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111 2  East-West Philosophers' Conference|n(10th :|d2011 :
       |cHonolulu, Hawaii) 
245 10 Value & values :|beconomics & justice in an age of global 
       interdependence /|cedited by Roger T. Ames & Peter D. 
246 3  Value and values 
264  1 Honolulu :|bUniversity of Hawaii Press (Bibliovault),
300    1 online resource. 
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500    Papers from the 10th East-West Philosophers' Conference, 
       held in Honolulu, May 16-24, 2011. 
505 0  The mosaic and the jigsaw puzzle: how it all fits together
       / Thomas P. Kasulis -- Value, exchange and beyond: between
       -ness as starting point / Meera Sushila Viswanathan -- 
       Triple negation: Watsuji Tetsuro on the sustainability of 
       ecosystems, economies, and international peace / James 
       McRae -- Fouling our nest: is (environmental) ethics 
       impotent against (bad) economics? / Heidi M. Hurd -- The 
       visible and the invisible: rethinking values and justice 
       from a Buddhist-postmodern perspective / Jin Y. Park -- 
       "You ought to be ashamed of yourself!" / Jim Peterman -- 
       Filial piety and traditional Chinese rural community: an 
       alternative ethical paradigm for modern aging societies / 
       Liuxin Yang, Baoyan Cheng, and Xu Di -- Doing justice to 
       justice: seeking a more capacious conception of justice 
       from Confucian role ethics / Roger T. Ames -- Moral 
       equivalents / Kathleen M. Higgins -- A critique of 
       economic reason: between tradition and post-coloniality / 
       Purushottama Bilimoria -- Economies of scarcity and 
       acquisition, economies of gift and thanksgiving: lessons 
       from cultural anthropology / Kenneth Stikkers -- John 
       Dewey, institutional economics, and Confucian democracies 
       / Larry A. Hickman -- The responsible society as social 
       harmony: Walter G. Muelder's communitarian social ethics 
       as a bridge tradition for Confucian economics / Robert 
       Smid -- Swaraj and Swadeshi: Gandhi and Tagore on ethics, 
       development, and freedom / Jay Garfield and Nalini Bhushan
       -- Economics and religion or economics vs. religion: the 
       concept of an Islamic economics / Oliver Leaman -- Two 
       challenges to market Daoism / James Behuniak, Jr. -- 
       Buddhist, western, and hybrid perspectives on liberty 
       rights and economic rights / Gordon Davis -- The 
       conversation of justice: Rawls, Sandel, Cavell, and 
       education for political literacy / Naoko Saito -- Social 
       justice and the occident / Paul Standish -- Three-level 
       eco-humanism in Japanese Confucianism: combining 
       environmental with humanist social ethics / T. Yamauchi --
       Economic growth, human well-being, and the environment / 
       Workineh Kelbessa -- The moral necessity of socialism / 
       Karsten J. Struhl -- Invaluable justice: Heidegger, 
       Derrida, and Daoism thinking on values and justice / 
       Steven Burik -- What is it like to be a moral being? / 
       Amita Chatterjee -- What is the value of poverty?: a 
       comparative analysis of Aristotle's politics and Dogen's 
       Shobogenzo zuimonki / Steve Bein -- Economic goods, common
       goods, and the good life / May Sim -- On the justice of 
       caring labor: an alternative theory of liberal 
       egalitarianism to Dworkin's luck egalitarianism / Shiu-
       Ching Wu -- Aging, equality, and Confucian selves / Steven
       Geisz -- Institutional power matters: the role of 
       institutional power in international development / Lori 
       Keleher -- The value of diversity: Buddhist reflections on
       more equitably orienting global interdependence -- Peter 
       D. Hershock. 
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650  0 Economics|xMoral and ethical aspects|vCongresses. 
700 1  Ames, Roger T.,|d1947- 
700 1  Hershock, Peter D. 
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