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100 1  Melanchthon, Philipp,|d1497-1560. 
240 10 Historia de vita et actis Martini Lutheri.|lEnglish 
245 02 A famous and godly history :|bcontaynyng the lyues a[nd] 
       actes of three renowmed reformers of the Christia[n] 
       Church, Martine Luther, Iohn Ecolampadius, and Huldericke 
       Zuinglius. The declaracion of Martin Luthers faythe before
       the Emperoure Charles the fyft, and the illustre estates 
       of the empyre of Germanye, with an oration of hys death, 
       all set forth in Latin by Philip Melancthon, Wolfgangus 
       Faber, Capito. Simon Grineus, [and] Oswald Miconus, newly 
       Englished by Henry Bennet Callesian. 
246 2  Historia de vita et actis Martini Lutheri. 
246 2  De vita Oecolampadii. 
246 2  De J. Oecolampadii obitu. 
246 2  De H. Zuinglii vita et obitu. 
260    Imprinted at London :|bBy Iohn Awdely, dwellyng in lytle 
       Brittaine Streete, by great Saint Bartelmewes,|cAnno. 
300    [200] p. 
500    In two parts; part 1 is a translation of: Melanchthon, 
       Philipp.  "Historia de vita et actis Martini Lutheri". 
       Part 2 consists of translations of: Capito, Wolfgang.  "De
       vita Oecolampadii";  Grynaeus, Simon. "De J. Oecolampadii 
       obitu"; and Mykonius, Oswald.  "De. H. Zuinglii vita et 
500    Signatures: A⁴ B-G H-I⁴ K-O. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the Harvard University. 
600 10 Luther, Martin,|d1483-1546 
700 1  Bennet, Henry,|dactive 1561. 
700 1  Capito, Wolfgang,|d1478-1541.|tDe vita Oecolampadii. 
700 1  Grynäus, Simon,|d1493-1541.|tDe J. Oecolampadii obitu. 
700 1  Mykonius, Oswald,|d1488-1552.|tDe H. Zuinglii vita et 
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