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001    HULL-LLC-1618 
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050 04 ENGB 337 
100 1  Bartle, Janet 
245 10 A Study Of The Role Of The Adviser In Language Teaching 
       And Learning /|cJanet Bartle. 
260    |bUniversity of Hull|cMarch 2000 
300    dissertation only / Number of copies: 2 
490 0  MA dissertations 
520    Examines the role of the adviser in the language teaching 
       and learning environment following the shift in emphasis 
       from teacher-led to more learned-centred education in the 
       tertiary sector. It looks at the arguments for a new 
       professional role within language learning, considers the 
       functions it ought to perform and examines the reality of 
       current language advising activity in the UK sector. 
       Format: books without tapes and MA dissertations. 
650 04 MA in Applied Language & Modern Technology dissertations 
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