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245 00 Seshat history of the Axial age /|cedited by Daniel Hoyer 
       and Jenny Reddish ; with foreword by Ian Morris. 
264  1 Chaplin, Connecticut :|bBeresta Books,|c[2019] 
264  4 |c©2019 
300    iii, 513 pages :|bmap ;|c25 cm 
336    text|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|2rdamedia 
338    volume|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Seshat histories ;|vVol. I 
500    "Seshat, Global History Databank." 
505 00 |gForeword.|tFor What It's Worth : Evidence and Models in 
       the History of the Axial Age /|rIan Morris --
       |tIntroductory Matter --|tIntroduction /|rDaniel Hoyer, 
       Jenny Reddish --|tOverview of "Axial" Religions /|rEnrico 
       Cioni --|tAxial Core --|tMediterranean Basin : The Greco-
       Roman World /|rJenny Reddish, Franco De Angelis --|tWest 
       Asia : The Levant /|rJenny Reddish, Oren Litwin --|tWest 
       Asia : Iran /|rJenny Reddish, Julye Bidmead --|tSouth Asia
       : India /|rEnrico Cioni, Vesna Wallace --|tEast Asia : 
       North China /|rJill Levine, Barend Ter Haar --|tOther Afro
       -Eurasian Regions.|tWest Asia : Anatolia /|rJenny Reddish,
       Sharon R. Steadman, Gregory McMahon --|tNorth Africa : 
       Egypt /|rJenny Reddish, J.G. Manning --|tSoutheast Asia : 
       Lower Mekong Basin /|rJill Levine, Miriam T. Stark --
       |tEast Asia : Japan /|rThomas Cressy --|tRegions Outside 
       Afro-Eurasia --|tWest Africa : Inland Niger Delta /|rJenny
       Reddish --|tSouth America : Highland Peru /|rDennis 
       Spencer, R. Alan Covey --|tNorth America : Mississippi 
       Valley /|rJill Levine, Peter Peregrine --|tOceania : 
       Hawai'i /|rDennis Spencer, Timothy Earle --|tSurvey of 
       Late Complexity Societies /|rEva Brandl --|gConcluding 
       Matter --|tConclusion : Was There Ever an Axial Age? /
       |rHarvey Whitehouse, Pieter François, Enrico Cioni, Jill 
       Levine, Daniel Hoyer, Jenny Reddish, Peter Turchin. 
520    "Fairness and equity, universal rights and freedoms, 
       representative, balanced, democratic governance, the 
       notion that no one is above the law-- these are ideas many
       of us cherish in the modern world. But where did they come
       from? According to some scholars, these features of 
       modernity have their roots in the period between 800 and 
       200 BCE. In this "Axial Age," they state, crucial 
       intellectual, moral, and political changes took place more
       or less simultaneously in five core regions across Eurasia,
       reaching from present-day Greece, Israel-Palestine, Iran 
       and India to China. Seshat History of the Axial Age 
       challenges the view that there was a single Axial Age in 
       human history. Applying insights from a massive historical
       research project, Seshat: Global History Databank, the 
       volume reveals that societies all over the world 
       gravitated more strongly towards egalitarian ideals and 
       constraints on political authority--traits usually 
       associated with axiality--as they reached a tipping point 
       in the evolution of social complexity. In fourteen 
       chapters, the authors survey earlier and later periods in 
       history as well as developments in regions previously 
       neglected in Axial Age discussions, thus expanding the 
       Axial Age debate well beyond first-millennium BCE Eurasia.
       They explore whether there really was an Axial Age, where 
       and when key changes that characterize modern life 
       actually developed, and what drove societies to become 
       more equitable and law-bound."--|cProvided by publisher. 
650  0 Civilization, Ancient|xPhilosophy. 
650  0 Comparative civilization.|0http://id.loc.gov/authorities/
650  7 Civilization, Ancient|xPhilosophy.|2fast
650  7 Comparative civilization.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00871321 
700 1  Hoyer, Daniel,|d1982-|eeditor.|0http://id.loc.gov/
700 1  Reddish, Jenny,|eeditor. 
700 1  Morris, Ian,|d1960-|ewriter of foreword.|0http://
830  0 Seshat histories ;|vv. 1. 
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