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100 1  Fuce, Joseph. 
245 04 The fall of a great visible idol by the coming of the 
       invisible povver, and substance :|bIn this day and time of
       the lambs war which is come. Wherein Christ the true light
       is exalted at the right hand of God, who dwells and walkes
       in his people which are his temple. Which doth bring down 
       the boasting baptists that hath highly exalted themselves 
       upon the high and dark  mountains of their own 
       imaginations, as may be known by their own principles 
       which are herein answered with something to the simple 
       hearted that are among them, concerning water baptism and 
       breaking of outward bread, which these baptists hath so 
       much idolized in the night. From a true friend unto all 
       that loves truth in the inward parts, in true love and 
       pitty unto the lost sheep, that they may be of the house 
       of Israel. Joseph Fuce. 
260    London :|bprinted for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and 
       Mouth near Aldersgate,|c1656 [i.e. 1659] 
300    [4], 35, [1] p. 
500    Date of publication misnumbered 1656; actual date of 
       publication is 1659, cf. Smith and internal text. 
500    Copies have date of publication obscured by MS. to read 
500    Reproduction of the original in the Friends' House Library,
       London (Early English books) and the British Library 
       (Misc. Brit. tracts). 
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