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111 2  Charleston Conference|n(31st :|d2011 :|cCharleston, S.C.) 
245 10 Something's gotta give :|bCharleston Conference 
       proceedings, 2011 /|cedited by Beth R. Bernhardt, Leah H. 
       Hinds, and Katina P. Strauch. 
264  1 West Lafayette, Indiana :|bAgainst the Grain Press,
300    1 online resource (xv, 625 pages) :|billustrations 
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505 00 |tThe semantic web for publishers and libraries /|rMichael
       Keller --|tData papers in the network era /|rMackenzie 
       Smith --|tEverything we see hides another :|tcoping with 
       hidden collections in the 21st century library /|rMark 
       Dimunation --|tThe Digital Public Library of America :
       |tthe idea and its implementation /|rRobert Darnton --
       |tNew initiatives in open research /|rClifford Lynch and 
       Lee Dirks --|tExecutives' roundtable :|tthe boundaries are
       getting blurred /|rT. Scott Plutchak, Paul N. Courant, and
       H. Frederick Dylla --|tI hear the train a comin' /|rGreg 
       Tananbaum, Kevin Guthrie, and Anne Kenney --|tThe long arm
       of the law /|rBill Hannay and Ann Okerson --|tThe future 
       of online newspapers /|rDebora Cheney, Chuck Palsho, and 
       Chris Cowan --|tThe status Quo has got to go /|rBrad Eden 
       --|tHyde Park corner /|rMelody Burton and Kimberly Douglas
       --|tDownsizing from the big deal :|twhat's education got 
       to do with it? /|rRobert G. Kelly and Susann DeVries --
       |tReducing unintentional duplication :|tadventures and 
       opportunities in cooperative collection development /
       |rLeslie Button, Rachel Lewellen, Kathleen Norton, and 
       Pamela Skinner --|tCollaborating with course pages :
       |tstrategies for curriculum-based development and 
       assessment /|rRobin Chin Roemer and Michael Matos --|tFree
       is the best price :|tbuilding your collection of primary 
       sources with free, online, digital collections /|rJoan 
       Petit --|tIt's not you, it's me :|tbreaking up with 
       perpetual access /|rKirsten Huhn and Geoffrey Little --
       |tFrom backlog to workflow :|tAmerican University's 
       approach for handling preservation books and missing 
       serials issues /|rStacey Marien and Dawn Fairbanks --
       |tDon't forget the little publishers /|rDavid Myers, Tom 
       Taylor, Stuart Silcox, and Jim Dooley --|tSomething's 
       gotta give :|tis there a future for the collection 
       development policy? /|rMatt Torrence, Audrey Powers, and 
       Megan Sheffield --|tOffline e-book access :|tebrary survey
       of librarians ;|t2011 Global Student e-book survey /
       |rAllen McKiel --|tLet's get the dialogue started :
       |tkeeping e-books current /|rGail Johnston and Tamara 
       Remhof --|tKent State University Libraries develops a new 
       system for resource selection /|rKay Downey --|tAcademic 
       libraries without print /|rAllen McKiel, Jim Dooley, 
       Robert Murdoch, and Carol Zsulya --|tBIP 4 CD=LW /
       |rTheresa Preuit Rhodes --|tThe charging of technical 
       services at UNC Charlotte /|rMichael Winecoff --|tNew 
       subjects, new communities, new formats :|tthe library 
       collection in the digital world /|rAngharad Roberts --
       |tBest practices for presentation of e-journals /|rAndrea 
       Twiss-Brooks and Katharina Klemperer --|tAcquisitions 
       business in a middle east context /|rHenry Owino --|tNew 
       tricks for old data sources :|tmashups, visualizations, & 
       questions your ILS has been afraid to answer /|rBrian 
       Norberg, Darby Orcutt, and John Vickery --|tSERU 2.0 :
       |tit's not just for journals /|rSelden Durgom Lamoureux 
       and Judy Luther --|tImproving ERM :|tcritical work flow 
       and operations solutions /|rBetsy Appleton, Shannon Regan,
       Lenore England, Li Fu, and Stephen Miller --|tA first-year
       librarian's weeding project management experience from 
       start to (planned) finish /|rKady Ferris and Scott Warren 
       --|tWeeding one STEPP at a time /|rEleanor Cook, Dan 
       Shouse, and William Joseph Thomas --|tSelection for non-
       remote storage /|rSteve Alleman --|tTransfer 2.0 and 
       beyond! :|tan update /|rTim Devenport and Jennifer Bazeley
       --|tVirginia Tech's participation in ASERL's cooperative 
       print journal retention project /|rConnie Stovall, Leslie 
       O'Brien, and Edward Lener --|tSpeed weed :|thow we weeded 
       more than 70,000 items in three months /|rGail Johnston 
       and Tamara Remhof --|tLet's go and haul! :|ta square-
       rigger's guide to weeding "age of sail" collections in the
       21st century /|rValarie Prescott Adams and Douglas Black -
       -|tLooking for money in all the right places :|thow one 
       academic library is making good use of grant funds /
       |rMichael A. Arthur --|tUsing your library's annual report
       to market library services /|rCorey Seeman --|tWhat gives?
       :|tevaluating bound journals for transitioning to 
       electronic and developing an electronic collection 
       development policy /|rJ. Michael Lindsay, Adam Kemper, and
       Sandra Oelschlegel --|tTurn that frown upside down :
       |tmanagement strategies for improving library employee 
       morale in uncertain times /|rCindy L. Craig and Curt G. 
       Friehs --|tWhat's in a name? :|tAre we fish or fowl? /
       |rShin Freedman and Marcia Dursi --|tResource acquisitions
       :|tan experiment in library reorganization at Slippery 
       Rock University /|rHeather Getsay and Catherine Rudowsky -
       -|tWorking together to win :|tthe 21st century 
       acquisitions department /|rJill Jascha --|tInstitution-
       wide collaboration :|thow learning communities can help /
       |rChristine Lewis, Michael Stopel, Jackie LaPlaca Ricords,
       and Timothy Cherubini --|tHow to turn around a battleship 
       -- before the budget-cut missile is lodged in the hull: a 
       case study /|rLindsey E. Schell and Susan Macicak --
       |tInventory of a small academic library :|tcooperation and
       communication through the units /|rErin E. Boyd, Amy Smith,
       Kent Snowden, and Debbie West --|tBullied by budgets, 
       pushed by patrons, driven by demand :|tlibraries and 
       tantalizing technologies /|rNarda Tafuri and Antje Mays --
       |tBudget's stretched, staff stressed, usage stalled -- 
       something's gotta give! /|rStacy Baggett and Megan 
       Williams --|tWhere is the hospitality in your library? /
       |rCorey Seeman --|tAre libraries thriving? :|tan Oxford 
       debate /|rJill Emery --|tKeeping up with the things that 
       matter :|tcurrent awareness tools and strategies for 
       academic libraries /|rMike Diaz, Clifford Lynch, Karen 
       Downing, and John Dupuis --|tDeveloping a weighted library
       allocation formula /|rJeff Bailey and Linda Creibaum --
       |tShared advocacy through data :|tlooking beyond the high 
       cost of journals /|rJane Nichols and Andrea A. Wirth --
       |tThe value of purchasing e-book collections from a large 
       publisher /|rAaron K. Shrimplin and Jennifer W. Bazeley --
       |tElectronic resource assessment :|tadventures in 
       engagement /|rJohn Tofanelli, Colleen Major, and Jeffrey 
       Carroll --|tContextualizing and interpreting cost per use 
       for electronic journals /|rMatthew Harrington and Connie 
       Stovall --|tAn absence of allocations /|rCathy Goodwin --
       |tThe LibValue Project :|tthree reports on values, 
       outcomes, and return on investment of academic libraries /
       |rCarol Tenopir, Rachel A. Fleming-May, and Tine E. 
       Chrzastowski --|tAn academic library's efforts to justify 
       materials budget expenditures /|rSteven Carrico --|tPut it
       simply :|ttools and tips for communicating library 
       collections data /|rHilary Davis --|tGiving them what they
       want :|tproviding information for a serials review project
       /|rKristin Calvert and Rachel Fleming --|tData lifecycle 
       management :|twhat has got to give /|rWill Hires. 
505 00 |tLibrary publishing services :|tstrategies for success /
       |rCharles Watkinson, Catherine Muray-Rust, Daureen Nesdill,
       and Allyson Mower --|tWhat can we say with certainty about
       scholarly communication in the 21st century? /|rMichael P.
       Pelikan --|tMixing oil and water :|trecipes for press-
       library collaboration /|rPatrick Alexander, James McCoy, 
       Leila Salisbury, and Richard Brown --|tWe're all in this 
       together :|tsupporting the dissemination of university 
       research through library services /|rMichelle Armstrong --
       |tSupporting effective communication and workflows in 
       social science research :|tfindings and summary of a group
       discussion /|rBernie Folan --|tThe impact of Japan's March
       11th earthquake and tsunami on libraries and the conduct 
       of research and publications in Japan /|rMikiko Tanifuji -
       -|tPublishing partnerships :|twhy, when, and how 
       collaboration sometimes trumps competition, the user 
       perspective /|rElizabeth Chisato Uyeki --|tMaking open 
       access work in the social sciences /|rHob Brooks, Eric 
       Moran, Jeffrey Carroll, and Deborah Ludwig --|tE-resource 
       triage :|twhy doesn't my full-text resource open and how 
       can I fix it? /|rLeslie Burke --|tWhere's professor Watt's
       request? :|tstreamlining to a paperless acquisitions 
       workflow /|rRita M. Cauce --|tMainstreaming media :
       |tinnovating media collections at the NCSU libraries /
       |rDarby Orcutt --|tYou ought to be in pictures :|tbringing
       streaming video to your library /|rCheri Duncan and Erika 
       Peterson --|tPlatform choice :|tpolicies and practice /
       |rTina Feick, Jason Price, Susan Macicak, Dennis Brunning,
       Anne McKee, and Mary Marshall --|tChampagne wishes, caviar
       dreams :|tincorporating e-readers into leisure reading 
       while in a beer budget /|rAnna Craft, Elisabeth Leonard, 
       and Katy Ginanni --|tSaving time, energy, keystrokes, and 
       sanity :|tadventures in order automation /|rJulie Kliever,
       K.C. Hendges, John Riley, and Lynne Branch Browne --|tGive
       a little bit :|tusing lean tools to create efficiencies in
       acquisitions and beyond /|rLisa Spagnolo --|tBeyond EDI :
       |tan agent's role in the cloud /|rChristine M. Stamison, 
       Anne Campbell, and Michael Winkler --|tTired of 
       reinventing the wheel? : then stop! :|thow to use online 
       communities for solutions to common library issues /
       |rLaura Warren and Julie Obst --|tMoving your library to 
       the cloud /|rCarrie Rampp, Jennifer Clarke, and Bill 
       Burkholder --|tManaging expectations and obligations :
       |tthe librarian's role in streaming media for online 
       education /|rKathleen Carlisle Fountain --|tPatron-driven 
       acquisition practices of U.S. research libraries: east vs.
       west /|rJennifer Duncan and Jeff Carroll --|tGetting to 
       the heart of the matter :|twhat faculty tell us about how 
       our collections support student learning /|rMarcia Thomas 
       --|tThe role of reference in discovery systems :
       |teffecting a more literate search /|rWill Wheeler --
       |tDiscovery systems are no different :|twe must still 
       teach searchers how to become researchers /|rCraig Leonard
       Brians and Bruce Pencek --|tEnd user tools for evaluating 
       scholarly content /|rCarol Anne Meyer --|tUnderstanding 
       the 21st century research landscape :|temerging trends and
       needs within and across disciplines /|rMike Diaz, Audrey 
       Powers, Corey Seeman, Dennis Brunning, and Jason Phillips 
       --|tUnderstanding the 21st century research landscape :
       |temerging trends and needs within and across disciples :
       |tperspectives from a business library /|rCorey Seeman --
       |tMoving toward the user-centered library :|tlearning 
       behaviors and their impact on library planning /|rLeah M. 
       Dunn --|tTechnical services talk :|tfostering faculty 
       collaboration through reorganization and communication /
       |rKyle McCarrell and LouAnn Blocker --|tWin friends and 
       influence faculty :|tmethods for citation analysis /
       |rLeslie Farison --|tRelevancy redacted :|tweb-scale 
       discovery and the "filter buble" /|rCorey Davis --
       |tExperiences from the field :|tchoosing a discovery tool 
       for your unique library /|rJennifer Castaldo, Christine 
       Korytnyk Dulaney, Tom Klingler, Doralyn Rossman, and Laura
       Wrubel --|tDiscovery by the numbers :|tan examination of 
       the impact of a discovery tool through usage statistics /
       |rJody Fagan and Meris Mandernach --|tThe patrons demand, 
       but what do they really want? /|rForrest Link, Yuji Tosaka,
       and Cathy Weng --|tUntapped resources :|tgraduate 
       assistants and collection development /|rLily Todorinova 
       and Brittany Rhea Deputy --|tPartnering for patron-driven 
       acquisitions :|twhat you need to know /|rAshley Bailey, 
       Molly Royse, Deb Thomas, and Gail Watson --|tDemand-driven
       success :|tdesigning your PDA experiment /|rCharles Hillen
       and Glenn Johnson-Grau --|tGive them what they need (and 
       want) :|tcomputer science and engineering customers /
       |rEllen Safley --|tPatron-driven e-book solutions :
       |tmoving beyond the banana books incident /|rGabriella 
       Wiersma and Yem Fong --|tBy popular demand :|tbuilding a 
       consortial demand-driven program /|rXan Arch, Robin 
       Champieux, Susan Hinken, Emily McElroy, and Joan Thompson.
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650  0 Serials librarianship|vCongresses. 
700 1  Bernhardt, Beth R. 
700 1  Hinds, Leah H. 
700 1  Strauch, Katina P.,|d1946- 
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