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Borrot Alexandre : Bodico dictionnaire du francais sans faute : bien dire et bien ecrire le francais d'aujourd'hui / [par] A. Borrot [et] M. Didier.     
      Bodico Dictionnaire Du Francais Sans Faute : Bien Dire Et Bien Ecrire Le Francais D'aujourd'hui BJL; PC 2461 B6   BOOK 1970
Borrow George 1803 1881    
      Ballads Of All Nations. BJL; PN 6110 B2 B7   BOOK 1927
      The Bible In Spain. BJL; PR 4154 B5   BOOK  
      The Bible In Spain. BJL; PR 4154 B5   BOOK  
      The Bible In Spain BJL; PR 4154 B5 B9   BOOK 1924
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Borrow Leonard S : Elementary linear circuit analysis.     
      Elementary Linear Circuit Analysis. BJL; TK 7835 B6   BOOK 1981
Borrowman Merle L    
      The Liberal And Technical In Teacher Education A Historical Survey Of American Thought. BJL; JTFb B7   BOOK 1956
      Teacher Education In America : A Documentary History. BJL; JTFb B7   BOOK 1965
Borrows John 1963    
      Braiding Legal Orders : Implementing The United Nations Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous Peop Online materials; K3247 .B735 2019   EBOOKS 2019
      Freedom And Indigenous Constitutionalism BJL; KIA 20 C6 B7   BOOK 2016
      The Right Relationship : Reimagining The Implementation Of Historical Treaties BJL; E92 .R54 2017   BOOK 2017
Borrows Peter : Be safe : health and safety in primary school science and technology.     
      Be Safe : Health And Safety In Primary School Science And Technology. BJL; q LB 1585.5 G7 B3   BOOK 2001
Borrus Michael G : International production networks in Asia : rivalry or riches? / edited by Michael Borrus, Dieter Ernst, and Stephan Haggard.     
      International Production Networks In Asia : Rivalry Or Riches? BJL; HD 9696 A3 I6   BOOK 2000
Borsa Mario : The English stage of today.     
      The English Stage Of Today. BJL; PR 721 B7   BOOK  
Borsay Anne    
      Disabled Children : Contested Caring, 1850-1979 BJL; HV 888 D6   BOOK c2012
      Disabled People In The Community : A Study Of Housing, Health And Welfare Services. BJL; HV 1559 G7 B7   BOOK 1986
Borsay Peter    
      The Eighteenth-Century Town : A Reader In English Urban History 1688-1820 BJL; HT 133 B7   BOOK 1990
      The English Urban Renaissance : Culture And Society In The Provincial Town 1660-1770. BJL; HT 133 B7   BOOK 1989
      The English Urban Renaissance : Culture And Society In The Provincial Town, 1660-1770. BJL; HT 133 B7   BOOK 1991
      A History Of Leisure : The British Experience Since 1500. BJL; GV 75 B7   BOOK 2006
      Resorts And Ports : European Seaside Towns Since 1700 BJL; GV 191.48 G7 R4   BOOK c2011
Borsch Frederick Houk    
      The Christian And Gnostic Son Of Man. BJL; BT 232 B7   BOOK 1970
      The Son Of Man In Myth And History. BJL; BT 232 B7   BOOK 1967
Borsch Supan Helmut    
      Caspar David Friedrich . BJL; q ND 485 F91 B7   BOOK 1987
      Caspar David Friedrich, 1774-1840 : Romantic Landscape Painting In Dresden: [Catalogue Of An Exhibit BJL; q ND 485 F91 V3   BOOK 1972
      Karl Friedrich Schinkel : Architektur, Malerei, Kunstgewerbe BJL; q NA 985 S33 B5   BOOK 1981
Borschberg Peter    
      Hugo Grotius, The Portuguese And Free Trade In The East Indies BJL; KZ 2093 B7   BOOK c2011
      The Singapore And Melaka Straits : Violence, Security And Diplomacy In The 17th Century South East Asian Collection; DS 596.6 B7   BOOK c2010
Borscheid Peter    
      Mit Sicherheit Leben : Die Geschichte Der Deutschen Lebensversicherungswirtschaft Und Der Provinzial BJL; q HG 9075 W5 B7   BOOK 1989
      Versicherungsstatistik Deutschlands, 1750-1985 BJL; HA 1245 V5   BOOK 1988
Borsdorf Ulrich 1944 : Essen : Geschichte einer Stadt / Hermann Burghard ... [et al.] ; von Ulrich Borsdorf herausgegeben.     
      Essen : Geschichte Einer Stadt BJL; DD 901 E75 E7   BOOK 2002
Borse Garold J    
      FORTRAN 77 And Numerical Methods For Engineers. BJL; TA 345 B7   BOOK 1985
      Fortran 77 And Numerical Methods For Engineers. BJL; TA 345 B7   BOOK 1991
Borsellino Nino    
      Gli Anticlassicisti Del Cinquecento. BJL; PQ 4037 L65(20)   BOOK 1973
      Leopardi : Introduzione All'opera BJL; PQ 4710 L5   BOOK 1973
      Lettura Dell' Orlando Furioso. BJL; PQ 4569 B7   BOOK 1972
      Ludovico Ariosto. BJL; PQ 4037 L65(18)   BOOK 1973
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Borsenberger Paul M 1935 : Organic photoreceptors for xerography / Paul M. Borsenberger and David S. Weiss.     
      Organic Photoreceptors For Xerography BJL; TR 1045 B7   BOOK 1998
Borsenik Frank D : The management of maintenance and engineering systems in hospitality industries.     
      The Management Of Maintenance And Engineering Systems In Hospitality Industries. BJL; TX 928 B7   BOOK 1979
Borsenverein Der Deutschen Buchhandlelr Zu Leipzig : The German democratic republic : a country of books.     
      The German Democratic Republic : A Country Of Books. BJL; p Z 321 B7   BOOK 1972
Borset Samuel    
      Invisibles, Realities, Demonstrated In The Holy Life And Triumphant Death Of Mr. John Janeway, Fello Online materials  EBOOKS 1674
      Invisibles, Realities, Demonstrated In The Holy Life And Triumphant Death Of Mr. John Janeway, Fello Online materials  EBOOKS 1678
Borsi Franco    
      Architect Victor Horta : The Meaning Of A Style : A Review Of The Book Victor Herta, By F. Borsi And BJL; DH 690 B4   BOOK 1971
      L'architettura Del Principe. BJL; q NA 1026.9 F6 B7   BOOK 1980
      Il Disegno Interrotto : Trattacti Medicei D'archittura BJL; NA 2515 D6   BOOK 1980
      Leon Battista Alberti. BJL; q NA 1026 A3 B7   BOOK 1977
      Paolo Uccello BJL; q ND 526 U16 B7   BOOK 1994
Borsi Giosue : Versi 1905-1912.     
      Versi 1905-1912. BJL; PQ 4807 O84 A2   BOOK 1922
Borsi Stefano : Paolo Uccello / Franco and Stefano Borsi.     
      Paolo Uccello BJL; q ND 526 U16 B7   BOOK 1994
Borsky G : The greatest swindle in the world; the story of the German reparations.     
      The Greatest Swindle In The World; The Story Of The German Reparations. BJL; DD 232 B7   BOOK  
Borsody Stephen : The triumph of tyranny : the Nazi and Soviet conquest of Central Europe.     
      The Triumph Of Tyranny : The Nazi And Soviet Conquest Of Central Europe. BJL; D 443 B7   BOOK 1960
Borsoi Edward E : Tertulia conversacion composicion repaso gramatical.     
      Tertulia Conversacion Composicion Repaso Gramatical. BJL; PC 4112 C9   BOOK 1972
Borsook Eve    
      The Companion Guide To Florence. BJL; DG 732 B7   BOOK 1979
      The Companion Guide To Florence. BJL; DG 732 B7   BOOK 1979
      Italian Altarpieces, 1250-1550 : Function And Design BJL; q N 7909 A1 I8   BOOK 1994
      Messages In Mosaic : The Royal Programmes Of Norman Sicily, 1130-1187 BJL; NA 3792 N67 B7   BOOK 1998
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Borssele Van Der Hooge Philip Jacob Van 1670 1735 : The speech which their Excellencies, Messieurs van Duyvenvoord and van Borsselen ambassadors extraordinary from their High Mightinesses, the States General; made to His Majesty on the 12th instant, when they had their publick audience..     
      The Speech Which Their Excellencies, Messieurs Van Duyvenvoord And Van Borsselen Ambassadors Extraor Online materials  EBOOKS 1715
Borst Anton : The craft of college teaching : a practical guide / Robert DiYanni and Anton Borst.     
      The Craft Of College Teaching : A Practical Guide Online materials; LB1738 LB1738 .D59 2020   EBOOKS 2020
Borst Arno    
      Les Cathares. BJL; BT 1360 B7   BOOK 1974
      Medieval Worlds : Barbarians, Heretics And Artists In The Middle Ages. BJL  BOOK 1991
Borst C V : The mind-brain identity theory : a compilation of papers.     
      The Mind-Brain Identity Theory : A Compilation Of Papers. BJL; BD 450 M6   BOOK 1970
Borst Danielle    
      Les Huguenots BJL; C/D 2542   CD AUDIO p1990
      IphigĂ©nie En Tauride BJL; C/D 2446   CD AUDIO p1986
Borst William Alvord : Lord Byron's first pilgrimage.     
      Lord Byron's First Pilgrimage. BJL; PR 4398 B7   BOOK 1948
Borstelmann Thomas    
      The 1970s : A New Global History From Civil Rights To Economic Inequality Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
      Apartheid's Reluctant Uncle : The United States And Southern Africa In The Early Cold War BJL; E 183.8 S6 B7   BOOK 1993
Borsutzky Dieter : Vietnam : kapitalistisches erwachen und kleingewerbliche reaktionsformen.     
      Vietnam : Kapitalistisches Erwachen Und Kleingewerbliche Reaktionsformen. South East Asian Collection; q HN 1 U59 W9(226)   BOOK 1995
Bort Eberhard 1954 : The frontiers of Europe / edited by Malcolm Anderson and Eberhard Bort.     
      The Frontiers Of Europe BJL; D 445 F9   BOOK 1998
  Bortenschlager Sigrid Schmid 1946 -- See Schmid-Bortenschlager, Sigrid, 1946-
Bortenschlager Wilhelm : Deutsche Dichtung in 20. Jahrhundert.     
      Deutsche Dichtung In 20. Jahrhundert. BJL; PT 401 B7   BOOK 1966
Bortfeld Thomas 1962 : New technologies in radiation oncology / W. Schlegel, T. Bortfeld, A.-L. Grosu, eds.     
      New Technologies In Radiation Oncology BJL; RC 271 R3 N5   BOOK 2006
Bortfeldt Heinrich : Von der SED zur PDS : Wandlung zur Demokratie?     
      Von Der SED Zur PDS : Wandlung Zur Demokratie? BJL; JK 3971.5 A98 S7   BOOK 1992
Borthwick Alastair 1913 2003    
      The Tay Road Bridge. BJL; q HE 377 G7 B7   BOOK 1966
      Yarrow And Company Limited, 1865-1977. BJL; VM 301 Y2   BOOK 1977
      Yarrow And Company Limited : The First Hundred Years, 1865-1965. Departmental Locations; q VM 301 Y2 B7   BOOK c1965
Borthwick Alastair 1964 : Music theory and analysis : the limitations of logic.     
      Music Theory And Analysis : The Limitations Of Logic. BJL; MT 6 B7   BOOK 1995
Borthwick Bruce Maynard : Comparative politics of the Middle East.     
      Comparative Politics Of The Middle East. BJL; DS 62.8 B7   BOOK 1980
Borthwick Henry : Unto his Grace, his Majesties high commissioner; and the right honourable the Estates of Parliament : the petition of Henry Borthwick son to the deceast William Borthwick chyrurgian apothecary.     
      Unto His Grace, His Majesties High Commissioner; And The Right Honourable The Estates Of Parliament Online materials  EBOOKS 1689?
  Borthwick Institute For Archives -- See Also Borthwick Institute of Historical Research
Borthwick Institute For Archives    
      Archbishop Thomson's Visitation Returns For The Diocese Of York, 1865 BJL; DA 670 Y6 B651(34)   BOOK 2006
      Bishop Bickersteth's Visitation Returns For The Archdeaconry Of Craven, Diocese Of Ripon, 1858 BJL; DA 670 Y6 B651(37)   BOOK 2009
      The Cartulary Of St Leonard's Hospital, York BJL; DA 670 Y6 B651(42)   BOOK 2015
      Yorkshire Returns Of The 1851 Census Of Religious Worship BJL  BOOK 2005
9 additional entries    
  Borthwick Institute Of Historical Research -- See Also Borthwick Institute for Archives
Borthwick Institute Of Historical Research    
      The Anglican Clergy And Yorkshire Politics In The Eighteenth Century BJL; DA 690 Y6 S1(94)   BOOK 1998
      Borthwick Institute Bulletin. BJL; q DA 20 B73 B7   PERIODICAL 1988
      The Borthwick Institute Of Historical Research : Classified Subject Index BJL; q DA 670 Y6 B7   BOOK 1962
      A Brief Guide To Yorkshire Record Offices. BJL; q CD 1065 Y6 B8   BOOK 1968
27 additional entries    
Borthwick L : Teacher allocation : being a thesis.     
      Teacher Allocation : Being A Thesis. BJL; T/H 1978 M.Sc. B7   THESIS 1978
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