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Bowman Gerald : The lamp and the book : the story of the Rcn 1916-1966.     
      The Lamp And The Book : The Story Of The Rcn 1916-1966. BJL; RT 11 B7   BOOK 1967
Bowman Henry : Songs for 1, 2, & 3 voyces / composed by Henry Bowman.     
      Songs For 1, 2, & 3 Voyces Online materials  EBOOKS 1677
Bowman Henry Active 1677    
      Songs For One, Tvvo & Three Voices To The Thorovv-Bass : With Some Short Symphonies Online materials  EBOOKS 1678
      Songs For One, Two, & Three Voyces To The Thorow-Bass Online materials  EBOOKS 1679
Bowman Isa    
      Miss Mischief Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1905/03/06)   PLAYBILL 1905
      The Rose Of The Riviera Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1903/07/27)   PLAYBILL 1903
Bowman Isaiah 1878 1950    
      The Andes Of Southern Peru : Geographical Reconnaissance Along The Seventy-Thitd Meridian. BJL; G 148 P4 B7   BOOK 1916
      Forest Physiography : Physiography Of The United States And Principles Of Soils In Relation To Fores BJL; GB 370 B7   BOOK 1911
      Geography In Relation To The Social Sciences. BJL; G 71 B7   BOOK  
      Limits Of Land Settlement. BJL; GF 101 B7   BOOK  
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Bowman J H    
      Essential Cataloguing. BJL; Z 693 B7   BOOK 2003
      Essential Dewey BJL; Z 696 D7 B7   BOOK 2005
Bowman J W : The intention of Jesus.     
      The Intention Of Jesus. BJL; BT 198 B7   BOOK  
Bowman James 1941 Nov 6    
      Admeto, Re Di Tessaglia BJL; C/D 2464   CD AUDIO 1998
      Akathist Of Thanksgiving BJL; C/D 507   CD AUDIO 1994
      Athalia BJL; C/D 2488   CD AUDIO p1986
      Belshazzar BJL; C/D 2489   CD AUDIO p1991
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Bowman James And Sons Ltd Flour Millers : The Bowman story : a century of flour milling 1857-1957.     
      The Bowman Story : A Century Of Flour Milling 1857-1957. BJL; HD 9056 B7 B7   BOOK 1957
Bowman James S 1945 : The professional edge : competencies in public service / James S. Bowman ... [et al.].     
      The Professional Edge : Competencies In Public Service BJL; JF 1351 P9   BOOK 2004
Bowman James Sir 1898 1978    
      Address By The Chairman Of The National Coal Board To The Annual Conference Of The National Union Of BJL; HD 9551.5 B7   BOOK  
      The Chairman Of The Coal Board Addresses The N.U.M. BJL; HD 9551.5 B7   BOOK 1956
Bowman Joel P : Business report writing / Joel P. Bowman, Bernadine P. Branchaw.     
      Business Report Writing BJL; HF 5719 B7   BOOK 1988
Bowman John    
      The Fourth Gospel And The Jews : A Study In R. Akiba, Esther And The Gospel Of John. BJL; BS 2615 B7   BOOK 1975
      The Gospel Of Mark : The New Christian Jewish Passover Haggadah. BJL; BS 2585 B7   BOOK 1965
      Samaritan Documents,Relating To Their History Religion And Life. BJL; BM 917 S1   BOOK 1977
      The Samaritan Problem : Studies In The Relationships Of Samaritanism, Judaism And Early Christianity BJL; BM 935 B7   BOOK 1975
      Samaritanische Probleme : Studien Zum Verhaltnis Von Samaritanertum, Judentum Und Urchristentum. BJL; BM 935 B7   BOOK 1967
Bowman John 1942 : De Valera and the Ulster question, 1917-1973.     
      De Valera And The Ulster Question, 1917-1973. BJL; DA 965 D4 B7   BOOK 1982
Bowman John C    
      Animals For Man. BJL; SF 41 B7   BOOK 1977
      An Introduction To Animal Breeding. BJL; SF 105 B7   BOOK 1984
      An Introduction To Animal Breeding. BJL; SF 105 B7   BOOK 1974
Bowman Kevin : Systems analysis : a beginner's guide / Kevin Bowman.     
      Systems Analysis : A Beginner's Guide BJL  BOOK c2004
Bowman Larry W    
      Mauritius : Democracy And Development In The Indian Ocean. BJL; DT 469 M47 B7   BOOK 1991
      Politics In Rhodesia : White Power In An African State. BJL; JQ 2929 A15 B7   BOOK 1973
Bowman Lee 1914 1979 : Bataan [videorecording] / directed by Tay Garnett.     
      Bataan BJL; PN 1997 B3283   DVD c2006
Bowman Leroy Edward : The American funeral : a study in guilt, extravagance and sublimity.     
      The American Funeral : A Study In Guilt, Extravagance And Sublimity. BJL; GT 3203 B7   BOOK 1973
Bowman M J : Multilateral treaties : index and current status / compiled and annotated ... by M.J. Bowman and D.J. Harris.     
      Multilateral Treaties : Index And Current Status BJL; KZ 118 B7   BOOK 1984
Bowman Margaret Jane : Bullying in schools : an examination of its causes and strategies for dealing with it.     
      Bullying In Schools : An Examination Of Its Causes And Strategies For Dealing With It. BJL; T/H 1993 M.Ed. B7   THESIS 1993
Bowman Marion : Raising money for women : a survivors' guide.     
      Raising Money For Women : A Survivors' Guide. BJL; HV 41 B7   BOOK 1986
Bowman Martin W 1952 : The Bedford triangle : U.S. undercover operations from England in World War 2.     
      The Bedford Triangle : U.S. Undercover Operations From England In World War 2. BJL; D 810 S7 B7   BOOK c1988
Bowman Mary Jean    
      Education And Economic Development BJL; HD 5707 A5   BOOK 1965
      Resources And People In East Kentucky : Problems And Potentials Of A Lagging Economy BJL; GF 904 K3 B7   BOOK 1963
Bowman Michael    
      Conceptual And Contextual Perspectives On The Modern Law Of Treaties Online materials  EBOOKS 2018
      International Law And The Conservation Of Biological Diversity BJL; JX 5910 I6   BOOK 1996
      Lyster's International Wildlife Law BJL; K3525 B69 2010   BOOK 2010
Bowman Michael John : A picosecond timing system : a thesis.     
      A Picosecond Timing System : A Thesis. BJL; T/H 1980 M.Sc. B7   THESIS 1980
Bowman Michael P : Nursing management and education : a conceptual approach to change.     
      Nursing Management And Education : A Conceptual Approach To Change. BJL; RT 89 B7   BOOK 1986
Bowman Mrs Elizabeth 1677 1707    
      A Song In The City-Lady Online materials  EBOOKS 1704
      A Song In The Pretenders Or The Towne Un-Mask't Online materials  EBOOKS 1704
Bowman Ned A : Contemporary theatre architecture : an illustrated survey by M. Silverman and A. Checklist of publications 1946-1964 by N.A. Bowman.     
      Contemporary Theatre Architecture : An Illustrated Survey By M. Silverman And A. Checklist Of Public BJL; q NA 6821 S5   BOOK 1965
Bowman Nellie : My aunt ; Curing a selfish husband / Guy Newall.     
      My Aunt ; Curing A Selfish Husband Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1915/03/15)   PLAYBILL 1915
Bowman Pat : Financial public relations / edited by Pat Bowman and Richard Bing.     
      Financial Public Relations BJL; HG 186 G7 F4   BOOK 1993
Bowman Paul Hoover : Mobilizing community resources for youth : identification and treatment of maladjusted, delinquent and gifted children.     
      Mobilizing Community Resources For Youth : Identification And Treatment Of Maladjusted, Delinquent A BJL; HQ 796 B7   BOOK 1956
Bowman Rob    
      The X-Files BJL; PN 1997 X15   DVD 2012
      The X-Files : I Want To Believe BJL; PN 1997 X155   DVD 2012
Bowman Robert M J Robert Maxwell James : Soulsville, U.S.A. : the story of Stax Records / Rob Bowman.     
      Soulsville, U.S.A. : The Story Of Stax Records BJL  BOOK 2003
Bowman Sheridan : Radiocarbon dating.     
      Radiocarbon Dating. BJL; QE 508 B7   BOOK 1990
Bowman Sylvia Edmonia    
      Discovery Of A Genius : William Dean Howells And Henry James. BJL; PS 2128 D6   BOOK 1961
      Studies In Honor Of Gerald E. Wade BJL; PQ 6004 W14 S9   BOOK 1979
      The Year 2000 : A Critical Biography Of Edward Bellamy. BJL; HX 39 B4 B7   BOOK 1958
Bowman Thomas Active 1664 1678 : Catalogus librorum tam antiquorum quam recentium in omni facultate insignium     
      Catalogus Librorum Tam Antiquorum Quam Recentium In Omni Facultate Insignium Online materials  EBOOKS 1686
Bowman Thomas E    
      Cymothoidae From Fishes Of Kuwait (Arabian Gulf) (Crustacea : Isopoda) BJL; QL 1 S62(382)   BOOK 1983
      The Distribution Of Calanoid Copepods Off The Southeastern United States Between Cape Hatteras And S BJL; QL 1 S62(96)   BOOK 1971
      Epipelagic Amphipods Of The Family Hyperiidae From The International Indian Ocean Expedition, 1959-1 BJL; QL 1 S62(359)   BOOK 1982
      The Families And Genera Of Hyperiidea (Crustacea:Amphipoda). BJL; QL 1 S62(146)   BOOK 1973
7 additional entries    
Bowman Timothy    
      The Edwardian Army : Recruiting, Training, And Deploying The British Army, 1902-1914 BJL; UA 649 B7   BOOK 2012
      The Irish Regiments In The Great War : Discipline And Morale BJL; D 547 I6 B7   BOOK 2004
Bowman Vibiana 1953 : The plagiarism plague : a resource guide and CD-ROM tutorial for educators and librarians / edited by Vibiana Bowman.     
      The Plagiarism Plague : A Resource Guide And CD-ROM Tutorial For Educators And Librarians BJL; PN 167 P6   BOOK c2004
Bowman Ward S : Patent and antitrust law : a legal and economic appraisal.     
      Patent And Antitrust Law : A Legal And Economic Appraisal. BJL; KT 149 B7   BOOK 1973
Bowman Wayne D 1947    
      The Oxford Handbook Of Philosophy In Music Education Online materials  EBOOKS c2012
      Philosophical Perspectives On Music. BJL; ML 3800 B7   BOOK 1998
Bowman William Active 1855 : Reliquiæ antiquæ Eboracenses; or, Remains of Antiquity, relating to the county of York / by William Bowman ..., assisted by several local antiquaries.     
      Reliquiæ Antiquæ Eboracenses; Or, Remains Of Antiquity, Relating To The County Of York BJL; sq DA 670 Y6 B7   BOOK 1855
Bowman William Cameron    
      Textbook Of Pharmacology. BJL; QP 905 B7   BOOK 1968
      Textbook Of Pharmacology. BJL; QP 905 B7   BOOK 1980
Bown Alfred H J    
      Port Economics. BJL; HE 551 B8   BOOK 1953
      Port Operation And Administration. BJL; HE 551 B8   BOOK 1950
Bown C J : The soils of the country round Stranraer and Wigtown (sheets 1, 2, 3, 4 and part 7).     
      The Soils Of The Country Round Stranraer And Wigtown (Sheets 1, 2, 3, 4 And Part 7). BJL; S 598.7 M53 S8   BOOK 1979
Bown Charles Clayton : Convertible bonds and the cost of capital : some theoretical considerations and empirical findings : a thesis.     
      Convertible Bonds And The Cost Of Capital : Some Theoretical Considerations And Empirical Findings : BJL; M/I 958   MICROFORM 1969
Bown Clifford : Man to man / William Bourne.     
      Man To Man Departmental Locations; PN 2595 H9 A3(1913/10/13)   PLAYBILL 1913
Bown Colin    
      China, 1949-76. BJL; DS 777.55 B7   BOOK 1977
      Cold War To Detente 1945-83 BJL; JX 1393 C6 B7   BOOK 1984
Bown Deni    
      Pond. Education Resources  BOOK 1989
      Stream. Education Resources  BOOK 1989
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