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Crabites Pierre    
      Benes : Statesman Of Central Europe. BJL; DB 217 B3 C8   BOOK 1935
      Clement VII And Henry VIII. BJL; DA 332 C8   BOOK 1936
Crabtree Alice : Quality assurance and certification in ecotourism / edited by Rosemary Black And Alice Crabtree.     
      Quality Assurance And Certification In Ecotourism BJL; G156.5.E26   BOOK c2006
Crabtree Amanda : Public art.     
      Public Art. BJL  BOOK 1996
Crabtree Arthur 1900 1975    
      Horrors Of The Black Museum BJL; PN 1997 H8615   DVD 2004
      Madonna Of The Seven Moons BJL; PN 1997 M1834   DVD 2005
      The Stewart Granger Collection BJL; PN 1997 A1 G758   DVD 200-
Crabtree Benjamin F    
      Doing Qualitative Research BJL; R 853 S7 D6   BOOK 1992
      Doing Qualitative Research : Research Methods For Primary Care : Volume 3. BJL; R 853 S7 C8   BOOK 1992
Crabtree Beth G : "Journal of a secesh lady" : the diary of Catherine Ann Devereux Edmondston, 1860-1866.     
      "Journal Of A Secesh Lady" : The Diary Of Catherine Ann Devereux Edmondston, 1860-1866. BJL; F 258 E2   BOOK 1979
Crabtree Cyril : Industrial Relations Act : a comprehensive guide.     
      Industrial Relations Act : A Comprehensive Guide. BJL; KD 282 C8   BOOK 1971
Crabtree David Farnell : The optical properties of zinc sulphide and zinc selinide.     
      The Optical Properties Of Zinc Sulphide And Zinc Selinide. BJL; T/H 1968 Ph.D. C8   THESIS 1968
Crabtree Derek : Keynes and the Bloomsbury Group / ed D. Crabtree and A.P. Thirlwall.     
      Keynes And The Bloomsbury Group BJL; HB 99.7 K4   BOOK 1980
Crabtree H P : Batting strokes, demonstrated by Len Hutton.     
      Batting Strokes, Demonstrated By Len Hutton. BJL; HKL C8   BOOK 1950
Crabtree Harold : Railway on the water : "Tom Puddings" and the Yorkshire coal industry / edited by Mike Clarke.     
      Railway On The Water : "Tom Puddings" And The Yorkshire Coal Industry BJL; HE 566 C5 C8   BOOK 1993
Crabtree Henry 1642 Or 3 : Merlinus rusticus 1685. Or, a country almanack : yet treating of courtly matters, and the most sublime affairs now in agitation throughout the whole world. I. Shewing the beginning, encrease, and continuance of the Turkish or Ottman Empire. II. Predicting the fate and state of the Roman and Turkish Empires. III. Foretelling what success, the Grand Seignior shall have in this his war, in which he is now engaged against the German emperour. All these are endeavoured to be proved from the most probable and indubitable arguments of history, theology astrology together with the ordinary furniture of other almanacks, being the first after bissextile or leap-year. By Henry Krabtree, curate of Todmurden in Lancashire.     
      Merlinus Rusticus 1685. Or, A Country Almanack : Yet Treating Of Courtly Matters, And The Most Subli Online materials  EBOOKS 1685
Crabtree J H : British mosses and how to identify them.     
      British Mosses And How To Identify Them. BJL; QK 537 C8   BOOK  
Crabtree John    
      The 1995 Elections In Peru : End Of The Line For The Party System? BJL; F 1401 U54 O2(12)   BOOK 1995
      Patterns Of Protest : Politics And Social Movements In Bolivia. BJL; F 3327 C8   BOOK 2005
Crabtree John 1837 : A concise history of the parish and vicarage of Halifax in the county of York.     
      A Concise History Of The Parish And Vicarage Of Halifax In The County Of York. BJL; DA 690 H17 C8   BOOK 1836
Crabtree John Michael : Bibliography of aggressive behavior.     
      Bibliography Of Aggressive Behavior. BJL; BF 575 A3 C8   BOOK 1977
Crabtree Libby : Israel in Egypt [sound recording].     
      Israel In Egypt BJL; C/D 1836   CD AUDIO p2000
Crabtree Michael G : Understanding modern business mathematics. / By A.M.C.Morison,R.Burden,M.G.Crabtree.     
      Understanding Modern Business Mathematics. BJL; HF 5691 M8   BOOK 1971
Crabtree Phillip : Sourcebook for research in music / Phillip D. Crabtree and Donald H. Foster.     
      Sourcebook For Research In Music BJL; ML 113 C8   BOOK c2005
Crabtree R W : Two microweight loss techniques for use in hillslope solute studies / R.W. Crabtree and S.T. Trudgill.     
      Two Microweight Loss Techniques For Use In Hillslope Solute Studies BJL; GB 400 B86 T2(32)   BOOK 1984
Crabtree Robert H    
      The Organometallic Chemistry Of The Transition Metals. BJL; QD 172 T6 C8   BOOK 1994
      The Organometallic Chemistry Of The Transition Metals. BJL; QD 172 T6 C8   BOOK 1988
      The Organometallic Chemistry Of The Transition Metals Online materials; QD411.8.T73 C73 2019   EBOOKS 2019
Crabtree Susan 1959 : Scenic art for the theatre / Susan Crabtree and Peter Beudert.     
      Scenic Art For The Theatre BJL; ND2885 .C73 2011   BOOK c2012
Crabtree William 1610 1644    
      JeremiƦ Horrocc Liverpoliensis Angli, Ex Palatinatu LancastriƦ, Opera Posthuma; Viz. Astronomia Ke Online materials  EBOOKS 1678
      JeremiƦ Horroccii, Liverpoliensis Angli, Ex Palatinatu Lancastriae, Opera Posthuma ... : Accedunt G Online materials  EBOOKS 1673
      Opuscula Astronomica : Viz., Astronomia Kepleriana Defensa & Promota, Excerpta Ex Epistolas Ad Crabt Online materials  EBOOKS 1673
Cracco Giorgio : Societa e stato nel medioevo Veneziano (secoli XII-XIV).     
      Societa E Stato Nel Medioevo Veneziano (Secoli XII-XIV). BJL; DG 677 C8   BOOK 1967
Crace Araminta : Total English. Upper intermediate. Student's book / Richard Acklam, Araminta Crace.     
      Total English. Upper Intermediate. Student's Book BJL  BOOK 2006
Craciun Adriana 1967 : British women writers and the French Revolution : citizens of the world / Adriana Craciun.     
      British Women Writers And The French Revolution : Citizens Of The World BJL; PR129.F8   BOOK 2005
Crackanthorpe David : Hubert Crackanthorpe and English realism in the 1890s.     
      Hubert Crackanthorpe And English Realism In The 1890s. BJL; PR 4515 C5 Z62   BOOK 1977
Crackanthorpe Herbert : Wreckage : seven studies.     
      Wreckage : Seven Studies. BJL; PR 4515 C5 W9   BOOK 1893
Crackanthorpe Hubert 1870 1896    
      The Albemarle Online materials  EJOURNALS 1892
      Hubert Crackanthorpe And English Realism In The 1890s. BJL; PR 4515 C5 Z62   BOOK 1977
Crackel Theodore J : West Point : a bicentennial history.     
      West Point : A Bicentennial History. BJL; U 410 L1 C8   BOOK 2002
Crackles Eva    
      Flora Of The East Riding Of Yorkshire BJL; q QK 118 Y6 C8   BOOK 1990
      The Flowering Plants Of Spurn Point. BJL; p QK 118 Y6 C8   BOOK  
      Seeking To Understand The Flora Of The East Riding Of Yorkshire. BJL; FIp C8   BOOK  
Crackles Florence Eva : Biosystematic and taxonomic studies of populations of Calamagrostis stricta : Timm Koel : Calamagrostis canescens : Weber Roth and their hybrids : being a thesis.     
      Biosystematic And Taxonomic Studies Of Populations Of Calamagrostis Stricta : Timm Koel : Calamagros none ; T/H 1977 M.Sc. C8   THESIS 1977
Cracknell Arthur Philip    
      Crystals And Their Structures. BJL; QD 921 C8   BOOK 1969
      The Fermi Surfaces Of Metals : A Description Of The Fermi Surfaces Of The Metallic Elements. BJL; QC 176.8 F4 C8   BOOK 1971
      International Journal Of Remote Sensing : Volume 16, No. 11. BJL  BOOK 1995
      Introduction To Remote Sensing BJL; G 70.4 C8   BOOK 1993
      Magnetism In Crystalline Materials : Applications Of The Theory Of Groups Of Cambiant Symmetry. BJL; QC 176.8 M3 C8   BOOK 1975
Cracknell Basil E 1925    
      Evaluating Development Aid : Issues, Problems And Solutions. BJL; HC 60 C8   BOOK 2000
      The West Indians : How They Live And Work. BJL  BOOK 1974
Cracknell Douglas George    
      Contract. BJL; KD 223 C8   BOOK 1961
      Family Law. BJL; KD 203 P4   BOOK 1967
      Law Of International Trade BJL  BOOK 2003
      Law Relating To Charities. BJL; KD 605 C8   BOOK 1973
3 additional entries    
Cracknell George Douglas : Equity and trusts.     
      Equity And Trusts. BJL; KD 605 R5   BOOK 1971
Cracknell Graham    
      Symphonies Concertantes Vol.1. BJL; C/D 2148   CD AUDIO p1996
      Symphonies Concertantes Vol.2. BJL; C/D 2149   CD AUDIO p1998
      Symphonies Concertantes Vol.3. BJL; C/D 2150   CD AUDIO p1998
      Symphonies Concertantes Vol.5. BJL; C/D 2152   CD AUDIO p2001
Cracknell Kenneth : Towards a new relationship : Christians and people of other faith.     
      Towards A New Relationship : Christians And People Of Other Faith. BJL; BR 127 C8   BOOK 1986
Crackwell Basil Edward : Canvey Island : the history of a marshland community.     
      Canvey Island : The History Of A Marshland Community. BJL; DA 600 L5 O1(12)   BOOK 1959
Cracraft James    
      Architectures Of Russian Identity : 1500 To The Present Online materials; NA1184 .A73 2003   EBOOKS 2003
      The Church Reform Of Peter The Great. BJL; DK 133 C8   BOOK 1971
      For God And Peter The Great : The Works Of Thomas Consett, 1723-1729. BJL; DK 127 C7   BOOK 1982
      The Petrine Revolution In Russian Architecture BJL; NA 1050.4 C8   BOOK 1988
3 additional entries    
Cracraft Joel    
      Assembling The Tree Of Life BJL; q QH 83 A8   BOOK 2004
      Phylogenetic Analysis And Paleontology. BJL; QE 721 P5   BOOK 1979
Craddock Ernest A : France and the French.     
      France And The French. BJL; DC 33 C8   BOOK 1946
Craddock H C : History of Birstall, Yorks.     
      History Of Birstall, Yorks. BJL; DA 670 Y6 C8   BOOK  
Craddock J M    
      The Interannual Variability Of Monthly Mean Air Temperatures Over The Northern Hemisphere. BJL; QC 851 M58 S4(20)   BOOK 1964
      Some Statistical Relationships Between The Temperature Anomalies In Neighbouring Months In Europe An BJL; QC 851 M58 S4(12)   BOOK 1962
Craddock J M And Lowndes C A S : A synoptic study of anomalies of surface air temperature over the Atlantic half of the Northern Hemisphere / by J. M. Craddock and C.A.S. Lowndes.     
      A Synoptic Study Of Anomalies Of Surface Air Temperature Over The Atlantic Half Of The Northern Hemi BJL; QC 851 M58 P9(126)   BOOK 1958
Craddock Jerry Russell : Latin legacy versus substratum residue : the unstressed "derivational" suffixes in the romance vernaculars of the western Mediterranean.     
      Latin Legacy Versus Substratum Residue : The Unstressed "Derivational" Suffixes In The Romance Verna BJL; PC 101 C8   BOOK 1969
Craddock Patricia B    
      Edward Gibbon, Luminous Historian, 1772-1794. BJL; DG 206 G5 C8   BOOK 1989
      The English Essays Of Edward Gibbon BJL; PR 3476 A2 C8   BOOK 1972
Craddock Paul T    
      Fake? : The Art Of Deception BJL; q N 8790 F1   BOOK 1990
      "The Work Of Angels" : Masterpieces Of Celtic Metalwork, 6th-9th Centuries AD BJL; NK 6408 W9   BOOK 1989
Craddock Reginald : Speeches by Sir Reginald Craddock, 1917-1922.     
      Speeches By Sir Reginald Craddock, 1917-1922. South East Asian Collection; DS 530.32 C8   BOOK 1924
Craddock T : Rousseau, as described by himself and others.     
      Rousseau, As Described By Himself And Others. BJL; PQ 2043 C8   BOOK  
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