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245 00 Make your own history :|bdocumenting feminist and queer 
       activism in the 21st century /|cco-edited by Lyz Bly and 
       Kelly Wooten. 
260    Los Angeles, CA :|bLitwin Books,|c2012. 
300    1 online resource (xi, 180 p.) :|bill. 
490 1  Litwin Books Series on Gender and Sexuality in Information
       Studies ;|vno. 2 
500    Includes index. 
520    Make Your Own History: Documenting Feminist and Queer 
       Activism in the 21st Century addresses the practical and 
       theoretical challenges and advantages of researching, 
       documenting, and archiving recent and contemporary 
       activists in the feminist and queer movements. In the last
       few decades, the place and practice of activism has 
       shifted from a physical "headquarters" where activists 
       convene to plan and strategize, to the reality where 
       planning happens at various desks and kitchen tables 
       across the country (or world) and activists then convene 
       at one site for an action (the prime example of this being
       the WTO protest in Seattle in 1999). So much of the work 
       is taking place in the digital environment and/or within 
       smaller do-it-yourself (DIY) and anarchist subcultures 
       where ideas are often shared via zines and other ephemeral
       materials. The challenge of the archivist and the scholar,
       whose work is traditionally paper-based, is to keep up 
       with the changing modes of communication of these 
       individuals and organizations and to make sure these 
       activists' work is not left out of the historical record. 
650  0 Feminism|xHistory|xSources. 
650  0 Feminism|xArchival resources. 
650  0 Feminism|xComputer network resources. 
650  0 Gay rights|xHistory|xSources. 
650  0 Gay rights|xArchival resources. 
650  0 Gay rights|xComputer network resources. 
700 1  Bly, Lyz. 
700 1  Wooten, Kelly. 
830  0 Litwin Books series on gender and sexuality in information
       studies ;|vno. 2. 
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