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100 1  Paine, George,|cCaptaine. 
245 12 A true relation of all the skirmishes between our forces 
       and the Cavaliers at Owlny. :|bSent in a letter from 
       Captaine George Paine, (one of the Captaines of the Red 
       Regiment) who was an eye-witnesse of every severall 
       conflict, to a deare friend of his in London. Wherein each
       particular is exactly set downe, for the satisfaction of 
       such as are desirous to know the truth; and to stop the 
       mouth of blasphemous malignants. This is licenced and 
       entred into the Hall Booke according to order. 
260    London :|bPrinted by E.G.,|c17 Novemb. 1643. 
300    [2], 5, [1], p. 
500    An action involving the London militia. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
651  4 Great Britain|xMilitia|vEarly works to 1800. 
651  4 Great Britain|xHistory|yCivil War, 1642-1649|xCampaigns
       |vEarly works to 1800. 
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