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100 0  J. B. 
245 10 Speciall newes from the army at Warwicke since the fight: 
       :|bsent from a minister of good note, to an alderman here 
       in London: wherein is related the names of such that are 
       slain and taken prisoners of both sides: and also the 
       comming of the Marquesse of Hartford towards Hereford with
       2000. men, but made to retreate againe by the appearing of
       the Lord Stampford and his forces: also the funerall of 
       Colonel Charls Essex at Warwick, his body being borne to 
       the grave by the Lo: Mandevill, Lo: Brookes, and some 4. 
       or 6. colonels: with other remarkable passages of truth 
       touching that great battle, not yet printed, which will 
       give great satisfaction to the reader. Also a most pious 
       passage uttered by his Excellency to Master Marshall, upon
       their discourse of the battle. 
260    London :|bPrinted for Henry Overton, at his Shop in Popes-
       Head-Alley,|cOctob. 29. 1642. 
300    [8] p. 
500    Signed: J.B. 
500    Signatures: A⁴. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
600 10 Essex, Charles,|d-1642. 
600 10 Somerset, William Seymour,|cDuke of,|d1588-1660. 
600 10 Stamford, Henry Grey,|cEarl of,|d1599?-1673. 
651  0 Warwick (England)|xHistory, Military|vEarly works to 1800.
651  4 Great Britain|xHistory|yCivil War, 1642-1649|xCampaigns
       |vEarly works to 1800. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
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