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A A Duktur : Ayme for Finsburie archers. Or An alphabetical table of the names of euerie marke within the same fields : with their true distances both by the map and dimensuration by the line. Published for the ease of the skilfull, and behoofe of the yong beginners in the famous exercise of archerie, by E.B. and I.I.  1601 1
A A Sir : The Catholique iudge: or A moderator of the Catholique moderator : Where in forme or manner of a plea or suite at law, the differences betweene those of the Reformed Church, and them of the Romish Church are decided; and without partialitie is shewed which is the true religion and catholique Church, for the instruction of either partie. Together with eight strong arguments or reasons, why the Popes cannot be competent iudges in these controversies. Written in the Dutch and French tongue, by Iohn of the Crosse, a Catholique gentleman. Translated out of French into English, by the right worshipfull and learned Knight Sir A.A.  1623 1
A Active 1593 : [The passoinate [sic] morrice]  1593 1
A And W Galignani Firm : Hand-book for travellers in France : being a guide to Normandy, Brittany; the rivers Loire, Seine, Rhone, and Garonne; the French Alps, Dauphiné, Provence, and the Pyrenees : with descriptions of the principal routes, railways, the approaches to Italy, the chief watering places etc. : with five travelling maps.  1843 1
A B   56
A B Active 1597 : Heptaméron. English  1597 1
A B Active 1600   2
A B Active 1601 : Her Maiesties most princelie answere, deliuered by her selfe at the court at VVhite-hall, on the last day of Nouember 1601 : When the speaker of the lower house of parliament (assisted with the greatest part of the knights, and burgesses) had presented their humble thanks for her free and gracious sauour, in preuenting and reforming of sundry grieuances, by abuse of many grants, commonly called monopolies. The same being taken verbatim in writing by A.B. as neere as he could possibly set it downe.  1601 1
A B Active 1639 : Annales ecclesiastici. English. Selections  1639 1
A B C   4
A B C D E : Novembris monstrum, or, Rome brovght to bed in England : with the whores miscarying / made long since for the anniversary solemnity on the fift[h] day of November, in a private colledge in Cambridge, by A.B.C.D.E. ; and now by conquering importunity made publique, for a small memoriall of England's great deliverance from the powder-treason, by E.M.A.D.O.C.  1641 1
A B Eminent Officer In The Army At Edenburgh : A letter of November the 16th : from an eminent officer in the army at Edenburgh to a friend at London, declaring the true number of the horse and foot now under General Monck, and their unanimons [sic] resolution to adventure all for the support of magistracie and ministrie, the rights of the people, and priviledges of Parliament : all which are now endeavoured to be subverted by that part of the Army under Colonel Lambert and others about London.  1659 1
A B M A Of Q Col In Oxford : Synagoga Judaica. English  1663 1
A B M D : Disseratio theoretico-practica de febribus continuis, seu, Nova de febribus hypothesis aucta & illustrata : in qua tam febrium causæ & symptomata, quam juvantium & lædentium ratio, quin & tota fere oeconomta animalis, nova methodo explicantur / authore A.B., M.D.  1700 1
A B Mr : Memoires of the court of France relating to the amours of the Duke of Maine : and the marriages of the other illegitimate children of the French king with the princes and princesses of the blood / written in French by Madam Daunois ; and done into English by Mr. A.B.  1697 1
A B Mr A Of Q Col In Oxford : The Jewish synagogue, or, An historical narration of the state of the Jewes : at this day dispersed over the face of the whole earth ... / translated out of the learned Buxtorfius ... by A.B., Mr. A. of Q. Col. in Oxford.  1657 1
A B Novice   2
A B Philo Mus : Synopsis of vocal musick : containing the rudiments of singing rightly any harmonical song, delivered in a method so solid, short and plain, that this art may now be learned more exactly, speedily and easily, than ever heretofore : whereunto are added several psalms and songs of three parts, composed by English and Italian authors for the benefit of young beginners / by A.B., Philo-Mus.  1680 1
A Beckett Gilbert Abbott 1811 1856   11
A Brown And Sons Ltd   2
A Builder Of Zion The New Jerusalem : A new declaration out of orient: or, From the rising up of Mount Zion, the beloved city of God, the New Jerusalem. : Viz. that the mountaine where the house of the Lord standeth shall yet assuredly in these present and last times, upon the ruines of the sectarian state of Babel be made higher than all mountains, and exalted above all the hills. ...  1643 1
A C   12
A C Abraham Caley : A glimpse of eternity : very useful to awaken sinners and to comfort saints : profitable to be read in families / by A.C.  1679 1
A C Active 1600   2
A C Arthur Crowther 1588 1666   9
A C E R   2
  A Cheng 1949 -- See Acheng, 1949-
A Christian Brother : The Independents dream, of a new-nothing, called a church, without either government, doctrine or manners, suitable to the Gospell of Jesus Christ: zealously interpreted, by a Christian brother, who is a profest enemy to confusion. Shewing how the Independent-dreaming teachers, through the spectacles of phantasie, discover strange new-lights, and new-born truths, wherewith they delude the hearts of the simple, and allure them into the labyrinth of their innovated traditionall forme of godlinesse.  1647 1
A D   6
A D B Active 1619   2
A Diligent Observer Of The Said Disputation : Moro-mastix: Mr Iohn Goodwin whipt with his own rod. Or The dis-secting of the sixteenth section of his book truly nam'd by himself Hagio-Mastix: : so far as it falsly and frivolously mentions a late disputation in Christ-Church-Parish, concerning the lawfulness of paying tythes. / By a diligent observer of the said disputation.  1647 1
A Dyer : Study to be quiet: or, A short vievv of the miseries of warre, with the necessity of peace. : Also, the character of a peaceable man: whose motto is, I am for peace, Psal. 120. vers. 7.. [sic] / By a dyer.  1647 1
A E : The Mischief of dissensions, or, A perswasive to Dr. Stillingfleet, Dean of St. Pauls, together with his respondents, &c. : to a seasonable alliance from their literal war, shewing the danger thereof, especially at this ambiguous juncture of time and affairs.  1681 1
A E A Servant Of Jesus Christ : The watch-mans lanthorn : being a summ of divinity in a short but very plaine exposition of the Ten commandments, the Lords prayer, and the Creed : fittest to the meanest capacity in a nature of a dialogue / by A.E.  1655 1
A F   9
A F Active 1580 : Certeine comfortable expositions of the constant martyr of Christ, M. Iohn Hooper, Bishop of Glocester and Worcester : written in the time of his tribulation and imprisonment, vpon the XXIII. LXII. LXXIII. and LXXVII. Psalmes of the prophet Dauid.  1580 1
A F B : Concerning the education of blind children.  1959 1
A Faithful Friend : A true alarum to England, but more especially to the City of London: : and a relation of the treacherous combination between errorists and malignants. Also the horrid design which the army and their own party cunningly drive on to change the government of England and inslave the whole kingdom, is briefly declared. A serious discourse held with the citizens of London concerning the covenant that they have taken. Likewise seasonable advice both to the old and young men of the city. By a faithful friend (a mourner in Sion) and very necessary to be taken into serious consideration by all that desire the peace of Jerusalem, the welfare of England, the liberty of the subject, the safety and prosperity of the City of London.  1647 1
A Friend To The Church Of England And A Lover Of Truth And Peace : A defence and vindication of the right of tithes, : against sundry late scandalous pamphlets: shewing, the lawfullnesse of them, and the just remedy in law for them, as well in London as elsewhere. / Penned by a friend to the Church of England, and a lover of truth and peace.  1646 1
A G   2
A G Active 1619 : The vviddoves mite : cast into the treasure-house of the prerogatiues, and prayses of our B. Lady, the immaculate, and most glorious Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. With reasons why we are to haue great confidence in her prayers. Whereunto is annexed, A prayer, for the loue of God, made in contemplation of the passion of Christ our Sauiour.  1619 1
A G Leventis Foundation : The painted churches of Cyprus : treasures of Byzantine art / by Andreas Stylianou and Judith A. Stylianou.  1985 1
A Gentleman Of Good Quallity : True intelligence from the vvest: or A true relation of the desperate proceedings of the rebels, and cavaliers gathered together at Angry-Fisherton in Wilt-Sheire. : With their barbarous cruelty exercised on the minister, his wife and child. Also, the manner of their falling upon some party of the Parliament forces, some of them departing wounded. Written by a gentleman of good quallity in the said town, and published for satisfaction of all those that desire true information.  1647 1
A H   8
A H Active 17th Century : The Jesuits catechism according to St. Ignatius Loyola : for the instructing and strengthning of all those which are weak in that faith : wherein the impiety of their principles, perniciousness of their doctrines and iniquity of their practices are declared.  1685 1
A H Gent : The circles of proportion and the horizontall instrument &c. / Both invented, and the uses of both written in Latine by W. Oughtred Ætonens. Translated into English and set forth for the publique benefit by W.F. And now by the authors consent, revised, corrected, and freed from all mistakes in the former editition [sic]: and also much amplifyed and explained, by A.H. Gent.  1660 1
A H Scoto Britan : A bitte to stay the stomacks of good subiects, or, A suddaine and short vindication of the Scotts Commissioners papers intituled, The answer of the Commissioners of the kingdome of Scotland, &c. from the imputations laid upon them, in the declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, concerning the papers of the Scots Commissioners, &c. Martij 13 / by A.H., Scoto-Britan.  1647 1
A I Active 1566   2
A I B : Kratkaia biografiia Em. Svedenborga / sostavl. A. I. B.  1870 1
A J Abraham Jennings   2
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