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100 1  Sullivan, Roger J.,|d1928- 
245 10 Immanuel Kant's moral theory /|cRoger J. Sullivan. 
264  1 Cambridge :|bCambridge University Press,|c1989. 
300    413 pages. 
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520    This book, sure to become a standard reference work, is a 
       comprehensive, lucid, and systematic commentary on Kant's 
       practical (or moral) philosophy. Kant is arguably the most
       important moral philosopher of the modern period. Using as
       nontechnical a language as possible, Professor Sullivan 
       offers a detailed, authoritative account of Kant's moral 
       philosophy - including his ethical theory, his philosophy 
       of history, his political philosophy, his philosophy of 
       religion, and his philosophy of education - and 
       demonstrates the historical, Kantian origins of such 
       important notions as 'autonomy', 'respect for persons', 
       'rights', and 'duties'. An invaluable resource, this book 
       will be extremely useful to advanced undergraduates, 
       graduates, and professional philosophers alike. 
600 10 Kant, Immanuel,|d1724-1804 
650  0 Ethics|xHistory|y18th century. 
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