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England And Wales Trustees For Providing Maintenance For Ministers : By the trustees appointed by authority of Parliament, for providing maintenance for ministers, and other pious uses. April 19. 1650     
      By The Trustees Appointed By Authority Of Parliament, For Providing Maintenance For Ministers, And O Online materials  EBOOKS 1650
  England Aula Regis -- See England. Curia Regis
England Barry : Conduct unbecoming / by Barry England ; directed by Peter Howell.     
      Conduct Unbecoming Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 N54(1971/11/15-20)   PLAYBILL 1971
England Betty : Trade union problems.     
      Trade Union Problems. BJL; HD 6664 E5   BOOK 1950
England Carole : Communication skills for midwives : challenges in every day practice / Carole England and Ransolina Morgan.     
      Communication Skills For Midwives : Challenges In Every Day Practice BJL; RG 950 E5   BOOK 2012
England Chris : An evening with Gary Linekar.     
      An Evening With Gary Linekar. BJL  BOOK 1992
  England Court Of Chancery -- 2 Related Authors    
England Court Of Chancery    
      A Calendar Of Early Chancery Proceedings Relating To West Country Shipping, 1388-1493 BJL, Departmental Locations ; DA 670 D5 D49(N.S.21)   BOOK 1976
      Calendar Of Various Chancery Rolls,1277-1326. BJL; DA 25 C1 C37   BOOK  
      Index Of Persons Named In Proceedings 1385-1467. BJL; CS 437 H2(78-79)   BOOK  
      List Of Ancient Correspondence Of The Chancery And Exchequer, Preserved In The Public Record Office. BJL; q DA 25 L7(15)   BOOK 1968
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England Court Of Common Pleas : Saturday the 25 of February, 1653. By the judges appointed by act of Parliament for relief of creditors and poor prisoners, sitting at Salters Hall, London..     
      Saturday The 25 Of February, 1653. By The Judges Appointed By Act Of Parliament For Relief Of Credit Online materials  EBOOKS 1653
  England Court Of Exchequer -- See Also England. Exchequer
  England Court Of Eyre -- See England. Curia Regis
England Court Of Kings Bench : Reports. 1660-1726. Vol.3.     
      The Third Part Of Modern Reports : Being A Collection Of Several Special Cases In The Court Of Kings Online materials  EBOOKS 1700
England Court Of Quarter Sessions Of The Peace Norfolk : A Norfolk sessions roll, 1394-1397/ translated with introduction by L.J. Redstone.     
      A Norfolk Sessions Roll, 1394-1397 BJL; M/I 4149   MICROFORM 1936
England Court Of Requests : Select cases, 1497-1569.     
      Select Cases, 1497-1569. BJL; KB 10 S4(12)   BOOK  
  England Curia Regis -- See Also England and Wales. Curia Regis
England Curia Regis    
      At The Court At Whitehall, The Fifteenth Of May, 1672. : Whereas His Majesty Did The Seventeenth Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1672
      At The Court At Whitehall The Third Of October, 1676. : Whereas His Majesty And This Board Are Infor Online materials  EBOOKS 1676
      Civil Pleas Of The Wiltshire Eyre, 1249. BJL; DA 670 W7 R3(26)   BOOK 1971
      Crown Pleas Of The Devon Eyre Of 1238. BJL; DA 670 D5 D49(28)   BOOK 1985
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England Daisy : The O'Dowd / Dion Boucicault ; The lottery ticket.     
      The O'Dowd Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 T3(1881/05/30)   PLAYBILL 1881
England Denise Margaret : Counselling supervision.     
      Counselling Supervision. BJL; T/H 1992 M.Sc. E5   THESIS 1992
England Edward Bourdieu : Iphigeneia at Aulis.     
      Iphigeneia At Aulis. BJL; PA 3980 I7 E5   BOOK 1891
  England Exchequer -- 2 Related Authors    
England Exchequer    
      Exchequer Ancient Deeds - DD Series 1101-1645 (E 211). BJL; q DA 20 L71(200)   BOOK 1983
      The Great Roll Of The Pipe For The Fifth Year Of The Reign Of King Henry III, Michaelmas 1221, (Pipe BJL; DA 20 P6(N.S.48)   BOOK 1990
      The Great Roll Of The Pipe For The Sixth Year Of The Reign Of King Henry III, Michaelmas 1222, (Pipe BJL; DA 20 P6(N.S.51)   BOOK 1999
      The History And Antiquities Of The Exchequer Of The Kings Of England, In Two Periods. BJL; q HJ 1028 M1   BOOK 1711
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England F E : The validity of religious experience.     
      The Validity Of Religious Experience. BJL; BD 573 E5   BOOK  
England Field Unit : Handbook for Phase 1 habitat survey : a technique for environmental audit.     
      Handbook For Phase 1 Habitat Survey : A Technique For Environmental Audit. BJL; q QH 541.15 S95 H2   BOOK 1990
England George Allan 1877 1936 : Vikings of the ice : being the log of a tenderfoot on the great Newfoundland seal hunt.     
      Vikings Of The Ice : Being The Log Of A Tenderfoot On The Great Newfoundland Seal Hunt. Departmental Locations; SH 362 E5   BOOK 1924
England Glyn : Whatever happened to Donovan?     
      Whatever Happened To Donovan? BJL; HD 6664 E5   BOOK 1982
England High Court Of Admiralty Southampton England : The Admiralty Court book of Southampton 1566-1585 / edited, with an introduction, by Edwin Welch, former City Archivist.     
      The Admiralty Court Book Of Southampton 1566-1585 BJL; DA 690 S7 R3(13)   BOOK 1968
England J R : The use of models in structure planning : applications in Cleveland.     
      The Use Of Models In Structure Planning : Applications In Cleveland. BJL; q HT 395 G7 B2   BOOK 1975
England James W : Mathematical theory of entropy / [by] N.F.G. Martin [and] J.W. England.     
      Mathematical Theory Of Entropy BJL; Q 360 M3   BOOK 1981
England Joe    
      Chinese Labour Under British Rule : A Critical Study Of Labour Relations And Law In Hong Kong. BJL; HD 8726.305 E5   BOOK 1975
      Hong Kong : Britain's Responsibility. BJL; HX 11 F15 R4(324)   BOOK 1976
      Industrial Relations And Law In Hong Kong. BJL; HD 8726.305 E5   BOOK 1981
England John : Forever England : an autobiography of John England.     
      Forever England : An Autobiography Of John England. BJL; J3 E5   BOOK 1973
England John Active 17th Century 18th Century : Man's sinfulness and misery by nature : asserted and opened in several sermons on Ephes. 2, verses 1, 2, 3 : designed chiefly for the unconverted : whereunto is added a disputation concerning the headship of Adam and Christ / by John England ...     
      Man's Sinfulness And Misery By Nature : Asserted And Opened In Several Sermons On Ephes. 2, Verses 1 Online materials  EBOOKS 1700
England John P 1947    
      Hispanic Studies In Honour Of Frank Pierce, Presented By The Department Of Hispanic Studies In The U BJL; PQ 6004 P6 H6   BOOK 1980
      Pasaporte Al Mundo Hispano BJL; PC 4112 E5   BOOK 1998
  England Justices In Eyre -- See England. Curia Regis
England K V L : 'Girls in the office' : recruiting and job search in a local clerical labor market.     
      'Girls In The Office' : Recruiting And Job Search In A Local Clerical Labor Market. Departmental Locations; Photocopy Collection   JOURNAL ARTICLE  
England Kim 1960    
      Neoliberalization : States, Networks, Peoples BJL; HB 95 N4   BOOK 2007
      Suburban Pink Collar Ghettos : The Spatial Entrapment Of Women? Departmental Locations; Photocopy Collection   JOURNAL ARTICLE  
      Who Will Mind The Baby? : Geographies Of Child Care And Working Mothers BJL; HQ 778.5 W6   BOOK 1996
      Who Will Mind The Baby? Geographies Of Child Care And Working Mothers Online materials  EBOOKS 1996
England Kings Household : Statutys for the orderi[n]ge of purueyours or achatours for the kynges moost honourable housholde     
      Statutys For The Orderi[N]Ge Of Purueyours Or Achatours For The Kynges Moost Honourable Housholde Online materials  EBOOKS 1505?
England Liz : Online language teacher education : TESOL perspectives / edited by Liz England.     
      Online Language Teacher Education : TESOL Perspectives BJL; PE 1128 A2 O5   BOOK 2012
England Lord Chamberlains Department : Class list, 1499-1902 of papers in the Public Record Office.     
      Class List, 1499-1902 Of Papers In The Public Record Office. BJL; q DA 20 L71(47)   BOOK 1969
England Marcia R : Public privates : feminist geographies of mediated spaces / Marcia R. England.     
      Public Privates : Feminist Geographies Of Mediated Spaces Online materials; HQ1233 .E545 2018   EBOOKS 2018
England Marjorie A : Embryology colouring book.     
      Embryology Colouring Book. BJL; q QM 601 M4   BOOK 1992
England Martha Winburn    
      Garrick And Stratford. BJL; PR 2923 E5   BOOK 1962
      Hymns Unbidden : Donne, Herbert, Blake, Emily Dickinson And The Hymnographers BJL; PR 508 R4 E5   BOOK 1966
England Mike : The tenants' guide to housing finance.     
      The Tenants' Guide To Housing Finance. BJL; HD 7288.78 G7 E5   BOOK 1997
England Nick : Physics matters / Nick England.     
      Physics Matters BJL; QC 23 E5   BOOK 1995
England Pam : Birthing from within : an extra-ordinary guide to childbirth preparation / Pam England & Rob Horowitz.     
      Birthing From Within : An Extra-Ordinary Guide To Childbirth Preparation BJL; RG 651 E5   BOOK 1998
  England Parliament -- 2 Related Authors    
England Parliament    
      The Catechist Catechiz'd: Or, Loyalty Asserted In Vindication Of The Oath Of Allegiance, Against A N Online materials  EBOOKS 1681
      The Parliament Rolls Of Medieval England 1275-1504 BJL; q DA 41 P2   BOOK 2005
      Where The Ale Brewers And Beere Brewers Of This Realme Of Englande Haue Vsed And Dayely Doo Vse For Online materials  EBOOKS 1564?
      Records 1305. BJL; DA 25 R7(98)   BOOK  
England Parliament House Of Commons : The address of the honourable the House of Commons : presented to his Majesty on Thursday the 25 day of April, 1689. With his Majesty's answer thereunto.     
      The Address Of The Honourable The House Of Commons : Presented To His Majesty On Thursday The 25 Day Online materials  EBOOKS 1689
  England Parliament House Of Lords -- 2 Related Authors    
England Parliament House Of Lords    
      The Address Of The Lords Spiritual And Temporal To The King & Queen. : Die Veneris 18. Novembris 169 Online materials  EBOOKS 1692
      The Humble Address Of The Right Honourable The Lords Spiritual And Temporal In Parliament Assembled, Online materials  EBOOKS 1700
      A Speech Spoken By The Bishop Of Carlisle In The House Of Lords; : With Some Observations Upon It. Online materials  EBOOKS 1689
      A True Copy Of The Petition Of The Lords Spiritual And Temporal, For The Calling Of A Free Parliamen Online materials  EBOOKS 1688
England Paul    
      The Childhood Of Christ (L'enfance Du Christ) : A Sacred Trilogy BJL; q M 2000 B51 E5   PRINTED MUSIC 1903
      The Ruins Of Athens : A Cantata. BJL; q M 2000 B43 R9   PRINTED MUSIC 1900
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