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Connell David Of The National Economic Development Office : The U.K.'s performance in export markets - some evidence from international trade data.     
      The U.K.'s Performance In Export Markets - Some Evidence From International Trade Data. BJL; HF 3506.5 C7   BOOK 1979
Connell Dorothy : Sir Philip Sidney : the maker's mind.     
      Sir Philip Sidney : The Maker's Mind. BJL; PR 2343 C7   BOOK 1977
Connell E    
      Maritana Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1866/09/03)   PLAYBILL 1866
      La Traviata Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1866/09/05)   PLAYBILL 1866
Connell Ellery : Learning Autodesk Maya 2013 [electronic resource] : a video introduction / Dariush Derakhshani     
      Learning Autodesk Maya 2013 A Video Introduction BJL  COMPUTER FILE 2012
Connell Geoffrey W : Readings in Spanish and Portuguese poetry for Geoffrey Connell / edited by N.G. Round, D.G. Walters.     
      Readings In Spanish And Portuguese Poetry For Geoffrey Connell BJL; PQ 6004 C7 R2   BOOK 1985
Connell Helen Helen M : Reforming schooling : what have we learnt?     
      Reforming Schooling : What Have We Learnt? BJL; q LB 2805 C7   BOOK 1998
Connell Ian : The presentation of science by the media / by G.Jones, I.Connell and J.Meadows.     
      The Presentation Of Science By The Media BJL; q Q 225 J7   BOOK 1978
Connell James P : Individual differences and the development of perceived control / Helen A. Skinner, M.J. Zimmer-Gembeck, J.P. Connell.     
      Individual Differences And The Development Of Perceived Control BJL; BF 723 C5 S6   BOOK 1998
Connell Janice : A systematic scoping review of the research on counselling in higher and further education / Janice Connell ... [et al.].     
      A Systematic Scoping Review Of The Research On Counselling In Higher And Further Education BJL; LB 2343 S9   BOOK 2006
Connell Jayne : Oxford handbook of pain management / edited by Peter Brook, Jayne Connell, Anthony E. Pickering.     
      Oxford Handbook Of Pain Management BJL; RB 127 O9   BOOK 2011
Connell Joanne    
      Leisure : An Introduction BJL  BOOK 2010
      Tourism : A Modern Synthesis BJL  BOOK 2006
Connell John    
      Auchinleck. BJL; DA 69.3 A8 C7   BOOK 1959
      W.E. Henley. BJL; PR 4784 C7   BOOK 1949
      Wavell,Scholar And Soldier,To June 1941. BJL; DA 69.3 W37 C7   BOOK 1964
      Wavell, Supreme Commander,1941-1943 BJL; DA 69.3 W37 C7   BOOK 1969
      Winston Churchill. BJL; DA 566.9 C5 C7   BOOK 1965
Connell John 1946    
      France In World Politics BJL; DC 417 F8   BOOK 1989
      France's Overseas Frontier : Departements Et Territoires D'outre-Mer BJL; HC 276 A3   BOOK 1992
      The Last Colonies BJL; JV 151 A3   BOOK 1998
      Medical Tourism BJL; RA793.5 .C66 2010   BOOK 2010
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Connell John Economist    
      Assessing Village Labour Situations In Developing Countries. BJL; HD 5852 C7   BOOK 1977
      Development Strategies In The Eighties. BJL; HB 199 F9   BOOK 1980
      Writing Across Worlds : Literature And Migration BJL; PN 56.5 E96 W9   BOOK 1995
Connell John Jeffrey    
      Advances In Fish Science And Technology : Papers Presented At The Jubilee Conference Of The Torry Re BJL; q SH 335 A2   BOOK 1980
      Control Of Fish Quality. BJL; SH 335.5 Q35 C7   BOOK 1990
      Control Of Fish Quality. Departmental Locations; SH 335.5 Q35 C7   BOOK 1975
      Trends In Fish Utilization BJL; SH 327.5 C7   BOOK 1982
Connell Jon : The new Maginot line.     
      The New Maginot Line. BJL; UA 11 C7   BOOK 1986
Connell Joseph H : The biology of populations / by R.H. MacArthur and J.H. Connell.     
      The Biology Of Populations BJL; QL 752 M1   BOOK 1966
Connell Kenneth Hugh    
      Irish Peasantry Society : Four Historical Essays. BJL; DA 925 C7   BOOK 1968
      Irish Population, Economy, And Society : Essays In Honour Of The Late K.H. Connell BJL; HB 3589 I6   BOOK 1981
      The Population Of Ireland, 1750-1845. BJL; HB 3589 C7   BOOK 1950
      The Population Of Ireland, 1750-1845. BJL; HB 3589 C7   BOOK 1975
Connell N A D    
      Expert Systems In Accounting BJL; HF 5679 E2   BOOK 1989
      The Social Context Of Experts And Expertise BJL; HF 5601 S71 D6(70)   BOOK 1993
Connell Patricia Elizabeth : Raising the subject : indeterminacy in the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy     
      Raising The Subject : Indeterminacy In The Poetry Of Carol Ann Duffy BJL; T/H 2005 Ph.D. C7   THESIS 2005
Connell Philip : Romanticism, economics and the question of culture / Philip Connell.     
      Romanticism, Economics And The Question Of Culture BJL; PR 457 C7   BOOK 2005
  Connell R W 1944 -- See Connell, Raewyn, 1944-
Connell Raewyn 1944    
      Class Structure In Australian History. BJL; HN 845 C7   BOOK 1980
      Confronting Equality : Gender, Knowledge And Global Change BJL; HQ 1075 C7   BOOK 2011
      Gender. BJL; HQ 1075 C7   BOOK 2002
      Gender And Power : Society, The Person And Sexual Politics. BJL; HQ 1075 C7   BOOK 1987
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Connell Richard    
      The Case Of Richard Connell, An Orphan.. Online materials  EBOOKS 1702?
      Meet John Doe BJL; PN 1997 M4961   DVD 2004
Connell Robert Special Correspondent Of The Glasgow Herald : St. Kilda and the St. Kildians / by Robert Connell.     
      St. Kilda And The St. Kildians Departmental Locations; DA 880 S2 C7   BOOK 1887
  Connell Robert William 1944 -- See Connell, Raewyn, 1944-
Connell Smith Gordon Edward    
      Forerunners Of Drake : A Study Of English Trade With Spain In The Early Tudor Period. BJL, Departmental Locations ; HF 3508 S7 C7   BOOK 1954
      The Future Of History. BJL; D 16.2 C7   BOOK 1975
      The Future Of History. BJL; L4 C7   BOOK 1975
      The Inter-American System. BJL; F 1418 C7   BOOK 1966
6 additional entries    
Connell Stan : How To Pronounce French Correctly / Stan Connell, And , Dominique Poiriel.     
      How To Pronounce French Correctly Departmental Locations; FRE 1140   SPOKEN RECORD 1990
Connell Stephanie : Ships before steam     
      Ships Before Steam Education Resources  BOOK  
Connell Susan : The employment of sculptors and stonemasons in Venice in the fifteenth century.     
      The Employment Of Sculptors And Stonemasons In Venice In The Fifteenth Century. BJL; NB 526.9 V4 C7   BOOK 1988
Connell Tim    
      BBC Spanish Grammar BJL  BOOK 1995
      Spain After Franco : Language In Context. BJL; PC 4127 H5 K2   BOOK 1984
Connell Trish : Open learning : a guide to good practice / A. Trusler, J. Martucci, T. Connell.     
      Open Learning : A Guide To Good Practice BJL; q LC 5800 T8   BOOK 1991
Connell W F William Fraser 1916 2001    
      The Educational Thought And Influence Of Matthew Arnold. BJL; J3 A7   BOOK 1950
      A History Of Education In The Twentieth Century World. BJL; LA 11 C7   BOOK 1980
Connell William J : Society and individual in Renaissance Florence / edited by William J. Connell.     
      Society And Individual In Renaissance Florence BJL; DG 735.6 S6   BOOK 2002
Conneller Chantal    
      Mesolithic Britain And Ireland : New Approaches BJL; GN 774.22 G7 M5   BOOK 2006
      Star Carr : Life In Britain After The Ice Age BJL; GN 774.22 G7 M6   BOOK 2013
Connelly Alpha : Gender and the law in Ireland / edited by Alpha Connelly ; with a foreword by Mella Carroll.     
      Gender And The Law In Ireland BJL; KDK 1260.5 G3   BOOK 1993
Connelly Anne : The pauper's paradise : poor relief in Hammersmith 1899-1907.     
      The Pauper's Paradise : Poor Relief In Hammersmith 1899-1907. BJL; HV 4088 L8 C7   BOOK 1979
Connelly James    
      Anglo-American Idealism : Thinkers And Ideas BJL; B 941 A5   BOOK c2010
      An Essay On Philosophical Method BJL; BD 241 C7   BOOK 2008
      Ethics Education For Irregular Warfare BJL; U 22 E8   BOOK c2009
      The European Union As A Leader In International Climate Change Politics BJL; GE 190 E8 E8   BOOK 2011
13 additional entries    
Connelly James Dr    
      Homelessness And Ill Health : Report Of A Working Party Of The Royal College Of Physicians BJL; RA 564.9 H65 H7   BOOK 1994
      Making Sense Of Public Health Medicine BJL; RA 485 C7   BOOK 1997
Connelly Jennifer    
      A Beautiful Mind BJL; PN 1997 B3843   DVD 2006
      Dark City BJL; PN 1997 D2192   DVD 1998?
      The Day The Earth Stood Still BJL  DVD 2009
      House Of Sand And Fog BJL; PN 1997 H8426   DVD
      Pollock BJL; PN 1997 P776   DVD c2002
Connelly Joan Breton 1954 : The Parthenon enigma [electronic resource] : a journey into legend / Joan Breton Connelly.     
      The Parthenon Enigma A Journey Into Legend Online materials; NA281 .C66 2014   EBOOKS 2014
Connelly Joan Breton On Order : The Parthenon Enigma: A Journey into Legend     
      The Parthenon Enigma: A Journey Into Legend BJL  BOOK 2014
Connelly Marcus Cook : The green pastures : a fable.     
      The Green Pastures : A Fable. BJL; PS 3505 O515 G7   BOOK 1930
Connelly Mark    
      The Charge Of The Light Brigade. BJL; PN 1997 C472 C7   BOOK 2003
      Christmas : A Social History BJL; GT 4987.43 C7   BOOK 2012
      The Edwardian Army : Recruiting, Training, And Deploying The British Army, 1902-1914 BJL; UA 649 B7   BOOK 2012
Connelly Mark 1951 : Orwell and Gissing.     
      Orwell And Gissing. BJL  BOOK 1997
Connelly Mark Thomas : The response to prostitution in the progressive era.     
      The Response To Prostitution In The Progressive Era. BJL; HQ 144 C7   BOOK 1980
Connelly Matthew James : Fatal misconception : the struggle to control world population / Matthew Connelly.     
      Fatal Misconception : The Struggle To Control World Population BJL; HB 883.5 C7   BOOK 2009
Connelly Michael : Townshend-Smith's discrimination law : text, cases and materials / Michael Connelly.     
      Townshend-Smith's Discrimination Law : Text, Cases And Materials BJL  BOOK 2004
Connelly Naomi    
      The Effectiveness Of Social Care For The Elderly : An Overview Of Recent And Current Evaluative Rese BJL; HV 1481 G7 G6   BOOK 1982
      Evaluative Research In Social Care : Papers From A Workshop On Recent Trends In Evaluative Research BJL; HV 11 E9   BOOK 1981
      Social Care Research : Papers And Report Of A Seminar Sponsored By The Department Of Health And Soci BJL; HV 11 S6   BOOK 1978
Connelly Owen 1929    
      Blundering To Glory : Napoleon's Military Campaigns. BJL; DC 203.9 C7   BOOK 1999
      Napoleon's Satellite Kingdoms. BJL; DC 202 C7   BOOK 1965
      The Wars Of The French Revolution And Napoleon, 1792-1815. BJL; DC 220 C7   BOOK 2006
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