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245 00 Newes from France. Or A relation of a maruellous and 
       fearfull accident of a disaster :|bwhich happened at Paris
       the seuenth day of March, this present yeare 1618. where 
       by meanes of a terrible fire, all the pallace was burnt 
       and consumed. Together with a narration of the losse and 
       ruine of many tradesmen, who had all their goods consumed 
       by the said fire. As also an iniunction of the Court of 
       Parliament concerning the restoring backe and deliuering 
       of all bags of papers, processes, peeces and records which
       were taken vp being cast out of the pallace during the 
       said fire. /|cTruly translated according to the French 
       copie: and set forth by authoritie.. 
246 2  Relation of a marvellous and fearfull accident of a 
260    London, :|bprinted by William Iones, for Nathaniell Browne,
       and are to be solde, at the next shoppe to the great north
       doore of saint Paules Church.,|c1618.. 
300    [10] p. :|bill. 
500    Signatures: A⁴ B²  (-A1, blank?). 
500    Reproduction of the original in the Folger Shakespeare 
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