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100 1  Henry|bVIII,|cKing of England,|d1491-1547. 
240 10 Ad carolum Cesarem Augustum epistola.|lEnglish 
245 12 An epistle of the most myghty and redouted Prynce Henry 
       the .viii. by the grace of God Kynge of Englande and of 
       Fraunce, lorde of Irlande, defender of the faith, and 
       supreme heed of the Churche of Englande, :|bnexte vnder 
       Christe, wrytten to the Emperours Maiestie, to all 
       Christen princes, and to all those that trewly and 
       syncerely professe Christes religion. In this epistle 
       bothe the causes are playnely declared, why the Kynges 
       hyghenes owght neyther to sende nor go to the councill 
       indicted at Vincence, and also how perylouse a thinge it 
       is for all suche as professe the trewe doctrine of Christ,
       to come thether. Hereunto also is annexed the protestation
       made the last yere by the Kynges hyghenes, his holle 
       counsayle and clergye, as touchinge the councille indicted
       at Mantua [et]c. Rede bothe o Christen reader, truthe is 
       comynge home, longe afore beynge in captyuytye, steppe 
       forth and meete her by the waye: yf thou see her presente,
       embrace hir, and shewe thy selfe gladde of her retourne. 
260    Londini :|bIn Aedibus Thomae Bertheleti Regii Impressoris.
       Excus.,|cAnno. M. D. XXXVIII. [1538] 
300    [20] p. 
500    Imprint taken from colophon. 
500    At end of text: "Gyuen at London oute of our palace at 
       Westmynster, the eyght of Aprylle, the nyne and twentye 
       yere of oure reygne." 
500    At foot of colophon: "Cum Priuilegio". 
500    Signatures: A⁸ B⁴(-B4). 
500    Reproduction of original in: Folger Shakespeare Library. 
501    Bound and filmed with STC 13090: A protestation made for 
       the most mighty and moste redoubted kynge of Englande. 
       [Et]c. and his hole counsell and clergie, wherin is 
       declared, that neyther his hyghenes, nor his prelates, 
       neyther any other prynce, or prelate, is bounde to come or
       sende, to the pretended councell, that Paule byshoppe of 
       Rome, first by a bul indicted at Mantua, a citie in Italy,
       [and] nowe a late by an other bull, hath proroged to a 
       place, no man can telle where ... Londini : In Aedibus 
       Thomae Berthelieti Regii Impres., An. M. D .XXXVII. 
600 10 Paul|bIII,|cPope,|d1468-1549 
600 10 Henry|bVIII,|cKing of England,|d1491-1547 
650  0 Reformation|zEngland|vEarly works to 1800. 
651  0 Great Britain|xChurch|y16th century|vEarly works to 1800. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
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