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100 1  Seller, John,|dactive 1658-1698. 
245 10 Practical navigation, or, An introduction to the whole art
       :|bcontaining many useful and geometrical definitions and 
       problems; the doctrine of plain and spherical triangles; 
       plain Mercator, and great-circle sailing; sundry useful 
       problems in astronomy; the use of instruments; the azimuth
       -compass, ring-dial, variation-compass; the fore-staff, 
       quadrant, plough, and nocturnal; the plain scale, Gunter's
       scale, sinical quadrant, plain-chart, Mercator's chart, 
       both globes, the inclinatory-needle, and virtues of the 
       loadstone. Useful tables of the moon's age, of the tides, 
       of the sun's place, declination, and right-ascension; of 
       the stars right-ascension and declination; the latitude 
       and longitude of places; and a table of meridional parts :
       likewise a new traverse-table, and the use thereof in 
       keeping a reckoning at sea : also a table of 10000 
       logarithms, and of the log. sines, tangents, and secants /
       |cby John Seller, hydrographer to the king. 
246 30 Introduction to the whole art 
250    The fifth edition. 
260    London :|bPrinted by J. Darby, and are to be sold by the 
       author, and John Wingfield,|c1683. 
300    [10], 350, [150]] p. :|bill. 
500    Added illustrated t.p. 
500    "A table containing ten chiliads of logarithms," and "A 
       triangular canon logarithmical" each have special t.p. 
500    Reproduction of original in: Henry E. Huntington Library, 
       San Marino, California. 
650  0 Navigation|vEarly works to 1800. 
650  0 Navigation|vTables. 
650  0 Logarithms. 
740 02 Table containing ten chiliads of logarithms. 
740 02 Triangular canon logarithmical. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
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