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100 1  Foster, Nicholas. 
245 12 A briefe relation of the late horrid rebellion acted in 
       the island Barbadas, in the West-Indies :|bwherein is 
       contained, their inhumane acts and actions, in fining and 
       banishing the well-affected to the Parliament of England 
       (both men and women) without the least cause given them so
       to doe: dispossessing all such as any way opposed these 
       their mischievous actions. Acted by the Waldronds and 
       their abettors, anno 1650. Written at sea by Nicholas 
260    London :|bPrinted by I.G. for Richard Lowndes on Ludgate-
       hill: and Robert Boydell in the Bulwarke neere the Tower,
       |cMDCL. [1650] 
300    [4], 44, 43-112 p. 
500    Text is continuous despite pagination. 
500    Annotation on Thomason copy: "7ber [i.e. September] 17". 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
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