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100 1  Córdoba-Pachón, José-Rodrigo,|eauthor. 
245 10 Creativity in management education :|ba systemic 
       rediscovery /|cJosé-Rodrigo Córdoba-Pachón. 
250    1st ed. 2020. 
264  1 Cham, Switzerland :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c[2020] 
264  4 |c©2020 
300    xv, 124 pages :|billustrations (black and white) ;|c22 cm.
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505 0  Chapter 1: Introduction -- Chapter 2: Soft Tyrannies for 
       Creativity in Management Education -- Chapter 3: Current 
       Initiatives to Nurture Creativity -- Chapter 4: A Systemic
       Space for Selves -- Chapter 5: A Spirit of Play (and 
       Seriousness) -- Chapter 6: First rediscoveries of 
       creativity -- Chapter 7: Taking Creativity to the 
       Classroom -- Chapter 8: Summaries, Implications and 
520    "José-Rodrigo Córdoba-Pachón makes a timely and valuable 
       contribution in his book “ Creativity and Management 
       Education: A Systemic Rediscovery”. The book focuses on 
       the elusive and alluring subject of creativity and he 
       explores the subject from an interesting and fresh 
       perspective as he encourages that we rediscover our 
       creativity. He particularly looks at management education 
       and creativity and explains that management education 
       focuses on educating students who can add value to the 
       economy. He argues that this view needs to be reevaluated 
       and explains that soft-tyrannies seek better 
       standardisation in education, ICT based assessments, with 
       more students and fewer educators and resources, and does 
       not allow creativity to develop in students. Yet, 
       creativity is one of the top ten skills needed now and in 
       the future, but still, management education is hindering 
       creative expression. For him, students should be 
       encouraged to pursue their inner passions, embrace the 
       spirit of play, and rediscover creativity. This is not 
       easy but important, not only now but also for the future 
       of business and humans." - Professor Ziska Fields, 
       University of Johannesburg, South Africa “It is exciting 
       that this book redefines creativity in management learning
       as seriously playful processes. The book deconstructs the 
       current tyrannies of teaching management and injects a 
       fresh spirit of creativity into it. Reading it will enable
       you to make sense of what is blocking your creative 
       potential in the classroom, and see how you could explore 
       new challenges and possibilities.” - Dr Tim Butcher, 
       Associate Professor of Organisation Studies, University of
       Tasmania (Australia). “It is a critical, moving and 
       personal journey undertaken by the author, a testament to 
       much needed resilience and creativity in our current 
       educational systems”. - Dr Amanda Gregory, Senior Lecturer
       in Management Systems, Hull University Business School, UK
       This book proposes a new way to consider creativity in 
       management education, inviting educators to rediscover 
       themselves in the process. To date, creativity in 
       management is a valuable skill, but one which has been 
       institutionalized and subordinated to metrics such as 
       economic growth, knowledge disciplining and employability.
       After a critical analysis using Foucault’s governmentality
       to identify how creativity is being organized in 
       management education, this book examines diverse 
       initiatives intended to nurture creativity. Then, and 
       through a systemic recontextualization of governmentality 
       and other notions like play, it provides conceptual and 
       practical guidance derived from the author’s own self-
       narratives (games) as student and educator. The book 
       concludes with important reflections, implications and 
       guidelines for the nurturing in creativity in management 
       education and life in general. This book will be a 
       valuable reading for creativity and innovation scholars, 
       academics working in management education and students in 
       general. . 
650  0 Creative ability in business. 
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