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Broglie : Matter and light : the new physics.     
      Matter And Light : The New Physics. BJL; QC 21 B8   BOOK 1939
Broglie Charles Francois Conte De : Correspondance secrete du comte de Broglie avec Louis XV 1756-1774 / par D. Ozanam et M. Antoine.     
      Correspondance Secrete Du Comte De Broglie Avec Louis XV 1756-1774 BJL; DC 2 S67 B86   BOOK 1956
Broglie Gabriel De : Le francais, pour qu'il vive.     
      Le Francais, Pour Qu'il Vive. BJL; PC 2087 B8   BOOK 1986
Broglie L V De : Le Mecanique ondulatoire.     
      Le Mecanique Ondulatoire. BJL; QC 174.2 B8   BOOK  
Broglie Louis Victor Pierre Raymond De    
      The Current Interpretation Of Wave Mechanics. BJL; QC 174.2 B8   BOOK 1964
      Non-Linear Wave Mechanics. BJL; QC 174.2 B8   BOOK 1960
      Quantum Mechanics, Determinism, Causality And Particles BJL; QC 174.125 Q1   BOOK 1976
      Wave Mechanics And Molecular Biology. BJL; QH 335 B8   BOOK 1966
Broglie Louis Victor Pierre Raymond De Prince    
      The Aim And Structure Of Physical Theory. BJL; QC 6 D8   BOOK 1954
      New Perspectives In Physics. BJL; QC 21 B8   BOOK 1962
      Quantum, Space And Time - The Quest Continues : Studies And Essays In Honour Of Louis De Broglie, Pa BJL; QC 174.12 Q1   BOOK 1984
Broglio Luigi : Esperimento e risultati del satellite S. Marco I.     
      Esperimento E Risultati Del Satellite S. Marco I. BJL; q AS 222 A26 P9 (80)   BOOK 1966
Brognoligo Gioachino : Tommaso Grossi : la vita e le opere.     
      Tommaso Grossi : La Vita E Le Opere. BJL; PQ 4705 G6 Z6   BOOK 1916
Brograve John Sir 1613 : Three learned readings made upon three very usefull statutes: : the first, by that great and eminent sage of the law, Sir Iames Dyer, of the Middle Temple, upon the statute of 32.H.8.Chap.I. of Wills, and 34. & 35. Hen.8.Chap.5. for the explanation of that statute. The second, by Sir Iohn Brograve, of Grayes Inne, sometime his Majesties attourney of the dutchy of Lancaster, upon the statute of 27.H.8.Chap.10. concerning jointures. The third, by Thomas Risden esquire, of the Inner Temple, upon the statute of 8.Hen.6. Chap.9. of forcible entry.     
      Three Learned Readings Made Upon Three Very Usefull Statutes: : The First, By That Great And Eminent Online materials  EBOOKS 1648
Brograve Robert 1656 Or 7 : A sermon preach'd before the King and Queen at Hampton-Court, May the 12th, 1689 / by Robert Brograve ...     
      A Sermon Preach'd Before The King And Queen At Hampton-Court, May The 12th, 1689 Online materials  EBOOKS 1689
Brogsitter Karl Otto : Artusepik.     
      Artusepik. BJL; PT 202 B8   BOOK 1965
Brogyanyi Bela : Studies in diachronic, synchronic and typological linguistics : Festschrift for Oswald Szemerenyi ... / edited by B. Brogyanyi.     
      Studies In Diachronic, Synchronic And Typological Linguistics : Festschrift For Oswald Szemerenyi .. BJL; P 26 S9 S9   BOOK 1979
Brohan Torsten 1948 : Design classic, 1880-1930 / English translation by Ishbel Flett.     
      Design Classic, 1880-1930 BJL  BOOK 2001
Brohi A K : Iqbal and the concept of "Islamic socialism".     
      Iqbal And The Concept Of "Islamic Socialism". BJL; BP 173.6 B8   BOOK 1967
Brohier R L    
      Food And The People. BJL; HD 2084.1 B8   BOOK 1975
      Seeing Ceylon : In Vistas Of Scenery, History, Legend And Folklore. BJL; DS 489 B8   BOOK 1981
Brohm Jean Maire : Lenine.     
      Lenine. BJL; DK 254 L4 L9   BOOK 1965
Brohman John : Popular development : rethinking the theory and practice of development.     
      Popular Development : Rethinking The Theory And Practice Of Development. BJL; HC 59.7 B8   BOOK 1996
Brohmer Paul : Die Tierwelt Mitteleuropas / herausgegeben von P. Brohmer, P. Ehrmann und G. Ulmer.     
      Die Tierwelt Mitteleuropas BJL; QL 151 B8   BOOK 1927
Brohn William D : Wicked [sound recording] : a new musical : original Broadway cast recording / music & lyrics by Stephen Schwartz ; book by Winnie Holzman ; orchestrations, William David Brohn.     
      Wicked A New Musical : Original Broadway Cast Recording BJL; C/D 2773   CD AUDIO p2003
Broholm Paul : Revitalizing Western economies / R.L. Ackoff, P. Broholm, R. Snow.     
      Revitalizing Western Economies BJL; HC 59 A1   BOOK 1984
Broich John : Squadron : ending the African slave trade / John Broich.     
      Squadron : Ending The African Slave Trade Departmental Locations; HT 1323 B8   BOOK 2017
Broich Ulrich    
      The Eighteenth-Century Mock-Heroic Poem BJL; PR 559 M63 B8   BOOK 1990
      Mock Heroic Poetry BJL; PR 1217 B8   BOOK 1971
Broida Herbert : Formation and trapping of free radicals.     
      Formation And Trapping Of Free Radicals. Departmental Locations; QD 501 K5 B3   BOOK 1960
Broida Herbert Philip    
      A Spectrophotometric Atlas Of The Spectrum CH From 3000A To 5000A BJL; QC 100 U5 M75(24)   BOOK 1961
      Stabilization Of Free Radicals At Low Temperatures : Based On 7 Papers Presented At The 4th Internat BJL; QC 100 U5 M75(12)   BOOK 1960
Broido Eva Lvovna : Memoirs of a revolutionary.     
      Memoirs Of A Revolutionary. BJL; DK 254 B8   BOOK 1967
Broido Vera    
      Apostles Into Terrorists : Women And The Revolutionary Movement In The Russia Of Alexander II. BJL; DK 221 B8   BOOK 1978
      Lenin And The Mensheviks : The Persecution Of Socialists Under Bolshevism. BJL; HX 379 B8   BOOK 1987
      Memoirs Of A Revolutionary. BJL; DK 254 B8   BOOK 1967
Broihahn Michael A : International financial statement analysis.     
      International Financial Statement Analysis. Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
Broiles Rowland David : The moral philosophy of David Hume.     
      The Moral Philosophy Of David Hume. BJL; B 1499 B8   BOOK 1964
Broinowski Alison    
      ASEAN Into The 1990's South East Asian Collection; DS 518.1 A8   BOOK 1990
      Understanding ASEAN South East Asian Collection; DS 518.1 U5   BOOK 1982
      The Yellow Lady : Australian Impressions Of Asia. BJL; DS 33.4 A9 B8   BOOK 1992
Brojer Robert : Sonate G-Dur op. 1, Nr. 3 für Altblockflöte (Violine, Oboe) und Gitarre : Gitarre-Continuo.     
      Sonate G-Dur Op. 1, Nr. 3 Für Altblockflöte (Violine, Oboe) Und Gitarre : Gitarre-Continuo. BJL; q M 297 L825   PRINTED MUSIC 1968
Brok C J M : De verhouding openbaar-bijzonder onderwijs in Breda gedurende de negentiende eeuw.     
      De Verhouding Openbaar-Bijzonder Onderwijs In Breda Gedurende De Negentiende Eeuw. BJL; DJ 4 B49 (1)   BOOK 1964
Brok M F : Wat moet ik met de mammoet? : praktische wegwijzer in het nieuwe voortgezet onderwijs.     
      Wat Moet Ik Met De Mammoet? : Praktische Wegwijzer In Het Nieuwe Voortgezet Onderwijs. BJL; LA 821.8 B8   BOOK 1968
Brokaw Cary : Merchant of Venice     
      William Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice BJL; PN 1997 M5548   DVD 2006
Brokaw Tom : The greatest generation / Tom Brokaw.     
      The Greatest Generation BJL; D 811 A2 B8   BOOK 2002
Broke A V B : Group and consortium relief.     
      Group And Consortium Relief. BJL; q HD 2753 G7 B8   BOOK 1983
Broke Thomas    
      Certeyn Meditations : And Thinges To Be Had In Remembraunce, And Well Considered By Euery Christia[N Online materials  EBOOKS 1548
      Of The Life Or Conuersation Of A Christen Man, A Right Godly Treatise, Wyrtten [Sic] In The Latin To Online materials  EBOOKS 1549
      A Faythfull And Moost Godlye Treatyse Concernyng The Most Sacred Sacrament Of The Blessed Body And B Online materials  EBOOKS 1548?
      A Faythful And Most Godly Treatyse Concernyng The Most Sacred Sacrame[N]T Of The Blessed Body And Bl Online materials  EBOOKS 1548?
Broke Thomas Active 1570    
      An Epitaphe Declaryng The Lyfe And End Of D. Edmund Boner &c. Online materials  EBOOKS 1569?
      A Slaunderous Libell (Cast Abroad) Vnto An Epitaph Set Forth Vpon The Death Of D.E. Boner, With A Re Online materials  EBOOKS 1569?
Broke Thomas The Younger : An epitaphe declaryng the lyfe and end of D. Edmund Boner &c. / T. Bro. the younger.     
      An Epitaphe Declaryng The Lyfe And End Of D. Edmund Boner &c. Online materials  EBOOKS 1569?
Brokeman J    
      The Tradesmans Lamentation: Or The Mechanicks Complaint.. Online materials  EBOOKS 1663
      The Tradesmans Lamentation: Or The Mechanicks Complaint Online materials  EBOOKS 1663
Brokemper Bettina : Etz limon / director, Eran Riklis.     
      Etz Limon BJL; PN 1997 E858   DVD 2009
Brokensha David    
      Anthropology Of Development And Change In East Africa BJL; HC 860 A6   BOOK 1988
      Applied Anthropology In English Speaking Africa. BJL; q GN 1 S67 M7 (8)   BOOK 1966
Brokensha David W    
      Africa In The Wider World : The Inter-Relationship Of Area And Comparative Studies BJL; DT 3 A2   BOOK 1967
      The Anthropology Of Development In Sub-Saharan Africa. BJL; q GN 1 S67 M7(10)   BOOK 1969
      Ecology And Economic Development In Tropical Africa. BJL; GF 721 T8 B8   BOOK 1965
      Indigenous Knowledge Systems And Development BJL; GN 476 I3   BOOK 1980
      Social Change At Larteh Ghana. BJL; GN 655 G4 B8   BOOK 1966
Brokesby Francis : The life of Mr. Henry Dodwell.     
      The Life Of Mr. Henry Dodwell. BJL; HTL 233   BOOK 1715
Brokesby Francis 1637 1714 : A perswasive to reformation and union as the best security against the designs of our popish enemies     
      A Perswasive To Reformation And Union As The Best Security Against The Designs Of Our Popish Enemies Online materials  EBOOKS 1680
Brokett John    
      Gods Statute For Generall Iudgement By The Man Christ Iesus. : Opened In A Sermon At The Funerall Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1642
      Gods Statute For Generall Iudgement By The Man Christ Iesvs : Opened In A Sermon At The Funerall Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1642
Brokken H M : Het ontstaan van de Hoekse en Kabeljauwse twisten.     
      Het Ontstaan Van De Hoekse En Kabeljauwse Twisten. BJL; DJ 401 H662 B8   BOOK 1982
Brokoph Mauch Gudrun : Beiträge zur Musil-Kritik.     
      Beiträge Zur Musil-Kritik. BJL; PT 2625 U85 Z61   BOOK 1983
Broks Peter : Understanding popular science / Peter Broks.     
      Understanding Popular Science BJL; Q175.5   BOOK 2006
Brolin Brant C : The failure of modern architecture.     
      The Failure Of Modern Architecture. BJL; NA 680 B8   BOOK 1976
Brolin James 1940    
      The Amityville Horror BJL; PN 1997 A5175   DVD 2005
      Capricorn One BJL; PN 1997 C2533   DVD c2005
      The Car BJL; PN 1997 C257   DVD c2005
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