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Chancellor E Beresford Edwin Beresford 1868 1937    
      The 18th Century In London. BJL; DA 677 C4   BOOK  
      The Annals Of Covent Garden And Its Neighbourhood ... BJL; DA 685 C7 C4   BOOK 1930
      History Of The Squares Of London. BJL; DA 677 C4   BOOK  
      Literary Types. BJL; PR 451 C4   BOOK 1895
9 additional entries    
Chancellor Edward 1962 : Devil take the hindmost : a history of financial speculation.     
      Devil Take The Hindmost : A History Of Financial Speculation. BJL; HG 6005 C4   BOOK 2000
Chancellor Philip M : Handbook of the Bach flower remedies     
      Illustrated Handbook Of The Bach Flower Remedies : An Authoritative Guide To Natural Healing With Fl BJL; RX 615 F55 C4   BOOK 2005
Chancellor R J : The identification of weed seedlings of farm and garden.     
      The Identification Of Weed Seedlings Of Farm And Garden. BJL  BOOK 1966
Chancellor Richard : England and Russia : comprising the voyages of John Tradescant the elder, Sir Hugh Willoughby, Richard Chancellor, Nelson and others to the White Sea.     
      England And Russia : Comprising The Voyages Of John Tradescant The Elder, Sir Hugh Willoughby, Richa BJL; DK 19 H2   BOOK 1968
Chancellor Valerie E : History for their masters : opinion in the English history textbook, 1800-1914.     
      History For Their Masters : Opinion In The English History Textbook, 1800-1914. BJL; DA 4 C4   BOOK 1970
Chancellors Symposium On Southern History 9th 1983 University Of : The New Deal and the South / essays by F. Freidel ... [et al.]; edited by J.C. Cobb and M.V. Namorato.     
      The New Deal And The South BJL; F 215 N5   BOOK 1984
Chancer Lynn S 1954 : High-profile crimes : when legal cases become social causes / Lynn S. Chancer.     
      High-Profile Crimes : When Legal Cases Become Social Causes Online materials  EBOOKS 2005
Chancerel Leon : Moliere.     
      Moliere. BJL; PQ 1870 C4   BOOK 1953
Chancery Petty Bag Office : List of records of the Chancery, Petty Bag Office to 1842.     
      List Of Records Of The Chancery, Petty Bag Office To 1842. BJL; q DA 20 L71(25)   BOOK 1967
Chances Ellen B : Conformity's children : an approach to the superfluous man in Russian literature.     
      Conformity's Children : An Approach To The Superfluous Man In Russian Literature. BJL; PG 3091.9 S9 C4   BOOK 1978
Chancha Suvannathat : Women in Asia : beyond the domestic domain : survey of women's outside roles in India, Indonesia, Thailand / [by Meenakshi Saxena, Toeti Herati Noerhadi and Chancha Suvannathat.     
      Women In Asia : Beyond The Domestic Domain : Survey Of Women's Outside Roles In India, Indonesia, Th South East Asian Collection; (WC) HQ 1731.2 W8   BOOK 1989
Chand Ashok 1968    
      Child Welfare Services For Minority Ethnic Families : The Research Reviewed BJL; HV 751 A6 C5   BOOK 2005
      Child Welfare Services For Minority Ethnic Families The Research Reviewed Online materials  EBOOKS 2005
Chand Attar    
      Foreign Policy : Planning And New Challenges. BJL; JX 1395 C4   BOOK 1992
      Nuclear Disarmament And Foreign Policy. BJL; JX 1974.7 C4   BOOK 1992
Chand Bool : Indian federation.     
      Indian Federation. BJL; HX 11 F15 T7(245)   BOOK 1938
Chand Gyan    
      India's Teeming Millions : A Contribution To The Study Of The Indian Population Problem. BJL; HB 3642 C4   BOOK 1939
      Local Finance In India. BJL; HJ 9568 C5   BOOK 1947
      The Problem Of Population. BJL; HB 2102 C4   BOOK 1944
      Some Aspects Of Fiscal Reconstruction In India : Being The Banailli Readership Lectures In Indian Ec BJL; HJ 2940 C4   BOOK 1931
Chand Lalla Gokul : The history of Zeb-ul-Nissa, the Begum Samru of Sardhana / translated from the Persian of Lalla Gokul Chand ; edited and annotated by Nicholas Shreeve.     
      The History Of Zeb-Ul-Nissa, The Begum Samru Of Sardhana BJL; DS 470 S2 C4   BOOK 1994
Chand Mahesh : Graphics programming with GDI+ / Mahesh Chand.     
      Graphics Programming With GDI+ BJL; T 385 C4   BOOK 2003
Chand P G Vijaya Sherry : Reading beyond the alphabet : innovations in lifelong literacy / editors, Brij Kothari, P.G. Vijaya Sherry Chand, Michael Norton.     
      Reading Beyond The Alphabet : Innovations In Lifelong Literacy BJL; LC 149 R3   BOOK 2003
Chand Ramesh : Symmetries and quark models.     
      Symmetries And Quark Models. BJL; QC 793.3 S9 I6   BOOK 1970
Chand Sheetal K : Aging populations and public pension schemes / by Sheetal K. Chand and Albert Jaeger with a staff team from the Fiscal Affairs Department.     
      Aging Populations And Public Pension Schemes BJL; q HD 7105.3 C5   BOOK 1997
Chanda Ashok 1965 : Human resource strategy : architecture for change / Ashok Chanda, Shilpa Kabra.     
      Human Resource Strategy : Architecture For Change BJL; HF 5549.2 I3 C4   BOOK 2000
Chanda Asok    
      Indian Administration. BJL; JQ 224 C4   BOOK 1967
      Indian Administration. BJL; JQ 224 C4   BOOK 1958
Chanda Nayan    
      Brother Enemy : The War After The War South East Asian Collection; (WG) DS 550 C4   BOOK 1986
      A World Connected : Globalization In The 21st Century Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
Chanda Ramaprasad : Medieval Indian sculpture in the British Museum.     
      Medieval Indian Sculpture In The British Museum. BJL; NB 740 A1 C4   BOOK 1936
Chandajoti Rekadehene Maha Thero : Buddhism : its history and civilization.     
      Buddhism : Its History And Civilization. BJL; BQ 4022 C4   BOOK 1975
Chandaman C D : The English public revenue, 1660-1688.     
      The English Public Revenue, 1660-1688. BJL; HJ 2612 C4   BOOK 1975
Chandavarkar Anand : Keynes and India : a study in economics and biography.     
      Keynes And India : A Study In Economics And Biography. BJL; HB 99.7 C4   BOOK 1989
Chandavarkar Rajnarayan : The origins of industrial capitalism in India : business strategies and the working classes in Bombay, 1900-1940.     
      The Origins Of Industrial Capitalism In India : Business Strategies And The Working Classes In Bomba BJL; HD 8709 B62 C4   BOOK 1994
  Chandavij Natthapatra -- See Natthapatra Chandavij
Chande Abdin N : Islam, Ulamaa and community development : a case study of religious currents in East Africa.     
      Islam, Ulamaa And Community Development : A Case Study Of Religious Currents In East Africa. BJL; BP 64 T34 C4   BOOK 1995
Chandeigne Michel : Goa, 1510-1685 : l'Inde portugaise, apostolique et commerciale / dirige par Michel Chandeigne.     
      Goa, 1510-1685 : L'Inde Portugaise, Apostolique Et Commerciale BJL; DS 498.3 G5   BOOK 1996
Chandel Bhuvan    
      Marxian Ethics : Some Preliminary Considerations. BJL; BJ 1390 C4   BOOK 1979
      The Philosophy Of Daya Krishna BJL; B 5134 K73 Z67   BOOK 1996
Chander Haris : Rajiv Gandhi, many facets : interview based book / Harish Chander.     
      Rajiv Gandhi, Many Facets : Interview Based Book BJL; DS 481 G35 C4   BOOK 1992
Chander Jagdish : Studies in American literature : essays in honour of William Mulder.     
      Studies In American Literature : Essays In Honour Of William Mulder. BJL; PS 15 S9   BOOK 1976
Chander Ramesh    
      The Demographic Situation In Malaysia South East Asian Collection; HB 3651 P1   BOOK 1975
      Penduduk Penduduk Malaysia : The Population Of Malaysia. South East Asian Collection; HB 3651 F3   BOOK 1976
Chandet Elisabeth : Gerard Lenorman : choix de chansons,discographie,portraits. / Presentation par E.CHandet.     
      Gerard Lenorman : Choix De Chansons,Discographie,Portraits. BJL; PQ 1184 C4   BOOK 1975
Chandieu Antoine De 1534 1591    
      Antonii Sadeelis Viri Clarissimi Vereque Theologi De Rebus Grauissimis Controversis Disputationes Ac Online materials  EBOOKS 1584
      Antonii Sadeelis Viri Clarissimi Vereqve Theologi De Rebus Grauissimis Controversis Disputationes Ac Online materials  EBOOKS 1584
      A Treatise Touching The Word Of God Written, Against The Traditions Of Men : Handled Both Schoolelik Online materials  EBOOKS 1583
      Moste Excellent Meditations Vppon The Xxxii. Psalme, Written In Latin By That Godly Lerned Diuine An Online materials  EBOOKS 1579
Chandieu Antoine De La Roche    
      Octonaires Sur La Vanite Et Inconstance Du Monde. BJL; PQ 1607 C4 O2   BOOK 1979
      Reflections On The Vanity And Inconstancy Of The World For Mixed Chorus A Cappella BJL; q M 1300 L53   PRINTED MUSIC 1967
Chandin John : Travels in Persia.     
      Travels In Persia. BJL; DS 255 C4   BOOK  
Chandlee Harry 1882 1956 : The Jolson story [videorecording] / directed by Alfred E. Green. Jolson sings again / directed by Henry Levin     
      The Jolson Story BJL; PN 1997 J754   DVD c2004
Chandler A J : The Union, its work and problems / Contributors. E. Bevin ... [and others]; compiled and edited by J. Price, A.J. Chandler and I. Saunders.     
      The Union, Its Work And Problems / E. Bevin ... [And Others]; Compiled And Edited By J. Price, A.J. BJL; HD 6668 T7 P9   BOOK 1939
Chandler Adrian : Information : protection, ownership and rights / Adrian Chandler and James A. Holland.     
      Information : Protection, Ownership And Rights BJL; KD 363 C4   BOOK 1993
Chandler Alfred D Alfred Dupont 1918 2007    
      Big Business And The Wealth Of Nations BJL; HD 2350.8 B5   BOOK 1997
      The Changing Economic Order : Readings In American Business And Economic History. BJL; HC 103 C4   BOOK 1968
      The Dynamic Firm : The Role Of Technology, Strategy, Organization, And Regions BJL; HD 45 D9   BOOK 1999
      Giant Enterprise : Ford, General Motors And The Automobile Industry. BJL; HD 9710 C4   BOOK 1964
9 additional entries    
Chandler Alice : A dream of order : the medieval ideal in nineteenth-century English literature.     
      A Dream Of Order : The Medieval Ideal In Nineteenth-Century English Literature. BJL; PR 454 C4   BOOK 1970
Chandler And Thong Ek Law Offices Ltd : Value added tax and specific-business tax : introduced by the Act amending the Revenue Code (no. 30), B.E.2534 / prepared by Chandler & Thong-ek Law Offices Ltd.     
      Value Added Tax And Specific-Business Tax : Introduced By The Act Amending The Revenue Code (No. 30) South East Asian Collection; HJ 5764 T3 V2   BOOK 1993
Chandler Andrew    
      Brethren In Adversity : Bishop George Bell, The Church Of England And The Crisis Of German Protestan BJL; BX 5051 C56(4)   BOOK 1997
      The Church Of England In The Twentieth Century : The Church Commissioners And The Politics Of Reform BJL; BX 5101 C4   BOOK 2006
Chandler Annmarie : At a distance : precursors to art and activism on the Internet / edited by Annmarie Chandler and Norie Neumark.     
      At A Distance : Precursors To Art And Activism On The Internet BJL; N 72 T45 A8   BOOK 2006
Chandler Asa Crawford : Introduction to parasitology, with special reference to the parasites of man / by A.C. Chandler and C.P. Read.     
      Introduction To Parasitology, With Special Reference To The Parasites Of Man BJL; QL 757 C4   BOOK 1961
Chandler Chris Specialist Teacher : Including children with early signs of dyslexia in the early years foundation stage / written by Chris Chandler, Meryl Morton and Sheila Smith ; illustrated by Martha Hardy.     
      Including Children With Early Signs Of Dyslexia In The Early Years Foundation Stage BJL; q LC 4708 C4   BOOK 2009
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