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245 00 Pride Divide|h[electronic resource] /|cby Karen Kiss and 
       Paris Poirer 
260    New York, NY :|bFilmakers Library,|c1999. 
300    1 online resource (57 min.) 
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520    From the producers of the award-winning Last Call at 
       Maud's, comes this ground breaking exploration of the 
       gender gap between gays and lesbians. Politically united 
       against global homophobia, they are poles apart on many 
       life issues. Oddly enough, their struggle of male versus 
       female mirrors many traditional conflicts inherent to 
       straight relationships. The gay and lesbian community is 
       not immune to gender conditioning. Here is the classic 
       battle of the sexes from a totally new perspective, 
       leavened with humor. The film looks at the issues around 
       male domination versus female submission; promiscuousness 
       versus commitment; exaltation of the body versus the 
       spirit; AIDS versus breast cancer support. We hear about 
       the subtle chauvinism by gay activists who excluded 
       lesbians from their political and social life, especially 
       in the conformist 1950's. Now, however, both sides seem 
       willing to discuss these differences openly. Individuals 
       involved in this dialogue include Martin Duberman, Barney 
       Frank, Barbara Gittings, Simon LeVay, Camille Paglia and 
       others. This lively film is sure to rouse discussion. A 
       presentation of the Independent Television Service with 
       funding provided by the Corporation for Public 
546    In English. 
650  4 Diversity -- LGBT Studies -- Gender and Sexuality 
650  4 Diversity -- LGBT Studies -- Homophobia and Discrimination
650  4 Diversity -- LGBT Studies -- Rights and Equality 
650  4 Diversity -- Women's Studies -- Women's Bodies, Sexuality,
       and Health 
650  4 Diversity -- Women's Studies -- Gender and Social 
650  4 Behaviour 
650  4 Sexual orientation 
650  4 Gay liberation movement 
650  4 Homophobia 
650  4 Sexuality 
650  4 Homosexuality 
700 1  Poirier, Paris|4drt 
700 1  Poirier, Paris|4pro 
700 1  Kiss, Karen|4pro 
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