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Fenton John Active 1603 : King Iames his welcome to London : With Elizaes tombe and epitaph, and our Kings triumph and epitimie. Lamenting the ones decease, and reioycing at the others accesse. Written by I.F.     
      King Iames His Welcome To London : With Elizaes Tombe And Epitaph, And Our Kings Triumph And Epitimi Online materials  EBOOKS 1603
Fenton John Charles    
      The Gospel According To John In The Revised Standard Version BJL; BS 413 N5(N.T.4)   BOOK 1970
      The Gospel Of St. Matthew. BJL; BS 2575 F3   BOOK 1963
Fenton John Joseph : Toxicology : a case-oriented approach.     
      Toxicology : A Case-Oriented Approach. BJL; RA 1219 F3   BOOK c2002
Fenton Kirsten A : Intersections of gender, religion and ethnicity in the Middle Ages / edited by Cordelia Beattie and Kirsten A. Fenton.     
      Intersections Of Gender, Religion And Ethnicity In The Middle Ages BJL; HQ 1075.5 E8 I6   BOOK 2011
Fenton Lavinia : Polly Peachum : the story of Lavinia Fenton and the Beggar's Opera.     
      Polly Peachum : The Story Of Lavinia Fenton And The Beggar's Opera. BJL; PN 2598 F3 P3   BOOK 1968
Fenton M Brock Melville Brockett 1943    
      Bat Ecology BJL; QL 737 C5 B3   BOOK c2003
      Observations On The Biology Of Some Rhodesian Bats, Including A Key To The Chiroptera Of Rhodesia. BJL; q QL 1 R86 L6(104)   BOOK 1975
Fenton Marie : En route / Lyrics by Walter Park ; music by Ernest Bucalossi.     
      En Route Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1897/08/09)   PLAYBILL 1897
Fenton Michael    
      Farmers And Farming In Lindsey, 1900-1914. BJL; q HD 1930 L7 F3   BOOK 1978
      What Should The Public Response Be To The Private Burden Of The Carer? BJL; T/H 1992 M.A.F3   THESIS 1992
Fenton Mike    
      Asian Households In Owner-Occupation : A Study Of The Pattern, Costs And Experience Of Households In BJL; q HT 1501 U53 W7(2)   BOOK 1977
      Do Coloured Tenants Pay More? : Some Evidence. BJL; q HT 1501 U53 W7(1)   BOOK 1977
Fenton Natalie    
      Misunderstanding The Internet BJL; HM 851 C9   BOOK 2012
      New Media, Old News : Journalism & Democracy In The Digital Age BJL; PN 4784 T34 N5   BOOK c2010
Fenton Norman E    
      Software Metrics : A Rigorous And Practical Approach BJL; QA 76.758 F3   BOOK 1997
      Software Metrics : A Rigorous Approach. BJL; QA 76.758 F3   BOOK 1991
      Systems Construction And Analysis : A Mathematical And Logical Framework BJL; QA 76.9 S88 F3   BOOK 1992
Fenton Ocreevy Mark Mark P    
      Learning In Landscapes Of Practice : Boundaries, Identity, And Knowledgeability In Practice-Based Le Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
      Middle Managers : Their Contribution To Employee Involvement BJL; q HD 4831 D4 R41(28)   BOOK 1994
Fenton Paul : The treatise of the pool (al-Maqala al-hawdiyya) / edited...from a manuscript in the Bodleian Library, Oxford and Genizah P. Fenton.     
      The Treatise Of The Pool (Al-Maqala Al-Hawdiyya) BJL; BP 189.26 O1   BOOK 1981
Fenton Peter : The leaf burners.     
      The Leaf Burners. BJL; PR 6056 E65 L4   BOOK 1980
Fenton R S    
      Cambrian Coasters : Steam And Motor Coaster Owners Of North And West Wales. Departmental Locations; HE 945 A2 F3   BOOK c1989
      Dutch And German Coaster Fleets. Departmental Locations; HE 565 A3 R5   BOOK 1975
      Gas And Electricity Colliers : The Sea-Going Ships Owned By The British Gas And Electricity Industri Departmental Locations; VM 401 R5   BOOK 1984
Fenton Roger 1565 1616    
      An Ansvvere To VVilliam Alablaster [Sic] His Motiues. By Roger Fenton Preacher Of Grayes Inne Online materials  EBOOKS 1599
      An Ansvvere To William Alablaster [Sic] His Motiues. Online materials  EBOOKS 1599
      A Perfume Against The Noysome Pestilence : Prescribed By Moses Vnto Aaron. Num. 16. 46. Written By R Online materials  EBOOKS 1603
      A Sermon Of Simonie And Sacriledge : Preached At Pauls Crosse March 18: By Roger Fenton Preacher Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1604
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Fenton Roger 1819 1869    
      Roger Fenton, Photographer Of The 1850's : Hayward Gallery, London, 4 February To 17 April 1988. BJL, Departmental Locations ; q N 5051 A79 E9(439)   BOOK 1988
      Roger Fenton, Photographer Of The Crimean War : His Photographs And His Letters From The Crimea. BJL; TR 140 F3 G3   BOOK 1954
Fenton Ronald : Light fantastic.     
      Light Fantastic. Education Resources  BOOK 1990
Fenton Roy    
      Ellerman Lines BJL; q HE 824 C6   BOOK 1993
      Maritime Information : A Guide To Libraries And Sources Of Information In The United Kingdom. BJL, Departmental Locations ; Z 675 M35 M3   BOOK 2004
Fenton Sir Geoffrey 1539 1608 : Historia d'Italia. English     
      The Historie Of Guicciardin : Conteining The Vvarres Of Italie And Other Partes, Continued For Many Online materials  EBOOKS 1579
Fenton Steve    
      Ageing Minorities : Black People As They Grow Old In Britain. BJL; HV 1481 G72 F3   BOOK 1987
      Durkheim And Modern Sociology BJL; HM 479 D9 F3   BOOK 1984
      Ethnicity, Gender, And Social Change BJL; HQ 1161 E8   BOOK 1999
      Ethnicity : Racism, Class And Culture. BJL; GN 495.6 F3   BOOK 1999
Fenton Terry : Anthony Caro.     
      Anthony Caro. BJL  BOOK 1986
Fenton Thomas Chris    
      The Forgotten Landscapes Of The Yorkshire Wolds. BJL; DA 670 Y6 F3   BOOK 2005
      Late Prehistoric And Early Historic Landscapes On The Yorkshire Chalk BJL; q DA 670 Y6 F3   BOOK 2003
      A Place By The Sea : Excavations At Sewerby Cottage Farm, Bridlington BJL; q DA 690 B77 F3   BOOK c2009
      Where Sky And Yorkshire And Water Meet : The Story Of The Melton Landscape From Prehistory To The Pr BJL; q DA 690 M528 F3   BOOK 2011
Fenton Thomas H : Saw 4 [videorecording] / directed by Darren Lynn Bousman.     
      Saw 4 BJL; PN 1997 S2714   DVD c2008
Fenton William N    
      The Iroquois Book Of Rites BJL; E 99 I7 I7   BOOK 1963
      League Of The Iroquois BJL; E 99 I7 M8   BOOK 1962
Fentress James : The search for the perfect language.     
      The Search For The Perfect Language. BJL  BOOK 1995
Fenwick Alan George : Democracy as an objective of education : the C.E.S., battleground for educational reform in France, 1959-63.     
      Democracy As An Objective Of Education : The C.E.S., Battleground For Educational Reform In France, BJL; T/H 1985 M.Phil. F3   THESIS 1985
Fenwick Beadle Keith Robert Main : Beadle : a branch of a Holderness family.     
      Beadle : A Branch Of A Holderness Family. BJL; CS 439 B37 F3   BOOK 1980
Fenwick Carolyn C : The poll taxes of 1377, 1379 and 1381. / edited by Carolyn C. Fenwick.     
      The Poll Taxes Of 1377, 1379 And 1381. BJL; HJ 4935 G7 A2   BOOK 2005
Fenwick Charles G : Cases on American constitutional law.     
      Cases On American Constitutional Law. BJL; KT 110 E9   BOOK 1952
Fenwick Charles Gheqiere : Foreign policy and international law.     
      Foreign Policy And International Law. BJL; JX 1416 F3   BOOK 1968
Fenwick Colin F : Human rights at work : perspectives on law and regulation / edited by Colin Fenwick and Tonia Novitz.     
      Human Rights At Work : Perspectives On Law And Regulation BJL; K 1763 H9   BOOK 2010
Fenwick David : Wheelchairs and their users.     
      Wheelchairs And Their Users. BJL; q HV 1559 G7 F3   BOOK 1977
  Fenwick Ethel Gordon -- See Fenwick, Bedford (Mrs.)
Fenwick G R : Biologically-active phytochemicals in food : analysis, metabolism, bioavailability and function / edited by W. Pfannhauser, G.R. Fenwick, S. Khokhar.     
      Biologically-Active Phytochemicals In Food : Analysis, Metabolism, Bioavailability And Function BJL; TX 553 A73 B6   BOOK 2001
Fenwick Geoff    
      Teaching Children's Literature In The Primary School. BJL; LB 1575 F3   BOOK 1990
      Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading. BJL; JKDV F3   BOOK 1988
Fenwick Gillian    
      The Contributors' Index To The Dictionary Of National Biography, 1885-1901 BJL; CT 773 D5 F7   BOOK 1989
      George Orwell : A Bibliography BJL; PR 6029 R98 Z63   BOOK 1998
      Women And The "Dictionary Of National Biography" : A Guide To DNB Volumes 1885-1985 And "Missing Per BJL; CT 773 D5 F3   BOOK 1994
Fenwick Helen    
      Civil Liberties And Human Rights. BJL; KD 200 F3   BOOK 2002
      Civil Liberties And Human Rights BJL; KD 200 F3   BOOK 2007
      Judicial Reasoning Under The UK Human Rights Act BJL; KD 853 J9   BOOK 2007
      Judicial Reasoning Under The UK Human Rights Act Online materials  EBOOKS 2007
      Text, Cases & Materials On Public Law & Human Rights BJL; KD 200 F3   BOOK 2003
Fenwick Helen 1972    
      The Lincolnshire Marsh : Landscape Evolution, Settlement Development And The Salt Industry. BJL; T/H 2007 Ph.D. F3   THESIS 2007
      Wetland Archaeology & Environments : Regional Issues, Global Perspectives BJL; CC 77 W48 W5   BOOK 2007
Fenwick I G K : The comprehensive school, 1944-1970 : the politics of secondary school reorganization / I.G.K. Fenwick.     
      The Comprehensive School, 1944-1970 : The Politics Of Secondary School Reorganization BJL; LA 634 F3   BOOK 2007
Fenwick I M : Soils : process and response.     
      Soils : Process And Response. BJL; S 591 F3   BOOK 1982
Fenwick Ian M : Okstindan Preliminary Report for 1984 / edited by I. Fenwick.     
      Okstindan Preliminary Report For 1984 BJL; q G 1 R28 G3(104)   BOOK 1989
Fenwick Isabella : The Fenwick notes of William Wordsworth / edited by Jared Curtis.     
      The Fenwick Notes Of William Wordsworth BJL; PR 5871 F3 C9   BOOK 1993
Fenwick John    
      Accounting For Sudden Death : A Sociological Study Of The Coroner System. BJL; T/H 1984 Ph.D. F3   THESIS 1984
      Mental Handicap And Special Needs In Gateshead : A Research Study Amongst 350 Families. BJL; HV 3008 G7 F3   BOOK 1985
Fenwick John 1618 1683 : A Testimony against John Fenwick, concerning his proceeding about New-Cesaria or New-Jersey in the province of America.     
      A Testimony Against John Fenwick, Concerning His Proceeding About New-Cesaria Or New-Jersey In The P Online materials  EBOOKS 1675
Fenwick John Sir 1645 1697    
      An Account Of The Behaviour Of Sir John Fenwick, At His Execution On Tower-Hill; : With The Copy Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1697
      Contemplations Upon Life And Death : With Serious Reflections On The Miseries That Attend Humane Lif Online materials  EBOOKS 1697
      A Full Answer Paragraph By Paragraph, To Sir John Fenwick's Paper Given To The Sheriffs, January The Online materials  EBOOKS 1697
      The Proceedings Against Sir John Fenwick, Bar. Upon A Bill Of Attainder For High Treason : Together Online materials  EBOOKS 1698
4 additional entries    
Fenwick Keith    
      The Government Of Education In Britain BJL  BOOK 1981
      Yorkshire Studies In Education BJL; q LC 145 G7 Y6   BOOK 1983
Fenwick P M : Data acquisition and real-time systems : [proceedings of a seminar held at the Australian National University on December 9th, 1970].     
      Data Acquisition And Real-Time Systems : [Proceedings Of A Seminar Held At The Australian National U BJL; QA 76.5 D2   BOOK 1971
Fenwick Peg : All that heaven allows [videorecording] / directed by Douglas Sirk.     
      All That Heaven Allows BJL; PN 1997 A4165   DVD 2008
Fenwick Tara J : Actor-network theory in education / Tara Fenwick and Richard Edwards.     
      Actor-Network Theory In Education BJL; LC 210 F3   BOOK 2010
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