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100 1  Whitrowe, Joan. 
245 10 Faithful warnings, expostulations and exhortations, to the
       several professors of Christianity in England, as well 
       those of the highest as the lowest quality. :|bwith a 
       testimony against divers great errors in some teachers, 
       and other hearers ... to which is added, two letters from 
       the minister of Port-Royal in Jamaica, giving a full 
       account of the great destruction that came on that place 
       (for its great sins) by the dreadful earthquake that was 
       there in the year 1692. As also, an epistle of Bartholomew
       Tertian, written to the Waldensian churches, wherein are 
       many wholesome Christian exhortations and reproofs, of 
       sports, dancing, &c. ... /|cBy Joan Whitrowe. 
260    London :|bPrinted, and are to be sold by E. Whitlock ...,
300    [36], 192 p. 
500    Imperfect: tightly bound, stained, and torn, with loss of 
500    Reproduction of original in: Friends' Library (London, 
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