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Mark   Media Year
Cukor George 1899 1983    
      Gaslight BJL; PN 1997 G2483   DVD 2003
      Gone With The Wind BJL; PN 1997 G638   DVD 2000
      Gone With The Wind BJL; PN 1997 G638   DVD c2008
      My Fair Lady BJL; PN 1997 M99537   DVD 2006
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Cukor Gyorgy : Strategies for industrialisation in developing countries.     
      Strategies For Industrialisation In Developing Countries. BJL; HC 59.7 C9   BOOK 1974
Cukurova Universitesi Egitim Fakultesi : Çukurova University Faculty of Education journal [electronic resource].     
      Çukurova University Faculty Of Education Journal Online materials; LA940 .C85   EJOURNALS  
Cukwurah A O : The settlement of boundary disputes in international laws.     
      The Settlement Of Boundary Disputes In International Laws. BJL; JX 4111 C9   BOOK 1967
Culberson Chicita F : The lichen genera Catrelia and Platismatia (Parmeliaceae).     
      The Lichen Genera Catrelia And Platismatia (Parmeliaceae). BJL; QK1 U5 N2(34,7)   BOOK 1968
Culberson William C : Vigilantism : political history of private power in America / William C. Culberson.     
      Vigilantism : Political History Of Private Power In America BJL; HV 6791 C9   BOOK 1990
Culberson William Louis : The lichen genera Catrelia and Platismatia (Parmeliaceae).     
      The Lichen Genera Catrelia And Platismatia (Parmeliaceae). BJL; QK1 U5 N2(34,7)   BOOK 1968
Culbert David Holbrook    
      Mission To Moscow BJL; PN 1997 M6785   BOOK 1980
      News For Everyman : Radio And Foreign Affairs In Thirties America. BJL; PN 4888 R33 C9   BOOK 1976
      Propaganda And Mass Persuasion : A Historical Encyclopedia, 1500 To The Present BJL; HM 1231 C9   BOOK 2003
      World War II, Film, And History BJL; D 743.23 W9   BOOK 1996
Culbert Samuel A : Radical management : power politics and the pursuit of trust.     
      Radical Management : Power Politics And The Pursuit Of Trust. BJL; HD 31 C9   BOOK 1985
Culbert William F    
      Bill Culbert : Paintings : Catalogue Of An Exhibition Held At Nottingham University Art Gallery. BJL; N 1440 N9(41)   BOOK 1965
      William Culbert : Paintings : Catalogue Of An Exhibition Organised By The Department Of Fine Art. Un BJL; N 1440 N9(33)   BOOK 1963
Culbertson Ely : Summary of the workes federation plan.     
      Summary Of The Workes Federation Plan. BJL; JC 361 C9   BOOK 1944
Culbertson Hugh M : International public relations : a comparative analysis / edited by Hugh M. Culbertson, Ni Chen.     
      International Public Relations : A Comparative Analysis BJL; HM 1221 I6   BOOK 1996
Culbertson James T : Sensations, memories and the flow of time.     
      Sensations, Memories And The Flow Of Time. BJL; BF 233 C9   BOOK 1976
Culbertson John M    
      Economic Development : An Ecological Approach. BJL; HB 199 C9   BOOK 1971
      Macroeconomic Theory And Stabilization Policy. BJL; HB 171 C9   BOOK 1968
      Money And Banking. BJL; HG 538 C9   BOOK 1972
      Public Finance And Stabilization Policy : Essays In Honor Of Richard A. Musgrave. BJL; HJ 141 S6   BOOK 1974
Culham College Institute : Assessing the partnership, 1944-1984 : an interim report on religious education, assemblies and church primary schools in Gloucestershire.     
      Assessing The Partnership, 1944-1984 : An Interim Report On Religious Education, Assemblies And Chur BJL; J8 F8   BOOK 1984
Culhane Claire : Why is Canada in Vietnam? : the truth about air foreign aid.     
      Why Is Canada In Vietnam? : The Truth About Air Foreign Aid. South East Asian Collection; DS 558.6 C2 C9   BOOK 1972
Culhane John : Walt Disney's Fantasia.     
      Walt Disney's Fantasia. BJL; q PN 1997 F2163   BOOK 1983
Culhane Terry    
      Bbc Active - Russian Language And People Departmental Locations; RUSL 434   BOOK 2006
      Russian Language And People Departmental Locations; RUSL 411   BOOK 1995
      Russian Language And People Departmental Locations; RUSL 412   BOOK 1995
Culicover Peter W    
      English Focus Constructions And The Theory Of Grammar BJL; PE 1385 R6   BOOK 1990
      Formal Principles Of Language Acquisition BJL; P 118 W5   BOOK 1980
      Formal Syntax. BJL; P 291 M9   BOOK 1977
      Locality In Linguistic Theory. BJL; P 291 C9   BOOK 1984
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Culie Dmitar : Yugoslavia.     
      Yugoslavia. BJL; q DR 305.5 M1   BOOK 1969
Culkin Fred : Intercomparison of total alkalinity and total inorganic carbon determinations in seawater / A. Poisson, F. Culkin, P. Ridout.     
      Intercomparison Of Total Alkalinity And Total Inorganic Carbon Determinations In Seawater BJL; q GC 111.2 P7   BOOK 1990
Cull John G    
      Introduction To Correctional Rehabilitation. BJL; HV 9275 H2   BOOK 1973
      Problems Of Disadvantaged And Deprived Youth BJL; HV 1421 C9   BOOK 1975
Cull Laura : Theatres of immanence : Deleuze and the ethics of performance / Laura Cull.     
      Theatres Of Immanence : Deleuze And The Ethics Of Performance BJL; B2430.D454 C8 2012   BOOK 2012
Cull Lesley Anne : The law and social work : contemporary issues for practice / edited by Lesley-Anne Cull and Jeremy Roche.     
      The Law And Social Work : Contemporary Issues For Practice BJL; KD 201 L4   BOOK 2001
Cull Nicholas John    
      The Cold War And The United States Information Agency : American Propaganda And Public Diplomacy, 19 BJL; E 840.2 C9   BOOK c2008
      Propaganda And Mass Persuasion : A Historical Encyclopedia, 1500 To The Present BJL; HM 1231 C9   BOOK 2003
      Selling War : The British Propaganda Campaign Against American "Neutrality" In World War II. BJL; D 810 P7 G7   BOOK 1995
Cull Peter : The sourcebook of medical illustration : over 900 anatomical, medical and scientific illustrations available for general re-use and adaptation free of normal copyright restrictions / edited by Peter Cull.     
      The Sourcebook Of Medical Illustration : Over 900 Anatomical, Medical And Scientific Illustrations A BJL; QM 25 S7   BOOK 1989
Cull Richard : Garrick's mode of reading the liturgy of the Church of England / by Richard Cull.     
      Garrick's Mode Of Reading The Liturgy Of The Church Of England BJL; BV 4235 E5 G2   BOOK 1840
Cullagh Majella    
      Elisabetta Regina D'Inghilterra BJL; C/D 2064   CD AUDIO 2002
      Zoraida Di Granata : Melodramma Eroico BJL; C/D 2365   CD AUDIO 1999
Cullather Nick 1959    
      The Hungry World : America's Cold War Battle Against Poverty In Asia BJL; HD 2056 Z8 C9   BOOK 2010
      Secret History : The CIA's Classified Account Of Its Operations In Guatemala, 1952-1954 Online materials  EBOOKS 2006
      Secret History : The CIA's Classified Account Of Its Operations In Guatemala, 1952-1954 BJL; F 1466.5 C8   BOOK 2006
Cullen Alexander : Adventures in socialism : New Lanark Establishment and Orbiston Community.     
      Adventures In Socialism : New Lanark Establishment And Orbiston Community. BJL; HX 696 O9 C9   BOOK 1972
Cullen Andrew Pearson : The financing and production of private housing in Britain before 1940.     
      The Financing And Production Of Private Housing In Britain Before 1940. BJL; T/H 1982 Ph.D. C9   THESIS 1982
Cullen Anne Felicia : The concept and practice of leadership in social work / Anne Felicia Cullen.     
      The Concept And Practice Of Leadership In Social Work Online materials  ETHESIS 2019
Cullen Anthony : The concept of non-international armed conflict in international humanitarian law / Anthony Cullen.     
      The Concept Of Non-International Armed Conflict In International Humanitarian Law BJL; KZ 6471 C9   BOOK 2010
Cullen Anthony D : Precis of the East Africa Royal Commission report, 1953-1955.     
      Precis Of The East Africa Royal Commission Report, 1953-1955. BJL; HC 517 E1 C9   BOOK 1955
Cullen C K : Back to life and work : rehabilitation of the tuberculous ...     
      Back To Life And Work : Rehabilitation Of The Tuberculous ... BJL; RC 311.6 C9   BOOK 1946
Cullen Cheryl Dangel    
      The Best Of Business Card Design No. 5. BJL  BOOK 2002
      Challenging The Big Brands : How New Brands Win Market Share With Innovative Design BJL  BOOK c2003
      Color Graphics : The Power Of Color In Graphic Design BJL; q NC 1000 T8   BOOK c2002
      Color Graphics : The Power Of Color In Graphic Design BJL; NC 997 T8   BOOK 2004
Cullen Chris : Approaches to people with profound and complex disabilities / Martin Campbell, Chris Cullen, Andrew Parry.     
      Approaches To People With Profound And Complex Disabilities BJL; q HV 1568 C1   BOOK 1996
Cullen Countee    
      Color. BJL; PS 3505 U43 C7   BOOK 1969
      In A Minor Chord : Three Afro-American Writers And Their Search For Identity. BJL; PS 228 N4 T9   BOOK 1971
Cullen Countee P : A bio-bibliography of Countee P. Cullen, 1903 1946.     
      A Bio-Bibliography Of Countee P. Cullen, 1903 1946. BJL; PS 3505 U43 Z67   BOOK 1971
Cullen Deborah    
      Child Care Law : A Summary : England And Wales BJL; KD 204 C9   BOOK 2014
      Child Protection : The Therapeutic Option BJL; HV 751 C5   BOOK 1996
      Effective Adoption Panels BJL; q HV 875.58 G7 L8   BOOK 2012
      Effective Adoption Panels : Guidance On Regulations, Process And Good Practice In Adoption And Perma BJL; q HV 875.58 G7 L8   BOOK 2013
2 additional entries    
Cullen Del    
      Contemporary British And Irish Film Directors : A Wallflower Critical Guide BJL; PN 1993.45 C7   BOOK 2001
      Contemporary North American Film Directors BJL; PN 1993.45 C7   BOOK 2002
      The Wallflower Critical Guide To Contemporary North American Directors BJL; PN 1993.45 W1   BOOK 2000
Cullen Dupont Kathryn : American women activists' writings : an anthology, 1637-2002 / edited by Kathryn Cullen-DuPont.     
      American Women Activists' Writings : An Anthology, 1637-2002 BJL; HQ 1410 A5   BOOK 2002
Cullen Fin    
      Research And Research Methods For Youth Practitioners Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
      Research And Research Methods For Youth Practitioners BJL; HV 1421 R4   BOOK 2012
      The SAGE Handbook Of Youth Work Practice BJL; HV1421 .S2 2018   BOOK 2018
Cullen Fintan : Visual politics : the representation of Ireland 1750-1930.     
      Visual Politics : The Representation Of Ireland 1750-1930. BJL; N 8219 I6 C9   BOOK 1997
Cullen Francis Grant Lord 1658 1726    
      A Brief Account Of The Nature, Rise, And Progress Of The Societies For Reformation Of Manners &c. In Online materials  EBOOKS 1700
      A Discourse, Concerning The Execution Of The Laws, Made Against Prophaneness, &c. Online materials  EBOOKS 1700
      The Loyalists Reasons For His Giving Obedience, And Swearing Allegiance, To The Present Government : Online materials  EBOOKS 1689
      Sadducimus Debellatus: Or, A True Narrative Of The Sorceries And Witchcrafts Exercis'd By The Devil Online materials  EBOOKS 1698
      A True Narrative Of The Sufferings And Relief Of A Young Girle; Strangely Molested, By Evil Spirits Online materials  EBOOKS 1698
Cullen Francis T    
      Criminological Theory : Context And Consequences BJL; HV 6025 L7   BOOK 1989
      Criminological Theory : Context And Consequences BJL; HV 6025 L7   BOOK 1995
      Criminological Theory : Context And Consequences BJL; HV 6025 L7   BOOK 2002
      Criminological Theory : Context And Consequences BJL; HV 6025 L7   BOOK c2007
7 additional entries    
Cullen Gavin 1972 : Zir-e sayeh / producers, Lucan Toh, Emily Leo, Oliver Roskill ; writer/director, Babak Anvari.     
      Zir-E Sayeh BJL; PN 1997 Z812   DVD 2017
Cullen Holly    
      European Community Law BJL; KJE 947 C4   BOOK 1994
      Politics And Law Of Former Yugoslavia BJL; q JK 30 E88 R4(93/3)   BOOK 1993
Cullen I    
      Analysis And Decision In Regional Policy BJL; HT 391 R3   BOOK 1979
      Urban Networks : The Structure Of Activity Patterns BJL; q HT 169 G7 P96(4,i)   BOOK 1975
Cullen J E : The application of a behavioural regime to disturbed young offenders / by J.E. Cullen and J.W. Seddon.     
      The Application Of A Behavioural Regime To Disturbed Young Offenders BJL; q HV 6089 H76 R4(I,15)   BOOK 1980
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