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100 1  Foust, James C. 
245 10 Online journalism :|bprinciples and practices of news for 
       the web /|cJames C. Foust. 
250    3rd ed. 
260    Scottsdale, Ariz. :|bHolcomb Hathaway, Publishers,|cc2011.
300    xvi, 320 p. :|bill. ;|c25 cm. 
366    |b20110722|cAvailable 
520 8  The third edition of Online Journalism builds on the 
       foundations of journalism to clearly show how they can be 
       integrated into online environments. It takes the 
       perspective that web content shouldn't be a separate 
       component or an afterthought but instead is a vital part 
       of story creation. From doing research to creating the web
       space, to posting and getting stories into the hands of 
       users, this useful resource gives students the tools they 
       need. Online Journalism readies readers for wherever their
       news careers take them, whether it's to the online portion
       of legacy news organizations, to online-only startups, or 
       to blogs, news apps and beyond. Key features include a 
       companion website, practical activities at the end of each
       chapter, screenshots illustrating key concepts and a 
650  0 Online journalism. 
650  0 Journalism|xTechnological innovations. 
650  0 Web sites|xDesign. 
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