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Cammer John R : Sociological approaches to the study of language and literacy in southeast Asia.     
      Sociological Approaches To The Study Of Language And Literacy In Southeast Asia. South East Asian Collection; q HN 716 U58 W9(56)   BOOK 1976
Cammerlbeeck G J P Fernhout Edgar : Edgar Fernheut.     
      Edgar Fernheut. BJL; ND 529 F3 C1   BOOK 1969
Cammett John Mckay    
      Antonio Gramsci And The Origins Of Italian Communism. BJL; HX 343 G7 C1   BOOK 1967
      Antonio Gramsci And The Origins Of Italian Communism. BJL; HX 343 G7 C1   BOOK 1967
Cammish Nadine K    
      Factors Affecting Female Participation In Education In Seven Developing Countries BJL; q LC 2572 D4   BOOK 1997
      Factors Affecting Female Participation In Education In Six Developing Countries BJL; q LC 2572 B8   BOOK 1991
Cammock Ruth M : Health centres : reception, waiting and patient call.     
      Health Centres : Reception, Waiting And Patient Call. BJL; q RA 967 C1   BOOK 1973
Camo Pierre    
      Les Amours, Et Autres Poesies Choisies BJL; PQ 1817 L6 A5   BOOK 1925
      Aristide Maillol. BJL; NB 472 M3   BOOK 1926
  Camoens Luis De 1524 1580 -- See Camões, Luís de, 1524?-1580
Camoes Luis De 1524 1580    
      Auto Dos Anfitrioes De Camoes. BJL; PQ 9197 E6 R6   BOOK 1981
      Camoes Lirico. BJL; PQ 9195 L9   BOOK 1923
      Lirica Completa. BJL; PQ 9196 L9 S2   BOOK 1980
      Lirica De Camoes : Edicao Critica BJL; PQ 9196 L9 R6   BOOK 1932
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  Camoes Luis Vaz De 1524 1580 -- See Camões, Luís de, 1524?-1580
Camoin Francois Andre : The revence [sic, i.e. revenge] convention in Tourneur, Webster, and Middleton : thesis presented to the University of Massachusetts 1967.     
      The Revence [Sic, I.E. Revenge] Convention In Tourneur, Webster, And Middleton : Thesis Presented To BJL; PR 658 T7 C1   BOOK 1972
Camoin G F : Reefs and carbonate platforms in the Pacific and Indian oceans / edited by G.F. Camoin and P.J. Davies.     
      Reefs And Carbonate Platforms In The Pacific And Indian Oceans BJL; QE 565 R3   BOOK 1998
Camoletti Marc    
      Boeing Boeing Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 N54(1967/05/08-13)   PLAYBILL 1967
      Boeing-Boeing Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 N54(1971/09/27-1971/10/02)   PLAYBILL 1971
Camon Aznar Jose    
      Arte Y Pensamiento En San Juan De La Cruz. BJL; PQ 6400 J8 Z62   BOOK 1972
      L'entierro Del Conte Di Orgaz. BJL; q N 5301 F72(40)   BOOK 1965
      Estetica Espanola Contemporanea : Eugenio D'Ors, Jose Camon Aznar, Jose Ortega Y Gasset BJL; BH 221 S73 Z3   BOOK 1981
      Summa Artis : Historia General Del Arte. BJL; q N 5300 S9   BOOK 1979
Camon Ferdinando    
      Un Altare Per La Madre. BJL; PQ 4863 A392 A4   BOOK 1978
      Il Mestiere Di Scrittore : Conversazioni Critiche. BJL; PQ 4087 C1   BOOK 1973
Camp Aign For Social Justice In Northern Ireland : Northern Ireland : legal to oppose discrimination-not likely.     
      Northern Ireland : Legal To Oppose Discrimination-Not Likely. BJL; DA 990 U46 C1   BOOK 1966
Camp Anthony John : Wills and their whereabouts.     
      Wills And Their Whereabouts. BJL; CD 1040 C1   BOOK 1963
Camp Charles Wellner : The artisan in Elizabethan literature.     
      The Artisan In Elizabethan Literature. BJL; PR 421 C1   BOOK  
Camp David K    
      Five New Species Of Nannosquilla From The Northwestern Atlantic (Crustacea : Stomatopoda) BJL; QL 1 S62(368)   BOOK 1982
      Observations On Nannosquilla, With Descriptions Of Three New Species From The Northwestern Atlantic BJL; QL 1 S62(444)   BOOK 1986
Camp James E : Mark Twain's frontier : a textbook of primary source materials for student research and writing.     
      Mark Twain's Frontier : A Textbook Of Primary Source Materials For Student Research And Writing. BJL; PS 1348 C1   BOOK
Camp Jeffery : Paintings 1949-1988.     
      Paintings 1949-1988. BJL; q N 5051 A79 E9(444)   BOOK 1988
Camp John Mck Ii 1946    
      Ancient Athenian Building Methods. BJL; DF 275 C1   BOOK 1984
      The Archaeology Of Athens BJL; DF 275 C1   BOOK 2001
      The Archaeology Of Athens Online materials  EBOOKS 2001
      The Art Of Antiquity : Piet De Jong And The Athenian Agora BJL; NC 103 D44 A7   BOOK 2007
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Camp Joseph : Biology and Crime [electronic resource] / Directed by Joseph Camp and Produced by Susan Udelson     
      Biology And Crime Online materials  VIDEO STREAM 1990
Camp Lindsay : Can I change your mind? : the craft and art of persuasive writing / Lindsay Camp.     
      Can I Change Your Mind? : The Craft And Art Of Persuasive Writing BJL; HF5718.3   BOOK 2007
Camp Pamela S : Biology / Karen Arms, Pamela S. Camp.     
      Biology BJL; q QH 308.2 A7   BOOK 1995
Camp Richard L : The papal ideology of social reform : a study in historical development, 1878-1967.     
      The Papal Ideology Of Social Reform : A Study In Historical Development, 1878-1967. BJL; BX 958 S6 C1   BOOK 1969
Camp Richaurd : Towards a more organizationally effective training strategy & practice.     
      Towards A More Organizationally Effective Training Strategy & Practice. BJL  BOOK 1986
Camp Roderic Ai    
      Entrepreneurs And Politics In Twentieth Century Mexico. BJL; HC 132.5 A2 C1   BOOK 1989
      Politics In Mexico : The Democratic Consolidation BJL; JL 1281 C1   BOOK c2007
Camp Ronnie W : Analytical methods in fine particle technology / authors, Paul A. Webb, Clyde Orr ; contributors, Ronnie W. Camp, James P. Olivier, Y. Simon Yunes.     
      Analytical Methods In Fine Particle Technology BJL; TP 156 P3 W3   BOOK c1997
Camp Scott T : Functional implications of size reduction in molar dentition during human evolution : using 3D printed models / Scott T. Camp.     
      Functional Implications Of Size Reduction In Molar Dentition During Human Evolution : Using 3D Print Online materials  ETHESIS 2019
Camp Wendell Holmes : International rules of botanical nomenclature : formulated by the International Botanical Congresses of Vienna, 1905, Brussels, 1910 and Cambridge, 1930 / adopted and revised by the International Botanical Congress of Amsterdam, 1935 ; compiled from various sources by W. H. Camp, H. W. Rickett and C. A. Weatherby.     
      International Rules Of Botanical Nomenclature : Formulated By The International Botanical Congresses BJL; QK 11 C1   BOOK 1948
Camp William : The glittering prizes : a biographical study of F.E. Smith.     
      The Glittering Prizes : A Biographical Study Of F.E. Smith. BJL; KB 33 S6 C1   BOOK 1960
Campa Henry : Practical approaches to the conservation of biological diversity.     
      Practical Approaches To The Conservation Of Biological Diversity. BJL  BOOK 1999
Campa Odoardo : La mente di G.D. Romagnosi / a cura di O. Campo ..., 1. ristampa.     
      La Mente Di G.D. Romagnosi BJL; B 3638 Z6 F3   BOOK 1924
Campa Riccardo    
      La Guerra E Il Processo Di Trasformazione Tecnologica. BJL; q AS 222 A26 C7(11)   BOOK 1975
      La Ruinosa Destreza De La Memoria : Ensayo Sobre Ernesto Sabato. BJL; PQ 7797 S214 Z62   BOOK 1991
Campagna Claudio 1955 : Adrift : tales of ocean fragility / edited by Claudio Campagna ... [et al.].     
      Adrift : Tales Of Ocean Fragility BJL  BOOK c2008
Campagna Silvio : Questionario.     
      Questionario. BJL; PC 1701 B69 S9(3)   BOOK 1971
Campagnac Ernest Trafford 1872    
      The Cambridge Platonists : Being Selections From The Writings Of Benjamin Whichcote, John Smith And BJL; B 1135 C2 C1   BOOK  
      Converging Paths. BJL; J7 C1   BOOK 1916
      Education, In Its Relation To The Common Purposes Of Humanity. BJL; JA C1   BOOK 1925
      Learning And Life. BJL; LC 1001   BOOK  
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Campagne Herman Carl Anton : Campagne's Engelsch woordenbrek / herzien en vermeerderd door R. van Duiren.     
      Campagne's Engelsch Woordenbrek BJL; PF 640 C1   BOOK 1932
Campaiagn For Nuclear Disarmament : Tell Britain : from now to the election.     
      Tell Britain : From Now To The Election. BJL; JX 1974 C1   BOOK 1963
Campaiagn For Nuclear Disarmament London Regional Council : NATO's final decade / by J. Gittings and R. Golt.     
      NATO's Final Decade BJL; D 845.2 G5   BOOK 1964
Campaign Against Racial Discrimination : The politics of the powerless : a study of the Campaign against Racial Discrimination.     
      The Politics Of The Powerless : A Study Of The Campaign Against Racial Discrimination. BJL; HT 1600 G7 H4   BOOK 1972
Campaign Against Racism In The Media Organization : It ain't half racist, mum : fighting racism in the media / edited by Phil Cohen and Carl Gardner with assistance from Geoff Sheridan, Tony Freeth, and Mike Flood-Page.     
      It Ain't Half Racist, Mum : Fighting Racism In The Media Departmental Locations; DA 125 A1 I8   BOOK 1982
Campaign Co Op : The world in your coffee cup : how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer on the coffee you drink.     
      The World In Your Coffee Cup : How The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer On The Coffee You Dri BJL; HD 9199 A2 W9   BOOK 1976
Campaign For An Independent Britain : From Rome to Maastricht : a reappraisal of Britain's membership of the European Community / B. Burkitt, M. Baimbridge & S. Reed.     
      From Rome To Maastricht : A Reappraisal Of Britain's Membership Of The European Community BJL; HC 241.25 G7 B9   BOOK 1992
Campaign For Freedom Of Information : A Freedom of Information Act for Britain : draft bill and commentary.     
      A Freedom Of Information Act For Britain : Draft Bill And Commentary. BJL; q KD 200 C1   BOOK 1991
Campaign For Homosexual Equality    
      Annual Report/ Campaign For Homosexual Equality. BJL; q HQ 76 C18   BOOK  
      The Case For Homosexual Law Reform. BJL; p KC 560 C1   BOOK 1975
      No Offence : The Case For Homosexual Equality At Law. BJL; KC 560 S9   BOOK 1975
Campaign For Learning    
      Learning To Learn For Life 3 Research And Practical Examples For Secondary Schools Online materials  EBOOKS 2009
      Learning To Learn For Life : Research And Practical Examples For The Foundation Stage And Key Stage BJL; q LB 1601 L4   BOOK c2005
Campaign For Nationalising Land : The case for nationalising land.     
      The Case For Nationalising Land. BJL; HD 1301 C3   BOOK 1973
Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament    
      Anatomy Of A Sacred Cow : Ruthless Realism About NATO Nuclear Weapons And US Bases. BJL; UA 646.3 Z6   BOOK 1960
      The Bomb And You. BJL; JX 1974.7 C1   BOOK 1962
      CND And Politics. BJL; JX 1974 G1   BOOK 1960
      CND General Election Campaign. BJL; JX 1974 C1   BOOK 1963
17 additional entries    
Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament Cambridge University Branch : The end of the alliances : Labour's defence policy and C.N.D. / J. Gittings and R. Gott.     
      The End Of The Alliances : Labour's Defence Policy And C.N.D. BJL; UA 647 G5   BOOK 1965
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