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Mark   Year Entries
E E   2
E E Doctor Of Physicke   2
E Energy 2010 2010 Athens Greece : Energy-efficient computing and networking [electronic resource] : first international ICST Conference, E-Energy 2010, Athens, Greece, October 14-15 2010, revised selected papers / Nikos Hatziargyriou ... [et al.], eds.  2011 1
E F   12
E F Edward Ford Active 1630 1660   11
E Forensics Conference 1st 2008 Adelaide S A : Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Forensic Applications and Techniques in Telecommunications, Information, and Multimedia and Workshop [electronic resource] / general chair Matthew Sorell ; sponsors ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, ACM Special Interest Group on Multimedia, ICST, University of Adelaide.  2008 1
E G   10
E G Gent   2
E G Serjeant At Arms : A description of the island and city of Candia / by E.G., Serjeant at Arms.  1668 1
E H   11
E H Active 1592 : De fide, eiusque ortu et natura. Contra P. Baronis Stempani : Theologiæ in Academia Cantab. professoris, prælectionem. Per E.H. seruum Domini Iesu Christi.  1592 1
E I   4
E I Active 1632 : Clavis theologiæ, quâ patet aditus ad SSæ. Theologiæ adyta : quæ continent thesaurum summorum capitum, locorum communium, & quæstionum præcipuarum, in totâ theologiâ, e patribus, theologis, tam antiquis quam modernis; scholasticis, canonistis, casuistis, summistis, collectorum: nonnulla etiam selectiora historiæ, quattor imperiorum, chronologiæ, isorropiæ & philologiæ momenta hic recensentur. ... Omnia in usum theologorum publice edita & excusa proprijs sumptibus E.I. servi Ecclesiæ Dei.  1632 1
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company : An analysis of the early record keeping in the Du Pont Company, 1800-1818.  1989 1
E I Student In Divinitie : A Nevv-Yeares gift for English Catholikes, or A briefe and cleare explication of the new Oath of Allegiance. / By E.I. student in Diuinitie; for a more full instruction, and appeasement of the consciences of English Catholikes, concerning the said Oath, then hath beene giuen them by I.E. student in Diuinitie, who compiled the treatise of the prelate and the prince.  1620 1
E J G : Englands hope, against Irish hate [electronic resource] / J. G. E.  1600 1
E L   2
E L Active 1596 : Romes monarchie, entituled the globe of renowmed glorie : Briefly comprehending the first foundation and building of Rome by Romulus: the principall warres and conquests of the Romanes after the time of their first choosing consuls, till Iulius Cæsar attaining soly to the Empire, and from him more briefly to Nero. VVhere in small compasse is described, manie most notable, and vertuous acts, atchieued in their said warres, and conquests; strange tragedies, secret practises and policies, ambition, hate, and reuenge: and how insurrections, rebellion, strife, ciuill discord and discention preualing, was the onely plague, ruine, and vtter destruction of many great monarchies, kingdomes, cities, and countries. Translated out of the French and Italian histories by E.L.  1596 1
E L Active 1660 : The Christians daily walk with God by faith, or, A collection of promises, for the comfort of Christians in every position, / by E.L.  1660 1
E L E Lydeott : The prodigal return'd home, or, The motives of the conversion to the Catholick faith of E.L., Master of Arts in the University of Cambridge  1684 1
E M   9
E M A D O C : Novembris monstrum, or, Rome brovght to bed in England : with the whores miscarying / made long since for the anniversary solemnity on the fift[h] day of November, in a private colledge in Cambridge, by A.B.C.D.E. ; and now by conquering importunity made publique, for a small memoriall of England's great deliverance from the powder-treason, by E.M.A.D.O.C.  1641 1
E M Edward Man   3
E M Esq : Protection perswading subjection: or A [brace] word of peace to the well-affected. Caveat to the contentious. Rod for the rebellious. : In three positions proving His Highness 1 To be the aptest, ablest and most worthy person for place of Lord Protector. 2. That the people, by the laws of God and man are obliged to loyalty and obedience to his Highness. 3. That all opposers are enemies to the publick peace and safety, and deserve exemplary punishment. By E.M. Esq; a cordial well-willer to the tranquillity and safety of this Commonwealth.  1654 1
E M Gent   2
E M Mason : The covenant acknowledged by an English Covenanter, and the manifested wants of the common prayer, or divine service, formerly used, thought the fittest for publique worship / by one vvhose hearty desires are presented to all the lovers of peace and truth in these nations, and shall be the prayers of a wel-wisher to both, and a very much obliged servant to all the promoters of this just cause, E.M., Mason.  1660 1
E M Meijers Instituut : The Security Council and the use of force : theory and reality - a need for change? / by Niels Blokker & Nico Schrijver, editors ; with a foreword by Pieter Kooijmans.  c2005 1
E M Of Christ Church Oxford : Declaration de Henri-Marc de Gouffier. English  1616 1
E Mansion J : Harrap's Standard French And English Dictionary Part 2 Mansion J E  1956 1
E N   6
E N Lover Of All Men : Envy and folly detected : by way of a reply to a scandalous pamphlet, lately published by Robert Bridgeman (a grocer in London) intituled, Folly and envy detected, &c. : being a vindication of the true Christian Quakers : also something to a paper signed by J. Vaughton, J. Field, Ch. Marshall, W. Bingly, and others, being in number 24, and pretended Quakers, lately published in the City mercury, &c. : to which is added, nineteen queries to R.B. and his 24 brethren, &c. / by G.C. and E.N., lovers of all men.  1695 1
E N P : To the King, on his peaceable return, and magnificent entry into London : By E. N. P.  1697 1
E O   2
E P   8
E P Active 1556 : A confutatio[n] of vnwritte[n] verities : both bi the holye scriptures and moste auncient autors, and also probable arguments, and pithy reasons, with plaine aunswers to al (or at the least) to the moste part and strongest argumentes, which the aduersaries of gods truth, either haue, or can bryng forth for the profe and defence of the same vnwritten vanities, verities as they would haue them called: made up by Thomas Cranmer ... translated and set forth, by E.P. The contentes whereof, thou shalte find in the next side folowinge.  1556 1
E P Ezra Pierce   2
E P Mrs : On His royal highness His expedition against the Dutch. / By Mrs. E. P.  1672 1
E R   7
E R Active 1588 : Two fruitfull exercises : the one: A Christian discourse vpon the 16. and 17. verses of the 16. chapter of the booke of Iudges, wherin are handled these three principal heads: The portreature of Dalila. The bridle of lust. The seale of secrets. The other: A godly meditation vpon the 41. and 42. verses of the 10. chapter of Saint Luke, containing especially The profit of repreoofe, togither with the necessitie and excellencie of Gods word. Also a brief discourse intituled A buckler against a Spanish brag: Written vpon the first rumor of the intended inuasion, and now not altogither ynmeete to be published. By E.R.  1588 1
E R Active 1605   2
E R Gent   3
E S   8
E S Active 1582   2
E S Active 1597 : The discouerie of the knights of the poste: or The knightes of the post, or co[m]mon common [sic] baylers newly discried : Wherein is shewed and plainely laide open, many lewde actions, and subtill deuises, which are daily practised by them: to the great abuse of most honorable councelers, learned iudges, and other graue maiestrates: and also to the defrauding and vtter vndoing of a great number of her Maiesties good and loyall subiects. By E.S.  1597 1
E S D D : The case stated between the Church of England and the dissenters : wherein the first is prov'd to be the onely true church, and the latter plainly demonstrated from their own writings and those of all the reformed churches to be downright schismaticks / collected from the best authors on either side ... by E.S.  1700 1
E S Edward Sharpe Active 17th Century   2
E S English Catholick : A profession of faith comprizing the ancient forms of the Catholick Church : with other articles relating to the terms of communion with the present church of Rome / by E.S., an English Catholick.  1700 1
E S Gent   2
E S Gentleman In Prison : A companion for debtors and prisoners, and advice to creditors in ten letters : from a gentleman in prison, to a member of Parliament : wherein, first, the villianies [sic] and insolencies of bayliffs, secondly, the evil practices of jaylers and pretended solicitors, and thirdly, the irregularities of prisons in general, are briefly detected and exposed : together with a particular description of Newgate, the Marshallsea, the two compters, Ludgate, the Fleet, and Kings Bench, with reflections upon prisons in general, and proposals for regulating the whole.  1699 1
E T   5
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