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100 1  Booker, John,|d1603-1667. 
245 10 Telescopium Uranicum, or, An almanack and prognostication 
       for the year of Christs incarnation MDCLXII being the 
       second after bissextile or leap-year, and from the 
       creation of the world according to the computation of the 
       late excellent mathematician John Kepler 5655, and of the 
       Julian period 6375, but after the most rational 
       calculation of the more later learned physictian and 
       astrologian Johannes Baptista Morinus 5633 :|bwherein is 
       probably conjectured, not positively concluded, the state,
       condition, temperature and inclination thereof, from the 
       various motions and configurations of the two great lights,
       sun and moon, together with the other heavenly planets and
       fixed stars, their effects astrologically handled, and 
       physiologically discussed with many necessary and useful 
       tables, observations & instructins inferred /|cby John 
       Booker ... 
250    The two and thirtieth impression. 
260    London :|bPrinted for the Company of Stationers,|c1662. 
300    [48] p. 
500    "Cum priviligio & gratia Regiae Majestatis." 
500    Reproduction of original in Bodleian Library. 
650  0 Almanacs, English. 
740 0  Telescopium Uranicum. 
740 0  Almanack and prognostication for the year of Christs 
       incarnation MDCLXII. 
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