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245 00 Regenerating the heart|h[electronic resource] :|bstem 
       cells and the cardiovascular system /|cIra S. Cohen, Glenn
       R. Gaudette, editors. 
260    New York :|bHumana Press/Springer,|cc2011. 
300    xiv, 556 p. :|bill. (some col.) ;|c24 cm. 
490 0  Stem cell biology and regenerative medicine 
505 0  Inducing embryonic stem cells to become cardiomyocytes / 
       Alexander M. Becker, Michael Rubart, and Loren J. Field --
       Regenerating function in vivo with myocytes derived from 
       embryonic stem cells / Priya R. Baraniak and Todd C. 
       McDevitt -- Excitation-contraction coupling, functional 
       properties, and autonomic and hormonal regulation in human
       embryonic stem cell derived cardiomyocytes / Oshra Sedan 
       and Ofer Binah -- Embryonic stem cell derivatives for 
       cardiac therapy : advantages, limitations, and long-term 
       prospects / Michal Weiler-Sagie and Lior Gepstein -- 
       Methods for differentiation of bone-marrow-derived stem 
       cells into myocytes / Shinji Makino and Keiichi Fukuda -- 
       Homing, survival, and paracrine effects of human 
       mesenchymal stem cells / Sergey Doronin -- Bone marrow 
       cell therapy after myocardial infarction : what have we 
       learned from the clinical trials and where are we going? /
       Kai C. Wollert -- Evidence for the existence of resident 
       cardiac stem cells / Isotta Chimenti ... [et al.] -- 
       Multiple sources for cardiac stem cells and their 
       cardiogenic potential / Antonio Paolo Beltrami, Daniela 
       Cesselli, and Carlo Alberto Beltrami -- Skeletal muscle 
       stem cells in the spotlight : the satellite cell / Zipora 
       Yablonka-Reuveni and Kenneth Day -- Regenerating 
       mechanical function in vivo with skeletal myoblasts / Todd
       K. Rosengart and Muath Bishawi -- Methods for inducing 
       pluripotency / Raymond L. Page, Christopher Malcuit, and 
       Tanja Dominko -- Inducible pluripotent stem cells for 
       cardiac regeneration / Naama Zeevi-Levin and Joseph 
       Itskovitz-Eldor -- Induced pluripotent cells for 
       myocardial infarction repair / Timothy J. Nelson and Andre
       Terzic -- Substrates of cardiac reentrant arrhythmias : 
       the possible role of tissue regeneration and replacement /
       André G. Kléber -- Integration of stem cells into the 
       cardiac syncytium : formation of gap junctions / Peter R. 
       Brink, Ira S. Cohen, and Richard T. Mathias -- 
       Bradyarrhythmia therapies : the creation of biological 
       pacemakers and restoring atrioventricular node function / 
       Richard B. Robinson -- Tachyarrhythmia therapies : 
       approaches to atrial fibrillation and postinfarction 
       ventricular arrhythmias / J. Kevin Donahue and Kenneth R. 
       Laurita -- Long-term prospects for arrhythmia treatment : 
       advantages and limitations of gene and cell therapies / 
       Michael R. Rosen -- Regenerating blood vessels / Tracy A. 
       Gwyther and Marsha W. Rolle -- Regenerating heart valves /
       Benedikt Weber and Simon P. Hoerstrup -- Tissue 
       engineering strategies for cardiac regeneration / Amandine
       F.G. Godier-Furnémont ... [et al.] -- Methods of cell 
       delivery for cardiac repair / Sarah Fernandes and Hans 
       Reinecke -- Tracking of stem cells in vivo / Yingli Fu and
       Dara L. Kraitchman -- Assessing regional mechanical 
       function after stem cell delivery / Jacques P. Guyette and
       Glenn R. Gaudette. 
650  0 Myocardium|xRegeneration. 
650  0 Regenerative medicine. 
650  0 Stem cells|xTransplantation. 
700 1  Cohen, Ira S. 
700 1  Gaudette, Glenn R. 
856 40 |uhttps://link.springer.com/openurl?genre=book&isbn=978-1-
       61779-020-1|zFull text available from SpringerLink ebooks 
       - Biomedical and Life Sciences (2011)