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100 1  Foster, Samuel,|d-1652. 
245 04 The art of measuring :|bcontaining the decription and 
       explanation of the carpenters new rule. Furnished with 
       variety of scales, fitted for the more speedy mensuration 
       of superficies and solids. Written by Sam. Foster, 
       sometime Professor of Astronomy in Gresham Colledge. Also,
       certain geometrical problems, a table of logarithms to 
       10000, and some uses of the same exemplified in 
       arithmetick and geometry; but more particularly applied to
       the mensuration of superficies and solids, as board, glass,
       pavement, wainscot, plaistering, tyling, timber, stone, 
       brick-work and gauging of cask. The second edition with 
       additions, by W. Leybourn. To which is added, A supplement,
       being the description of the line of numbers, with its use
       in divers practical examples of mensuration: of singular 
       use for work-men, artificers, and other ingenious persons 
       delighting therein. By John Wiblin, carpenter. 
246 2  Direction for plain & solid measure by the ordinary 2 foot
246 2  Supplement, wherein is contained and plainly demonstrated 
       the use of the scale of logarithms. 
260    London :|bprinted for John Williamson, at the Bible in 
300    [16], 39, [1]; 32, [98], 145-192, 157-162 [i.e. 198]; [2],
       44, [1] p., [1] leaf of plates (fold.) :|bill. 
500    With illustrated frontispiece. 
500    "A direction for plain & solid measure by the ordinary 2 
       foot ruler" has caption title; register and pagination are
       separate; "A supplement, wherein is contained and plainly 
       demonstrated the use of the scale of logarithms .. by John
       Wiblin .." has separate dated title page, register and 
500    With a final advertisement leaf. 
500    Many pages misnumbered; text is continuous. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
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650  0 Algebra|vEarly works to 1800. 
650  0 Geometry|vEarly works to 1800. 
650  0 Measuring instruments|vEarly works to 1800. 
650  0 Weights and measures|vEarly works to 1800. 
700 1  Leybourn, William. 
700 1  Wiblin, John. 
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