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245 00 Authenticity, medievalism, music /|cedited by Karl 
264  1 Cambridge :|bD.S. Brewer,|c2018. 
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300    1 online resource (xviii, 254 pages) :|billustrations 
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490 1  Studies in medievalism,|vXXVII 
505 00 |gPreface /|rKarl Fugelso --|gPart I: Medievalism and 
       authenticity.|gIntroduction:|tMedievalism as colony and 
       conqueror: reflections after MAMO /|rDavid Matthews --
       |tGenealogies of the early Gothic: forging authenticity /
       |rNickolas Haydock --|tThe rituals of St. Agnes and the 
       lure of authenticity /|rClare A. Simmons --|tMediating 
       medieval(ized) emotion in Game of Thrones /|rCarolyne 
       Larrington --|tA princess of color amid whitewashed 
       medievalisms in Disney's Sofia the First and Elena of 
       Avalor /|rElan Justice Pavlinich --|tThe medievalizing 
       process: religious medievalism and constructs of 
       historical authenticity /|rTimothy Curran --|gPart II: 
       Other responses to medievalism (and authenticity).|tThe 
       breaking point: Alain de Benoist's critique of medieval 
       nominalism /|rDaniel Wollenberg --|t"This most historic of
       locations": performing authentic nationhood at Hastings 
       and Morgarten /|rMatthias D. Berger --|tKingdoms of 
       infinite space: three responses to the Kingis Quair /
       |rLotte Reinbold --|tVincent van Gogh, Dante, and the 
       Studio of the South /|rAida Audeh --|tSurrealist 
       medievalism: a case study /|rTessel M. Bauduin --|gPart 
       III: Early music (and authenticity) in films and video 
       games.|gIntroduction /|rAlexander Kolassa --|tBeyond (the)
       halo: chant in video games /|rKaren M. Cook --|tA plague 
       of medievalism upon you all: medievalism, music, and the 
       plague /|rAdam Whittaker --|tThe past is a different 
       planet: sounding medievalism in Aleksei German's Hard to 
       Be a God /|rAlexander Kolassa. 
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650  0 Medievalism. 
650  0 Authenticity (Philosophy) 
650  0 Music|xMedieval influences. 
700 1  Fugelso, Karl, 
830  0 Studies in medievalism ;|v27. 
856 40 |uhttps://www.jstor.org/stable/10.2307/j.ctt2250v32 
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