences in early modern Europe : Central Europe, 1560-1640.; Eckert, Edward A.  c1996 1
50 Plague Europe History 17th Century : The structure of plagues and pestilences in early modern Europe : Central Europe, 1560-1640.; Eckert, Edward A.  c1996 1
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