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Dewalt Billie R : Modernization in a Mexican ejido : a study in economic adaption.     
      Modernization In A Mexican Ejido : A Study In Economic Adaption. BJL; HN 120 M6 D5   BOOK 1979
Dewalt Mark William : Amish education in the United States and Canada / Mark W. Dewalt.     
      Amish Education In The United States And Canada BJL; LC 586 A45 D5   BOOK 2006
Dewan Bahasa Dan Kebudayaan Kebangsaan    
      25 Pelajaran Bahasa Kebangsaan. South East Asian Collection; PL 5108 D5   BOOK 1961
      Penyata Mushawarah Penulis Penulis Malaya Di-Singapura, 1962 South East Asian Collection; PL 5130 M2   BOOK 1960
Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka    
      Barang Kemas Melayu Tradisi. South East Asian Collection; q NK 7349.5 A1 M6   BOOK 1990
      Kamus Inggeris Melayu Dewan = An English-Malay Dictionary. BJL; PL 5125 K1   BOOK 1992
Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Kuala Lumpur    
      Ambonese Malay And Creoloization Theory. South East Asian Collection; PL 5079 C7   BOOK 1980
      Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka : A Language And Literature Planning And Development Agency Of Malaysia. South East Asian Collection; p PL 5103 D5   BOOK 1977
      Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka In Ten Years. South East Asian Collection; PL 5103 D5   BOOK 1967
      Dewan Bahasa : Menduking Chita-Chita Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa. South East Asian Collection; (WL) PL 5101 D51   PERIODICAL  
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Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Kuala Lumpur Committee For Malay : A draft dictionary of Malay economic and related social science terms.     
      A Draft Dictionary Of Malay Economic And Related Social Science Terms. South East Asian Collection; q HB 61 D5   BOOK 1969
Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Kuala Lumpur Perpustakaan : Karya kreatif Asean : Asean creative writings (1967-1977).     
      Karya Kreatif Asean : Asean Creative Writings (1967-1977). South East Asian Collection; PR 2 D5   BOOK 1977
Dewan Gereja Gereja Indonesia Siang Raya 9th 1980 Manado Tomohon : Buku ibadah Sidang Raya IX DGI, Manado-Tomohon, 19-31 Juli 1980 : tema:Datanglah Kerajaanmu ...     
      Buku Ibadah Sidang Raya IX DGI, Manado-Tomohon, 19-31 Juli 1980 : Tema:Datanglah Kerajaanmu ... South East Asian Collection; p BV 199 O3 D5   BOOK 1980
Dewan Kesanian Djakarta : Budaja Djaja : madjalah kebudayaan umum.     
      Budaja Djaja : Madjalah Kebudayaan Umum. South East Asian Collection; (WP) AP 95 I4 B91   PERIODICAL  
Dewan Kesenian Djakarta : Dua puluh sastrawan bicara.     
      Dua Puluh Sastrawan Bicara. South East Asian Collection; PL 5081 D5   BOOK 1984
Dewan Novi : Indian life and health insurance industry [electronic resource] : a marketing approach / Novi Dewan ; with forewords by Martin Fassnacht and Dirk Schmitd-Gallas.     
      Indian Life And Health Insurance Industry A Marketing Approach Online materials; HG9163 .D49 2008eb   EBOOKS 2008
Dewan Sarita Jane : A repertory grid approach to exploring distressed couples' experiences during pregnancy.     
      A Repertory Grid Approach To Exploring Distressed Couples' Experiences During Pregnancy. BJL; T/H 2006 Clin.Psy.D. D5   THESIS 2006
Dewantara Bambang Sokawati    
      Ki Hajar Dewantara Dan Kawan-Kawan South East Asian Collection; DS 644.1 D5 H2   BOOK 1980
      Nyi Hajar Dewantara, Dalam Kisah Dan Data. South East Asian Collection; DS 644.1 D52 D5   BOOK 1979
Dewantara Ki Hadjar    
      Asas-Asas Dan Dasar-Dasar Taman Siswa. South East Asian Collection; LC 54 I4 D5   BOOK 1964
      Azas-Azas Dan Dasar Taman Siswa. South East Asian Collection; LC 54 I4 D5   BOOK 1961
      Dari Kebangunan Nasional Sampai Proklamesi Kemerdekaan : Kenang-Kenangan Ki Hadjar Dewantara. South East Asian Collection; DS 643 D5   BOOK 1952
      Demokrasi Dan Leiderschap. South East Asian Collection; JC 433 D5   BOOK 1964
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Dewantara Nyi Hadjar : Nyi Hajar Dewantara, dalam kisah dan data.     
      Nyi Hajar Dewantara, Dalam Kisah Dan Data. South East Asian Collection; DS 644.1 D52 D5   BOOK 1979
Dewar Alfred Charles    
      Russian War, 1854 : Baltic And Black Sea : Official Correspondence BJL, Departmental Locations ; VA 452 N3(83)   BOOK 1943
      Russian War, 1855 : Black Sea : Official Correspondence BJL; VA 452 N3(85)   BOOK 1945
Dewar Ann : History in Hansard, 1803-1900 : an anthology / by S. King-Hall and A. Dewar.     
      History In Hansard, 1803-1900 : An Anthology BJL; JK 500 K5   BOOK  
Dewar Daniel : Elements of moral philosophy and of Christian ethics.     
      Elements Of Moral Philosophy And Of Christian Ethics. BJL; BJ 1240 D5   BOOK 1826
Dewar David : Regional development and settlement policy : premises and prospects / D. Dewar, A. Todes and V. Watson.     
      Regional Development And Settlement Policy : Premises And Prospects BJL; HT 395 U5 D5   BOOK 1986
Dewar Diana : Orphans of the living : a study of bastardy.     
      Orphans Of The Living : A Study Of Bastardy. BJL; HQ 998 D5   BOOK 1968
Dewar G J : The geology of Adelaide Island.     
      The Geology Of Adelaide Island. BJL; q QH 11 F1 S41(57)   BOOK 1970
Dewar George A B George Albemarle Bertie 1862 1934 : Sir Douglas Haig's command, December 19, 1915, to November 11, 1918 / by George A.B. Dewar ; assisted by J.H. Boraston.     
      Sir Douglas Haig's Command, December 19, 1915, To November 11, 1918 BJL; D 546 D5   BOOK 1922
Dewar Hugo : Communist politics in Britain : the CPGB from its origins to the Second World War.     
      Communist Politics In Britain : The CPGB From Its Origins To The Second World War. BJL; JK 1129 C69 D5   BOOK 1976
Dewar John    
      Land Law : Themes And Perspectives BJL; KD 333 L2   BOOK 1998
      Law And The Family BJL; KD 204 D5   BOOK 1992
      Law And The Family. BJL; KD 204 D5   BOOK 1989
      Nuclear Weapons, The Peace Movement And The Law. BJL; JX 5133 A7 N9   BOOK 1986
3 additional entries    
Dewar John Mclaren : An assessment of the ideas of F.D. Maurice and Sir Richard Livingstone on adult education.     
      An Assessment Of The Ideas Of F.D. Maurice And Sir Richard Livingstone On Adult Education. BJL; T/H 1973 B.Phil. D5   THESIS 1973
Dewar Lindsay    
      Christian Morals BJL; BJ 1240 D5   BOOK 1945
      Does God Care? BJL; BT 135 D5   BOOK 1936
      The Holy Spirit And Modern Thought : An Inquiry Into The Historical, Theological, And Psychological BJL; BT 120 D5   BOOK 1959
      An Outline Of Anglican Moral Theology. BJL; BV 4611 D5   BOOK 1968
Dewar Lloyd George : Hernewood : the personal diary of Col. John Hunter Duvar, June 6 to September 17, 1857 : the story of Anne of Hernewood, a fascinating lady, and the emigration of the fairies / edited by L. George Dewar.     
      Hernewood : The Personal Diary Of Col. John Hunter Duvar, June 6 To September 17, 1857 : The Story O Departmental Locations; PR 9199.2 H93 H5   BOOK 1979
Dewar Margaret E Margaret Elizabeth 1948 : The city after abandonment / edited by Margaret Dewar and June Manning Thomas.     
      The City After Abandonment Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
Dewar Mary    
      De Republica Anglorum. BJL; DA 310 S6   BOOK 1982
      A Discourse Of The Commonweal Of This Realm Of England, Attributed To Sir Thomas Smith BJL; HC 254.4 D6   BOOK 1969
      Sir Thomas Smith : A Tudor Intellectual In Office. BJL; DA 358 S6 D5   BOOK 1964
Dewar Michael J S    
      Computer Compilation Of Molecular Weights And Percentage Compositions For Organic Compounds. Departmental Locations; QD 291 D5   BOOK 1969
      Hyperconjugation. BJL, Departmental Locations ; QD 471 D5   BOOK 1962
      An Introduction To Modern Chemistry. BJL; QD 31 D5   BOOK 1965
      The Molecular Orbital Theory Of Organic Chemistry. BJL, Departmental Locations ; QD 461 D4   BOOK 1969
      The PMD Theory Of Organic Chemistry. BJL; QD 461 D5   BOOK 1975
Dewar Rick : Internet technology and e-commerce / Alison Cawsey and Rick Dewar.     
      Internet Technology And E-Commerce BJL; TK 5105.888 C3   BOOK 2004
Dewar Steve : Clinical governance under construction : problems of design and difficulties in practice.     
      Clinical Governance Under Construction : Problems Of Design And Difficulties In Practice. BJL; q RA 399 A1 D5   BOOK 1999
Dewar T P : The Nagas east of the Namhpuk Kha : some of their habits and customs.     
      The Nagas East Of The Namhpuk Kha : Some Of Their Habits And Customs. BJL; DS 528.2 N1 D5   BOOK 1927
Dewart Edward Hartley    
      Additional Poems Online materials  EBOOKS 2002
      Songs Of Life : A Collection Of Poems Online materials  EBOOKS 1869
Dewart Leslie    
      The Foundations Of Belief. BJL; BL 51 D5   BOOK 1969
      The Future Of Belief : Theism In A World Come Of Age. BJL; BT 101 D5   BOOK 1967
Dewatripont M Mathias    
      Contract Theory BJL; K 840 B6   BOOK c2005
      The Economics Of Contracting : Foundations, Applications, And Empirical Investigations : Proceedings BJL; HB 139 F8   BOOK c2006
      European Economic Integration : A Challenge In A Changing World BJL; HC 241 E8   BOOK 1994
      The Prudential Regulation Of Banks BJL; HG 1725 D5   BOOK 1994
      Trade And Jobs In Europe Much Ado About Nothing? Online materials; HD5710.75.E85 T7 1999   EBOOKS c1999
Dewberry Elliott Brocklebank : Food poisoning : food-borne infection and intoxication.     
      Food Poisoning : Food-Borne Infection And Intoxication. BJL; RA 642 D5   BOOK 1959
Dewdney A K : Turing omnibus     
      The (New) Turing Omnibus : 66 Excursions In Computer Science BJL; QA76 .D448 2001   BOOK 2001
Dewdney Andrew : The new media handbook / Andrew Dewdney and Peter Ride.     
      The New Media Handbook BJL; QA76.575   BOOK 2006
Dewdney John Christopher    
      The British Census. BJL; G 70.23 C73(29)   BOOK 1981
      Demographic And Social Change In The Durham Coalfield. 3, Birthplace And Migration, 1851-1881. BJL; q HB 3584 D9 N8   BOOK 1984
      Durham County And City With Teesside Published BJL; DA 670 D9 D5   BOOK 1970
      The Langdales : A Lakeland Parish. BJL; G 2 D96 O1(3)   BOOK 1959
7 additional entries    
Dewdney Micheline : Adoption : facts and fallacies / ed M.L.K. Pringle with the assistance of M. Dewdney ... and others.     
      Adoption : Facts And Fallacies BJL; HV 875 P9   BOOK 1967
Dewdney Patricia : Communicating professionally : a how-to-do-it manual for library applications / Catherine Sheldrick Ross, Patricia Dewdney.     
      Communicating Professionally : A How-To-Do-It Manual For Library Applications BJL; q Z 678 R8   BOOK 1998
Dewe Philip    
      Job Design And The Psychology Of Boredom BJL; q HF 5549 A2 W92(13)   BOOK 1978
      Organizational Stress : A Review And Critique Of Theory, Research, And Applications BJL; HF 5548.85 C7   BOOK 2001
      Valuing Human Resources BJL; q HF 5601 A8 O1(83)   BOOK 2005
      Well-Being And Work : Towards A Balanced Agenda Online materials; HF5548.85 .D495 2012   EBOOKS 2012
Dewe Thomas    
      The Passions Of The Minde In Generall : In Sixe Bookes. By Thomas Wright. Online materials  EBOOKS 1620
      The Passions Of The Minde In Generall : In Sixe Bookes. Corrected, Enlarged, And With Sundry New Dis Online materials  EBOOKS 1621
Deweerd H A : Lord Russell's war crimes tribunal.     
      Lord Russell's War Crimes Tribunal. South East Asian Collection; q DS 557 A67 R9   BOOK 1967
Dewees : Great Future of America and Africa; an Essay Showing Our Whole Duty to the Black Man, Consistent with Our Own Safety and Glory / Dewees.     
      Great Future Of America And Africa; An Essay Showing Our Whole Duty To The Black Man, Consistent Wit Online materials  EBOOKS 1854
Dewees Donald N : Economics and public policy : the automobile pollution case.     
      Economics And Public Policy : The Automobile Pollution Case. BJL; TD 886.5 D5   BOOK 1974
Dewees Peter A    
      Farms, Trees & Farmers : Responses To Agricultural Intensification BJL; SD 131 F2   BOOK 1997
      The Woodfuel Crisis Reconsidered : Observations On The Dynamics Of Abundance And Scarcity . Departmental Locations; Xerox   PHOTOCOPY  
Deweese Keith P : Libraries and the semantic web / Keith P. DeWeese, Dan Segal.     
      Libraries And The Semantic Web Online materials; ZA4080 .D494 2015eb   EBOOKS 2015
Deweese Theodore L : Molecular determinants of radiation response / Theodore L. DeWeese, Marikki Laiho, editors.     
      Molecular Determinants Of Radiation Response Online materials; QH467 .M66 2011   EBOOKS c2011
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