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100 0  Boethius,|d-524. 
240 10 De consolatione philosophiae.|lEnglish and Latin 
245 00 Boetius de consolationae [sic] philosophiæ. = The boke of 
       Boecius, called the comforte of philosophye, or wysedome :
       |bmoche necessarỹ for all men to read and know, wherein 
       suche as be in aduersitie, shall fynde muche consolation 
       and comforte, and suche as be in great worldly prosperitie
       may knowe the vanitie and frailtie therof, and 
       consequently fynde eternall felycytie. And this boke is in
       maner of a dialoge or communication betwene two persones, 
       the one is Boecius, and the other is Philosophy, whose 
       disputations and argumentes do playnly declare the 
       diuersitie of the lyfe actiue, that consisteth in worldly,
       temporall, and transitory thynges. Translated out of latin
       into the Englyshe tongue by George Coluile, alias Coldewel,
       to thintent that such as be ignoraunt in the Latin tongue,
       and can rede Englyshe, maye vnderstande the same. And to 
       the mergentes is added the Latin, accordynge to the boke 
       of the translatour, whiche was a very olde prynte. 
246 2  De consolatione philosophiae. 
246 2  Boetius de consolationae philosophiae. 
246 2  Boke of Boecius, called the comforte of philosophye, or 
246 2  Boetius de consolatione philosophiae. 
260    [Imprinted at London :|bIn Paules churche yarde at the 
       sygne of the holy Ghost, by Ihon Cawoode, prynter to the 
       Kynge and Quenes Maiesties],|cAnno. M.D.LVI. [1556] 
300    [230] p. 
500    Latin and English in parallel columns. 
500    Printer's name and address from colophon. 
500    Signatures: [A]⁴ B-2F⁴ (-2F4). 
500    Reproduction of the original in the Henry E. Huntington 
       Library and Art Gallery. 
650  0 Philosophy, Ancient. 
700 1  Colvile, George. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
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