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245 00 Making media :|bproduction, practices, and professions /
       |cedited by Mark Deuze and Mirjam Prenger. 
264  1 [Place of publication not identified] :|bAmsterdam 
       University Press (Bibliovault) :|bAmsterdam University 
300    1 online resource. 
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337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
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505 00 |tFrontmatter --|tTable of Contents --|tIntroduction --
       |t1. Making Media: Production, Practices, and Professions 
       /|rDeuze, Mark / Prenger, Mirjam --|tProduction --
       |tResearch --|t2. Media Industries: A Decade in Review /
       |rHolt, Jennifer / Perren, Alisa --|t3. Media Production 
       Research and the Challenge of Normativity /|rLee, David / 
       Zoellner, Anna --|t4. Access and Mistrust in Media 
       Industries Research /|rVonderau, Patrick --|t5. Cultural 
       and Creative Industries and the Political Economy of 
       Communication /|rMiège, Bernard --|t6. The Platformization
       of Making Media /|rNieborg, David / Poell, Thomas / Deuze,
       Mark --|tEconomics and Management --|t7. The Disappearing 
       Product and the New Intermediaries /|rBilton, Chris --|t8.
       Value Production in Media Industries and Everyday Life /
       |rBolin, Göran --|t9. Transformation and Innovation of 
       Media Business Models /|rVilli, Mikko / Picard, Robert G. 
       --|t10. Shifts in Consumer Engagement and Media Business 
       Models /|rChan-Olmsted, Sylvia / Wang, Rang --|t11. Media 
       Industries’ Management Characteristics and 
       Challenges in a Converging Digital World /|rFaustino, 
       Paolo / Noam, Eli --|tPolicy --|t12. Global Media 
       Industries and Media Policy /|rFlew, Terry / Suzor, 
       Nicolas --|t13. Media Concentration in the Age of the 
       Internet and Mobile Phones /|rWinseck, Dwayne --
       |tPractices --|tInnovation --|t14. Making (Sense of) Media
       Innovations /|rKrumsvik, Arne H. / Milan, Stefania / 
       Bhroin, Niamh Ní / Storsul, Tanja --|t15. Start-up 
       Ecosystems Between Affordance Networks, Symbolic Form, and
       Cultural Practice /|rWerning, Stefan --|tWork Conditions -
       -|t16. Precarity in Media Work /|rO’Donnell, Penny 
       / Zion, Lawrie --|t17. Making It in a Freelance World /
       |rCohen, Nicole S. --|t18. Diversity and Opportunity in 
       the Media Industries /|rEikhof, Doris Ruth / Marsden, 
       Stevie --|t19. Labour and the Next Internet /|rMosco, 
       Vincent --|tAffective Labour --|t20. Affective Labour and 
       Media Work /|rSiapera, Eugenia --|t21. Affective Qualities
       of Creative Labour /|rCantillon, Zelmarie / Baker, Sarah -
       -|t22. A Business of One or Nurturing the Craft: Who are 
       You? /|rGershon, Ilana / Deuze, Mark --|tProfessions --
       |tMusic --|t23. Music in Times of Streaming: 
       Transformation and Debate /|rJohansson, Sofia --|t24. 
       Popular Music, Streaming, and Promotional Media: Enduring 
       and Emerging Industrial Logics /|rMeier, Leslie M. --
       |tTelevision --|t25. Show Me the Money: How Revenue 
       Strategies Change the Creative Possibilities of Internet-
       Distributed Television /|rLotz, Amanda D. --|t26. 
       Flexibility, Innovation, and Precarity in the Television 
       Industry /|rDwyer, Paul --|tSocial Media --|t27. Creator 
       Management in the Social Media Entertainment Industry /
       |rCraig, David --|t28. #Dreamjob: The Promises and Perils 
       of a Creative Career in Social Media /|rDuffy, Brooke Erin
       --|tPublic Relations and Advertising --|t29. Redefining 
       Advertising in a Changing Media Landscape /|rRosengren, 
       Sara --|t30. Perceptions and Realities of the Integration 
       of Advertising and Public Relations /|rSupa, Dustin --
       |tDigital Games --|t31. Game Production Logics at Work: 
       Convergence and Divergence /|rKerr, Aphra --|t32. 
       Reflections on the Shifts and Swerves of the Global Games 
       Industry /|rO’Donnell, Casey --|tJournalism --|t33.
       ‘It Never Stops’: The Implicit Norm of 
       Working Long Hours in Entrepreneurial Journalism /
       |rBrouwers, Amanda / Witschge, Tamara --|t34. Transmedia 
       Production: Key Steps in Creating a Storyworld /|rSerrano 
       Tellería, Ana / Prenger, Mirjam --|tConclusion --|t35. 
       Making Media: Observations and Futures /|rJenkins, Henry /
       Saad Corrẽa, Elizabeth / Fung, Anthony / Bosch, Tanja --
       |tAuthor Biographies 
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650  0 Mass media. 
650  0 Mass media|xManagement. 
700 1  Deuze, Mark, 
700 1  Prenger, Mirjam, 
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