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Geray Steven 1904 1973 : Gilda [videorecording] / directed by Charles Vidor.     
      Gilda BJL; PN 1997 G468   DVD 1999
Gerba Charles P 1945    
      Environmental Microbiology BJL; q QR 100 M2   BOOK 2000
      Environmental Microbiology BJL; q QR 100 M2   BOOK c2009
      Environmental Microbiology : A Laboratory Manual BJL; q QR 100 P4   BOOK c2005
      Pollution Science. BJL  BOOK 1996
Gerbarg Darcy : Internet television / edited by Eli Noam, Jo Groebel, Darcy Gerbarg.     
      Internet Television BJL  BOOK c2004
Gerbaudo Paolo    
      Tweets And The Streets : Social Media And Contemporary Activism BJL; HM 742 G3   BOOK 2012
      Tweets And The Streets Social Media And Contemporary Activism Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
      Tweets And The Streets : Social Media And Contemporary Activism Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
Gerbaudo Victor H    
      A Case-Based Approach To PET/CT In Oncology BJL; q RC 270.3 T65 C3   BOOK 2012
      A Case-Based Approach To PET/CT In Oncology Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
Gerbault Alain    
      A La Poursuite Du Soleil. BJL; PQ 2613 E653 A5   BOOK  
      In Quest Of The Sun : The Journal Of The Firecrest. BJL; G440 G3   BOOK 1930
Gerbault Jean Marie : Andre Chenier... / une etude sur le poete par Jean Marie Gerbault.     
      Andre Chenier... BJL; PQ 1965 A3 G3   BOOK 1958
Gerbeau Hubert : Les esclaves noirs : pour une histoire de silence / Hubert Gerbeau.     
      Les Esclaves Noirs : Pour Une Histoire De Silence Departmental Locations; HT 867 G3   BOOK 1998
Gerbel Nicolaus Approximately 1485 1560 : Bible. New Testament. Greek. 1524.     
      Novvm Testamentvm Græce. BJL; s BS 1965 C2   BOOK 1524
Gerbeleu Nikolai Vasilevich : Template synthesis of macrocyclic compounds / Nicolai V. Gerbeleu, Vladimir B. Arion, John Burgess.     
      Template Synthesis Of Macrocyclic Compounds BJL; QD 400.5 S95 G3   BOOK c1999
  Gerbelius Nicolaus Approximately 1485 1560 -- See Gerbel, Nicolaus, approximately 1485-1560
  Gerbellius Nicolaus Approximately 1485 1560 -- See Gerbel, Nicolaus, approximately 1485-1560
Gerbenzon P : Enige middeleeuwse Ommelander dijk-en zijlrechten.     
      Enige Middeleeuwse Ommelander Dijk-En Zijlrechten. BJL; HE 450 G8 E5   BOOK 1980
Gerber Alain    
      Le Faubourg Des Coups-De-Trique : Roman. BJL; PQ 2667 E674 F2   BOOK 1982
      Le Jade Et L'obsidienne : Roman. BJL; PQ 2667 E674 J2   BOOK 1983
      Une Sorte De Bleu : Roman. BJL; PQ 2667 E674 S7   BOOK 1982
Gerber Alan S : Get out the vote : how to increase voter turnout / Donald P. Green and Alan S. Gerber.     
      Get Out The Vote : How To Increase Voter Turnout Online materials; JK2281 .G74 2015eb   EBOOKS 2015
Gerber Anna : All messed up : unpredictable graphics / Anna Gerber.     
      All Messed Up : Unpredictable Graphics BJL  BOOK c2004
Gerber David A 1944    
      Authors Of Their Lives : The Personal Correspondence Of British Immigrants To North America In The N BJL; E 184 B7 G3   BOOK c2006
      Disabled Veterans In History BJL; UB 360 D6   BOOK 2012
      Letters Across Borders : The Epistolary Practices Of International Migrants BJL; JV 6011 L6   BOOK 2006
Gerber David J : Law and competition in twentieth century Europe : protecting Prometheus.     
      Law And Competition In Twentieth Century Europe : Protecting Prometheus. BJL; KJC 6456 G3   BOOK 1998
Gerber Douglas E    
      A Bibliography Of Pindar 1513-1966. BJL; PA 1 A5 P57(28)   BOOK 1969
      Euterpe : An Anthology Of Early Greek Lyric, Elegiac,A Dn Iambic Poetry. BJL; PA 3433 G3   BOOK 1970
      Lexicon In Bacchylidem BJL; PA 3943 Z58 G3   BOOK 1984
      Pindare : Huit Exposes Suivis De Discussions, Vandoevres-Geneve, 21-26 Aout 1984. BJL; PA 3003 F6 E6(31)   BOOK 1985
Gerber Ernst Ludwig : Historisch-biographisches lexikon der Tonkunstler, 1790-1792 und Neues historisch-biographisches lexikon der Tonkunster, 18212-1814 mit den in den Jahren 1792 bis 1834 veröffentlichten erganzungen sowie der Erstveroffenthichung handschriftlicher berichtigungeld und Nachtrager.     
      Historisch-Biographisches Lexikon Der Tonkunstler, 1790-1792 Und Neues Historisch-Biographisches Lex BJL; ML 105 G3   BOOK 1966
Gerber George B : Radiation biochemistry / by K.I. Altman, G.B. Gerber and S. Okada.     
      Radiation Biochemistry BJL; QH 652 A4   BOOK 1970
Gerber Helmut E    
      George Moore On Parnassus : Letters (1900-1933) To Secretaries, Publishers, Printers, Agents, Litera BJL; PR 5043 A44 G3   BOOK 1988
      In Minor Keys : The Uncollected Short Stories Of George Moore BJL; PR 5041 E1   BOOK 1985
      Joseph Conrad : An Annotated Bibliography Of Writings About Him BJL; PR 6005 O58 Z59   BOOK 1971
      Thomas Hardy : An Annotated Bibliography Of Writings About Him. BJL; PR 4752 G3   BOOK 1973
Gerber Jane S : The Jews in the Caribbean / edited by Jane S. Gerber.     
      The Jews In The Caribbean BJL; F2191.J48 J49   BOOK 2018
Gerber John C    
      The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer BJL; PS 1306   BOOK 1982
      The Speaker's Resource Book : An Anthology, Handbook And Glossary. BJL; PS 662 A7   BOOK 1961
      Twentieth Century Interpretations Of "The Scarlet Letter" : A Collection Of Critical Essays BJL; PS 1868 Z6 G3   BOOK 1968
Gerber Julien Francois : Towards an integrated paradigm in heterodox economics : alternative approaches to the current eco-social crises / edited by Julien-Francȯis Gerber and Rolf Steppacher.     
      Towards An Integrated Paradigm In Heterodox Economics : Alternative Approaches To The Current Eco-So BJL; HC79.E5 T6934 2012   BOOK 2012
Gerber Kenneth E : Coping with chronic pain : a guide to patient self-management / Richard W. Hanson, Kenneth E. Gerber.     
      Coping With Chronic Pain : A Guide To Patient Self-Management BJL; RB 127 H2   BOOK 1990
Gerber Lane A : Married to their careers : career and family dilemmas in doctors' lives.     
      Married To Their Careers : Career And Family Dilemmas In Doctors' Lives. BJL; R 707.2 G3   BOOK 1983
Gerber Larry George : The limits of liberalism : a study of the careers and ideological development of Josephus Daniels, Henry Stimson, Bernard Baruch, Donald Richberg, and Felix Frankfurter.     
      The Limits Of Liberalism : A Study Of The Careers And Ideological Development Of Josephus Daniels, H BJL; JN 1717 G3   BOOK 1979
Gerber Leah : Creative constraints : translation and authorship / edited by Rita Wilson and Leah Gerber.     
      Creative Constraints : Translation And Authorship BJL; PN241 .C737 2012   BOOK c2012
Gerber Margy    
      The End Of The GDR And The Problems Of Integration : Selected Papers From The Sixteenth And Seventee BJL; DD 290.2 N5   BOOK 1993
      Selected Papers From The Ninth New Hampshire Symposium ... BJL; PT 3701 N5   BOOK 1984
Gerber Michael E    
      The E-Myth Revisited : Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work And What To Do About It BJL; HD 62.7 G3   BOOK c1995
      The Most Successful Small Business In The World : The Ten Principles BJL; HD2341 .G47 2010   BOOK c2010
Gerber Michele Stenehjem : On the home front : the Cold War legacy of the Hanford nuclear site.     
      On The Home Front : The Cold War Legacy Of The Hanford Nuclear Site. BJL; TK 9152.12 G3   BOOK 1992
Gerber Paul J : Learning disabilities in adulthood : persisting problems and evolving issues / edited by Paul J. Gerber, Henry B. Reiff.     
      Learning Disabilities In Adulthood : Persisting Problems And Evolving Issues BJL; RC 570.2 L4   BOOK 1994
Gerber Philip L    
      Plots And Characters In The Fiction Of Theodore Dreiser. BJL; PS 3507 R37 Z64   BOOK 1977
      Theodore Dreiser. BJL; PS 3507 R37 Z64   BOOK 1964
      Willa Cather. BJL; PS 3505 A86 Z64   BOOK 1975
      Willa Cather BJL; PS 3505 A86 Z64   BOOK c1995
Gerber Richard : The software optimization cookbook : high performance recipes for IA-32 platforms / Richard Gerber ... [et al.]     
      The Software Optimization Cookbook : High Performance Recipes For IA-32 Platforms BJL; QA 76.88 S6   BOOK 2006
Gerber Richard Ernst Hans : Utopian fantasy.     
      Utopian Fantasy. BJL; PR 888 U7 G3   BOOK 1973
Gerber Rodney 1945    
      Children's Ways Of Knowing : Learning Through Experience BJL  BOOK 2001
      The Geography Teacher's Guide To The Classroom BJL; G 73 G3   BOOK 1984
      Training For A Smart Workforce Online materials  EBOOKS 2000
Gerber Rudolf    
      Acht Hymnen Zu 4 Stimmen BJL; q M 1300 C5(9)   PRINTED MUSIC 1951
      Christoph Willibald Gluck. BJL; ML 410 G56 G3   BOOK 1950
      Concerto, C Major, For Flute And Harp With Orchestra, K. No. 299 BJL; M 1244 O99 C7   PRINTED MUSIC 1935
      Concerto, D Major, For Flute And Orchestra, K 314. BJL; M 1244 O99 C3   PRINTED MUSIC 1936
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Gerber Ruedi : Breath made visible [videorecording] : revolution in dance - Anna Halprin/ a film by Ruedi Gerber     
      Breath Made Visible Revolution In Dance - Anna Halprin BJL  DVD 2010
Gerberding William P : United States foreign policy : perspectives and analysis.     
      United States Foreign Policy : Perspectives And Analysis. BJL; JX 1417 G3   BOOK 1966
Gerberich J R : Foundations of method for secondary schools / by I.N. Thut and J.R. Gerberich.     
      Foundations Of Method For Secondary Schools BJL; JI T5   BOOK 1949
Gerberich J Raymond : Specimen objective test items : a guide to achievement test construction.     
      Specimen Objective Test Items : A Guide To Achievement Test Construction. BJL; BF 431 G3   BOOK 1956
Gerbert De Montreuil    
      La Continuation De Perceval BJL; PQ 1301 C6(101)   BOOK 1922
      Gerard De Nevers : A Study Of The Prose Version Of The Roman De La Violette. BJL; PQ 1463 G5 Z5   BOOK 1965
      Gerard De Nevers : Prose Version Of The Roman De La Violette BJL; PQ 1463 G5 A7   BOOK 1965
      Le Roman De La Violette BJL; PQ 1463 G5 A2   BOOK 1992
2 additional entries    
Gerbert De Montreuil Active 13th Century : La continuation de Perceval : quatrième continuation / Gerbert de Montreuil ; édition critique par Frédérique Le Nan.     
      La Continuation De Perceval : Quatrième Continuation BJL; PQ 1445 P35 L4   BOOK 2014
Gerbert Philipp : The age of e-tail : conquering the new world of electronic shopping / Alex Birch, Philipp Gerbert and Dirk Schneider.     
      The Age Of E-Tail : Conquering The New World Of Electronic Shopping BJL; HF 5548.32 B6   BOOK 2000
Gerbet Pierre    
      La Decision Dans Les Communautes Eurapeennes. BJL; JK 30 A8   BOOK 1969
      Le Relevement, 1944-1949 BJL; DC 404 R3   BOOK 1991
Gerbeth Jones Susan : A scanning electron microscope survey of the epidermis of East African grasses / P.G. Palmer, A.E. Tucker, S. Gerbeth-Jones.     
      A Scanning Electron Microscope Survey Of The Epidermis Of East African Grasses BJL; QK 1 S56(49,&c.)   BOOK 1988
Gerbier Balthazar Sir 1562 1667 : A new-years result, in favour of the poore; as also in the behalf of all tradesmen, necessitous persons, and such others, as desire the encrease of traffique; who minde the exterpation of intollerable usury, and the anihilating of the pernitious costoms of forfeitures. : Together with that which may be justly expected from all men of estates on the like case, who cannot be ignorant that such as endeavor not to promote the publique good, are no better than brutes with hoofs and hornes. All which is discust by way of conference between Mean-well and Experience. / By Sr. Balthazar Gerbier, Knight.     
      A New-Years Result, In Favour Of The Poore; As Also In The Behalf Of All Tradesmen, Necessitous Pers Online materials  EBOOKS 1652
Gerbier Balthazar Sir 1592 1667    
      The Academies Lecture Concerning Justice. Online materials  EBOOKS 1650
      The Art Of Well Speaking : Being A Lecture Read Publiquely At Sr. Balthazar Gerbiers Academy. Online materials  EBOOKS 1650
      Baltazar Gerbier Knight To All Men That Loves Truth Online materials  EBOOKS 1646
      A Brief Discourse Concerning The Three Chief Principles Of Magnificent Building : Viz. Solidity, Con Online materials  EBOOKS 1664
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Gerbier Laurent : Conseil à la France désolée / Sébastien Castellion ; édité par Florence Alazard, Stéphan Geonget, Laurent Gerbier, Paul-Alexis Mellet et Romain Menini.     
      Conseil À La France Désolée BJL; BV 741 C3   BOOK 2017
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