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001    HULL-LLC-1260 
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008                                 000   eng   
050 04 ENG 866 
100 1  Allem, B 
245 10 Thinking About Measurement /|cB Allem, H Cooke, H Evens, H
260    |bThe Open University|c2000 
300    study book, introduction booklet / 2x25min / Number of 
       copies: 1 
490 0  Breakthrough to maths, science and technology 
520    Level:Intermediate - Advanced A unit of the Breakthrough 
       to mathematics, science and technology course. This 
       mathematically oriented module is about measurement: why 
       we make measurements, what we measure, and how we measure.
       It includes the interpretation of graphs, basic 
       calculations and the use of tables. It uses a variety of 
       everyday examples to illustate how mathematicians see the 
       world. The cassette conatains some texts and discussions. 
       See also: ENGB484 for The Sciences Good Study Guide which 
       is the set book for this course, and ENG866 - ENG8701for 
       other units in the course. Format: audio cassettes, audio 
       CDs, and materials. 
650 04 Science 
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