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130 0  Renaut de Montauban (Chanson de geste).|lEnglish (Middle 
245 14 The right plesaunt and goodly historie of the foure sonnes
       of Aimon, :|bwhich for the excellent endytyng of it, and 
       for the notable prowes and great vertues that were in them
       : is no les pleasaunt to rede, then worthy to be knowen of
       all estates bothe hyghe and lowe.. 
246 15 Foure sonnes of Aimon 
260    London :|bW. Copland for R. Toye,|c1554. 
300    [10], clxxiiii [174, i.e. 358] p. :|bill. 
500    Imprint information from colophon which reads: Here 
       finissheth the hystory of the noble & valiaunt knight 
       Reynawde of Mountawban, and his three brethern [sic]. 
       Imprinted at London, by Wynkyn de worde, the . viii. daye 
       of Maye, and y[e] yere of our lorde .M.CCCCC.iiii. at the 
       request and commaundement of the noble and puissant erle, 
       the Erle of Oxenforde, And now Imprinted in the yere of 
       our Lorde .M.CCCCC.liiii. the vi. daye of Maye, By Wylliam
       Copland, for Robert Toye. 
500    Translated from the French by William Caxton. 
500    Initials. 
500    Signatures: [pi]⁵ A-Z⁶ &⁶ a-e⁶ f⁵. 
500    Imperfect: print bleeding and show-through, with loss of 
500    Reproduction of original in: Library of Congress. 
600 00 Charlemagne,|cEmperor,|d742-814 
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700 1  Caxton, William,|dapproximately 1422-1491. 
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