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Anglo Dutch Historical Conference 13th 1997 : The education of a Christian society : humanism and the Reformation in Britain and the Netherlands / edited by N. Scott Amos, Andrew Pettegree and Henk van Nierop.     
      The Education Of A Christian Society : Humanism And The Reformation In Britain And The Netherlands BJL; D 3 A3 A58   BOOK 1999
Anglo Dutch Historical Conference 14th 2000 Utrecht : Colonial empires compared : Britain and the Netherlands, 1750-1850 : papers delivered to the Fourteenth Anglo-Dutch Historical Conference, 2000 / edited by Bob Moore and Henk van Nierop.     
      Colonial Empires Compared : Britain And The Netherlands, 1750-1850 : Papers Delivered To The Fourtee BJL; D 3 A3 A58   BOOK 2003
Anglo Egyptian Chamber Of Commerce : Journal/ Anglo-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce.     
      Journal/ Anglo-Egyptian Chamber Of Commerce. BJL; HF 3881 A5   PERIODICAL  
Anglo German Foundation For The Study Of Industrial Society    
      The Approach To Industrial Change In Britain And Germany : A Comparative Study Of Workplace Industri BJL; HD 8391 A6   BOOK 1978
      Discrimination, Racism And Citizenship : Inclusion And Exclusion In Britain And Germany BJL; q HT 1600 G7 L4   BOOK 1994
      Federalising Europe? : The Costs, Benefits, And Preconditions Of Federal Political Systems : [Report BJL; q JK 15 H5   BOOK 1992
      Industrial Democracy : Ways Forward In Britain And West Germany BJL; q HD 5660 G7 A6   BOOK 1978
      Industrial Policy After 1992 : An Anglo-German Perspective BJL; HD 3616 G73 I4   BOOK 1990
Anglo German Seminar On Problems Of Middle High German Textual Criticism Ox : Probleme mittelalterlicher Überlieferung und Textkritik : Oxforder Colloquium 1966 / herausgegeben von P.F. Ganz und W. Schroder.     
      Probleme Mittelalterlicher Überlieferung Und Textkritik : Oxforder Colloquium 1966 BJL; PT 187 G2   BOOK 1968
Anglo Iranian Oil Co Ltd Central Planning Department : Our industry : ... an introduction to the petroleum industry.     
      Our Industry : ... An Introduction To The Petroleum Industry. BJL; HD 9560 A5   BOOK 1949
Anglo Israel Association    
      The Unromantics : The Great Powers And The Balfour Declaration. BJL; DS 125.5 K4   BOOK 1968
      Water Conservation In Israeli Crop Production. BJL; S 616 I8 C9   BOOK 1977
Anglo Japanese Economic Institute    
      Britain And Japan : Partners For Prosperity. BJL; HC 462.9 A5   BOOK 1988
      Modern Japan : An Illustrated Brochure Specially Produced In Response To The Growing Interest In The BJL; HC 462.9 C9   BOOK 1969
Anglo Jewish Association : Wherein I glory : a series of Jewish contributions on moral leadership.     
      Wherein I Glory : A Series Of Jewish Contributions On Moral Leadership. BJL; BM 560 W5   BOOK 1948
Anglo Netherlands Society : Britain and Holland : the official organ of the Anglo-Netherlands Society.     
      Britain And Holland : The Official Organ Of The Anglo-Netherlands Society. BJL; DJ 1 B86   PERIODICAL  
Anglo Norman Text Society    
      Anglo-Norman Anniversary Essays BJL; PC 2941 A5 O1(2)   BOOK 1993
      Anglo-Norman Dictionary Departmental Locations, BJL ; PC 2946 A5   BOOK 1990
      An Anglo-Norman Medical Compendium (Cambridge, Trinity College MS O.2.5 (1109)) BJL; PC 2941 A5 P6(18)   BOOK 2014
      An Anglo-Norman Pharmacopoeia : (Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Bodley 761) BJL; PC 2941 A5 P6(19)   BOOK 2017
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Anglo Romanian Conference On Mathematics In The Archaeological Andhistorica : Mathematics in the archaeological and historical sciences / edited by F. R. Hodson, D. G. Kendall and P. Tautu.     
      Mathematics In The Archaeological And Historical Sciences BJL; CC 80.6 A5   BOOK 1971
Anglo Russian News Bulletin : The U.S.S.R. the international situation and peace with Finland.     
      The U.S.S.R. The International Situation And Peace With Finland. BJL; DK 266.3 M7   BOOK 1940
Anglo Russian Parliamentary Committee    
      The 21st Anniversary Of The Soviet Regime : Celebration Speeches. BJL; DK 267.3 M7   BOOK 1938
      Anglo-Russian Trade : How It Could Be Immediately Increased By The Overseas Trade Acts And Trade Fac BJL; q HF 3508 R9 P9   BOOK 1925
      Anti-Soviet Lies Nailed. BJL; DK 272 G7 C6   BOOK 1930
      Cultural Development In The U.S.S.R. : Press And Book Publication. BJL; Z 368 A5   BOOK 1939
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Anglo Russian Theological Conference Moscow 1956 : Anglo-Russian theological conference, Moscow, July 1956 : a report of a theological conference / edited by H.M. Waddams.     
      Anglo-Russian Theological Conference, Moscow, July 1956 : A Report Of A Theological Conference BJL; BX 8 A5   BOOK 1958
Anglo Soviet Campaign Committee : What I saw in Russia.     
      What I Saw In Russia. BJL; DK 267.3 J6   BOOK 1943
Anglo Soviet Public Reations Association : Democracy in the Soviet Union.     
      Democracy In The Soviet Union. BJL; p JK 6587 A2 D6   BOOK 1940
Anglo Soviet Youth Friendship Alliance    
      Letters From U.S.S.R. BJL; DK 267.3 A5   BOOK  
      Pravda Children's Home. BJL; HV 887 R9 P9   BOOK 1943
      Soviet Youth Organisations : Pioneers, Komsomols, Sport And Culuture. BJL; HQ 799 R9 A5   BOOK 1943
Anglo Swedish Literary Foundation    
      Easter And Other Plays. BJL; PT 9811 A3 A5   BOOK 1929
      Franz Berwald. BJL; ML 410 B55 L4   BOOK 1959
      A History Of Sweden. BJL; DL 646 A5   BOOK 1956
      Lucky Peter's Travels And Other Plays. BJL; PT 9811 A3 A5   BOOK 1930
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Anglo Sydney    
      Chivalry In The Renaissance BJL; CR 4515 C5   BOOK 1990
      Images Of Tudor Kingship. BJL; DA 315 A5   BOOK 1992
      Machiavelli : A Dissection BJL; DG 738.14 M2 A5   BOOK 1969
      The Martial Arts Of Renaissance Europe. BJL; U 167.5 H3 A5   BOOK c2000
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Angloo Soviet Youth Friendship Alliance : Education in the U.S.S.R.     
      Education In The U.S.S.R. BJL; LA 832 A5   BOOK 1942
Anglure Le Seigneur D : Le saint voyage de Jerusalem du seigneur d'Anglure / publ. par François Bonnardot et Auguste Longnon.     
      Le Saint Voyage De Jerusalem Du Seigneur D'Anglure BJL; PQ 1300 A5 A6   BOOK 1878
Angly Edward : Fifty billion dollars : my thirteen years with the RFC (1932-1945) / ed J.H.Jones with E.Angly.     
      Fifty Billion Dollars : My Thirteen Years With The RFC (1932-1945) BJL; HG 3729 U4 J7   BOOK 1951
Angoff Charles    
      The Rise Of American Jewish Literature : Ananthology Of Selections From The Major Novels. BJL; PS 647 J4 A5   BOOK 1970
      Season Of Mists. BJL; PS 3501 N58 S4   BOOK 1971
Angola Action Group : Congo-Angola border enquiry.     
      Congo-Angola Border Enquiry. BJL; DT 611.7 T4   BOOK 1961
Angola Companhia De Diamantes : Companhia de Diamantes de Angola.     
      Companhia De Diamantes De Angola. BJL; HD 9677 A5   BOOK 1963
Angola Ministerio Da Cultura : Fontes e estudos : revista do Arquivo Histórico Nacional.     
      Fontes E Estudos : Revista Do Arquivo Histórico Nacional. Departmental Locations; DT 1325 F66   PERIODICAL 1995
Angold Michael    
      The Byzantine Empire, 1025-1204 : A Political History. BJL; DF 601 A5   BOOK 1984
      A Byzantine Government In Exile. BJL; DF 625 A5   BOOK 1975
      The Fall Of Constantinople To The Ottomans : Context And Consequences BJL; DF 649 A5   BOOK 2012
      The Fourth Crusade : Event And Context BJL; D 164 A5   BOOK 2003
Angot Emma : Roles & caracteres dans les comedies de Moliere.     
      Roles & Caracteres Dans Les Comedies De Moliere. BJL; PQ 1870 A5   BOOK 1922
  Angot Robert De Leperonniere -- See Angot, Robert, Sieur de l'Eperonniere
  Angot Robert De Lesperonniere -- See Angot, Robert, Sieur de l'Eperonniere
Angot Robert Sieur De Leperonniere    
      Les Exercices De Ce Temps. BJL; PQ 1711 A5 E9   BOOK 1924
      Les Exercices De Ce Temps BJL; PQ 1711 A5 E9   BOOK 1997
Angoulvant G : Les Indes neerlandaises : leur role dans l'economie internationale.     
      Les Indes Neerlandaises : Leur Role Dans L'economie Internationale. South East Asian Collection; HC 447 A5   BOOK 1926
Angrand Pierre : Victor Hugo raconte par les papiers d'etat.     
      Victor Hugo Raconte Par Les Papiers D'etat. BJL; PQ 2293 A5   BOOK 1961
Angress J F : Lattice vibrations.     
      Lattice Vibrations. BJL; QC 191 D6   BOOK 1971
Angrick Andrej 1962 : "Endlösung" in Riga. English     
      The "Final Solution" In Riga : Exploitation And Annihilation, 1941-1944 BJL; DS 135 L32 R53   BOOK 2012
Angrisani Anna : Rocco Scotellaro.     
      Rocco Scotellaro. BJL; PQ 4841 C59 Z61   BOOK 1982
Angrosino Michael V    
      Doing Ethnographic And Observational Research BJL; GN 346 A5   BOOK 2007
      Opportunity House : Ethnographic Stories Of Mental Retardation BJL; HV 3006 A4 A5   BOOK 1998
Angst Denise B : Psychosocial aspects of cystic fibrosis / edited by Myra Bluebond-Langner, Bryn Lask, Denise B. Angst.     
      Psychosocial Aspects Of Cystic Fibrosis BJL; RC 858 C95 P9   BOOK 2001
Angst Joachim : Johann Wolfgang Goethe : Iphigenie auf Tauris / herausgegeben von J. Angst und F. Hackert.     
      Johann Wolfgang Goethe : Iphigenie Auf Tauris BJL; PT 1955 A5   BOOK 1969
Angst Walter : Das Ausdrucksverhalten des Javaneraffen Macaca fascicularis Raffles 1821 : eine Einführung.     
      Das Ausdrucksverhalten Des Javaneraffen Macaca Fascicularis Raffles 1821 : Eine Einführung. BJL; QL 785 Z48 B4(15)   BOOK 1974
Angstrom Margareta Amalia    
      Modern English-Swedish And Swedish-English Dictionary. BJL; PD 5020 M1   BOOK 1959
      Svensk-Engelsk Ordbok. BJL; PD 5640 E7   BOOK 1942
Angue Fernand : De la democratie en Amerique / par C.P.Bouton en collaboration avec E.Bouton,de F.Angue.     
      De La Democratie En Amerique BJL; JN 216 T6   BOOK 1973
Anguilbertus Theobaldus    
      The Schoolemaster, Or Teacher Of Table Philosophie : A Most Pleasant And Merie Companion, Wel Worthy Online materials  EBOOKS 1576
      The Philosophers Banquet : Newly Furnished And Decked Forth With Much Variety Of Many Severall Dishe Online materials  EBOOKS 1633
      The Philosophers Banquet : Newly Furnished And Decked Forth With Much Variety Of Many Seuerall Dishe Online materials  EBOOKS 1614
      The Philosophers Banquet : Furnished With Few Dishes For Health: But Large Discourse For Pleasure. D Online materials  EBOOKS 1609
Anguizola Gustave : Philippe Bunau-Varilla : the man behind the Panama Canal.     
      Philippe Bunau-Varilla : The Man Behind The Panama Canal. BJL; TC 774 A5   BOOK 1980
Angulo Diego : El Museo Del Prado Diego Angulo     
      El Museo Del Prado BJL; SPAV 27   VIDEO  
Angus Butterworth Lionel Milner : Robert Burns and the 18th century revival in Scottish vernacular poetry.     
      Robert Burns And The 18th Century Revival In Scottish Vernacular Poetry. BJL; PR 4348 A5   BOOK 1969
Angus David 1955 : La clemenza di Tito [videorecording] : opera seria in two acts / music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ; libretto, Metastasio and Mazzola ; recitatives, Stephen Oliver ; directed for the stage by Nicholas Hytner.     
      La Clemenza Di Tito Opera Seria In Two Acts BJL; M1500.M84 C35   DVD 2007
Angus Ian    
      All Propaganda Is Lies, 1941-1942 BJL; PR 6029 R98 A1(13)   BOOK 1998
      The Collected Essays, Journalism And Letters Of George Orwell BJL; PR 6029 R98 A1   BOOK 1968
      Facing Unpleasant Facts, 1937-1939 BJL; PR 6029 R98 A1(11)   BOOK 1998
      I Belong To The Left, 1945 BJL; PR 6029 R98 A1(17)   BOOK 1998
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Angus J A S James A S : Acoustics and psychoacoustics / David M. Howard and Jamie Angus.     
      Acoustics And Psychoacoustics BJL; ML 3805 H8   BOOK 2006
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